Do you guys that have foreskin pull it back when you go to pee or do you just let it flow?

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I don't know how to answer that.

I don't pull it back, but what do you mean by "let it flow"?

I pull it back

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I don't necessarily mean pulling it all the way back but enough as to not to get pee on it

Ah, I understand now.

Yeah I pull it back, kind of a readjustment to it too.

I usually pull it a little just to prevent any accidents. I pull it all the way when I want a maximum trajectory flow in order to get my pee to a certain point.

i don't, is that a bad thing?

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I pull back the foreskin on my ass when I do a pants shit

>8 posts in
>not one mention of piss ballooning with your foreskin
You fucking normies are disappointments.

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>pull back forskin
>dick smell and smegma

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is it bad i've never had smegma? does my dick not work right?

i actually dont have it too hah just joke
but the smell yes when i dont shower for a week lmaol

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>inb4 seeing the samePuerto Rican 4channer in the same board
Name is officially penis Rican

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I don't know but you're not alone
I asked a couple of friends and they all thought it was weird to pull it back

Finally my time to share a story has come.
Up until I was 14-15 years old, I was not pulling the foreskin while pissing. That resulted in me constantly fucking up our toilet, and my mom constantly cleaning it from my pee.
It was an ongoing issue in my family. After my parents divorced and my mother found another dude who lived with us, who was also constantly complaining about it.
Meanwhile I just thought that I need to aim better or some shit. I thought that I'm some unskilled retard and everyone get the aim right while I'm not.
One day when we went to our country house and consequentially my parents (stepdad and mom) got drunk by the evening, there was that day when the stepdad went to take a piss, and I got to accidentally see his dick as he does it.
I didn't give it a second thought, but a few days later the image of his dick randomly appeared in my head, and I noticed that I actually have seen his head. Then it struck me that perhaps all this time I had to pull my foreskin while taking a piss.
Nobody has taught me that, so it was a complete revelation for me. That was the day when a troublesome boy became a successful man who never messes up the toilet seat anymore.

there isn't any other puerto rican here besides me, sup?

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i cant aim even with pulled forskin
my toilet is all pissed over lol
but i live alone so i dont really care

very inspirational

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Have you tried pissing in the woods? Try to make cool drawings.

let it flow. a bit of my own piss inside of my own dick isn't really a big deal.

Made this masterpiece not so long ago

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