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Big waves edition.

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Oh no, I +1'd the wrong number.
What have I done...

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pls respond

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see you in dachau

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Top 10 jokes that went too far.

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smol wave instead

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Spooky hand


That's okay.
Which way am I to interpret this?

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Wave a bad thread away

When can I anticipate the commission?

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that hand wasn't spooky at all..
this is a spooky hand


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Never happened.

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Very yupset

Uhh, I'm gonna read up on some stuff in preparation first

She looks like shes about to emperor palpatine zap a nigga

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are you sure?

spooky, huh?

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Not cute

No comment
Except on the jacket, that's nice

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Time to go.

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hi hello

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good morning ivan

thank god for another day in the best country in the world

ur gone soon unfortunately?

Need any base maps?

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Is that meant to be a single steak?


Hail hitler

It's a bit big dbh.

we make everything bigger here in america

That's why I'm in the library right now

You're going to draw it out on paper?

That might be a project for the vacation, not now

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I meant base maps like this.
That map's looking a bit basic dbh.

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Europe is such a small "continent"

could fit into brazil i reckon

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Word and nice pants

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Brazil's 8,5 million square kilometres versus Europe's 10,1 million square kilometres

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Great poster

not as great as you, baby

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>almost crash twice in 7 miles
whoever designed these roads needs to pursue a different line of work


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Spooky roads

Meh poster

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like every 3rd road has a stop sign at the top of a 60 degree hill

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What were you doing in the outback

google maps led me astray

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classic bad driver
i can relate big time (rush) though

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very bad post tbqh

>not driving

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I don't have a licence to drive

Don't post while driving btw


i'm just sympathizing with your situation
i'm on your side

lmaoing at ur life

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why not?

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It's dangerous


>not having a licence to drive

of course

that wasn't the problem with your post..

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hmm, i probably can't get any worse than that post then

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not really. just steer with your knees.

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Pay attention to the road

i was already back when i started posting about my drive


Sunday is a good time for it
What’s going on

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nah senpai

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Also, quit making these kpop threads. I want to go to Jow Forums without seeing them please


ye the night leading up to sunday..

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Is this some kind of test?

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eh, for what?

You know what I'm talking about...

ye but how is it a test


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My thoughts exactly

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testing your patience?


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I suspect so.

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sleep well?

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Well enough, I think it was 8 hours... Not entirely sure. The dreams were weird.

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weird how?

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No bulli.

It varied a lot, some fighting stuff, coffee shops, some kind of body of water and you were in it. It was a disembodied voice but I knew it was you. Like a critical disembodied voice yet a little bit motivational during the fighting portion. I distinctly remember saying 'i know who that is' when I heard it while getting pummeled.

Yes bulli.

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>Yes bulli.

you want your pic cropped?

The good kind of dreams dbh


you want your pic cropped?