I'm in love with the wrong girl

I'm in love with the wrong girl

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you're posting on the worst Jow Forums board

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Explain Buddy

I have a girlfriend, she has a boyfriend. Four of us are friends.

Lol wtf

Hm. Sounds like there's no other way than to get at least one person hurt.
Up to you to figure out which person that is gonna be.
The sooner the better

Wait and who's the fourth

Her stupid boyfriend I've known since we were in high school.

The only way is for me not to fuck everything up and keep being miserable.

Dude what. You, your girlfriend, her boyfriend. That's three people

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I have a girl

Sounds like anime harem plot

Oh I see like that there's two girls involved
Have you tried suggesting a fourway with everyone involved

I'm in love with the coco

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Pic related. It's not that hard to understand.

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Do you like your current gf?
Does you another one gf likes you?

why is her bf eating a turd

kind of and yes I think so

fuck the dude!



>mfw I've been in this exact situation at least 5 times
French bro you'll get through this. Someone is gonna get hurt. Don't let it be you. Whatever it is you have to do to ensure your happiness do it or else you'll look back with regret.
Make yourself happy frog bro.

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you must become the girl

I don't want to hurt anyone desu...