For real?

>Improved RAM support
>3733MHz recommended
>4200+ 'with ease'
>16 cores on mainstream platform
>BTFOs 9980XE at half the price, with fewer cores/threads, lower power consumption and only boosting to 4.3GHz (theoretically it can boost up to 4.7)
>Worked alongside Microsoft and actually got them to improve CCX latency, improving gaming performance
>Motherboard vendorst are betting hard on X570
>I/O controller is actually built on 12nm, reducing latency
>Actually competes in gaming performance
>Outclasses Intel in multithreaded applications

Is it too good to be true, Jow Forumsentlemen?

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It makes jews mad so it's good.

>3733MHz recommended
>4200+ 'with ease'
lol I recently bought 2x8 3200 and thought it was hot shit. Already deprecated fuck my wallet

i wouldn't say that 3.2ghz is plenty, and if you are able to oc them to 3.4 even better. but there are some glorious times ahead, that's for sure.

They're probably still using Cadence IP for the IMC.
Its likely that AMD bought a DDR5 IMC design from them which is backwards compatible. DDR5 is expected to break 6000MT/s so 4000MT/s rates with DDR4 DIMMs won't be much of a sweat.

They've even been advertising DDR5 controller IP on their site for a while. AMD has used them since Kaveri its likely they still are going to be at least through to Zen3.

Lack of Thunderbolt is a drag. All that bandwidth but no external peripherals that can take advantage.

>Motherboard vendorst are betting hard on X570
only real red flag tbqh, altho im hopeful the benchmarks by 3rd party wont disapoint

the chipset needing a fan means the fans will die in under 5 years. if the chipset needs active cooling all the time, thats a mobo you know you will need to replace in 5 years. this also means that the B boards might not do PCIe 4.0 so no futureproofing on that part

No one has any hands on with any motherboard yet. Not only that, but each manufacturer is different. Asus was talking that the fan will only be on when you're running a couple of NVME drives, where as I think it was Gigabyte who claimed their fans will be on all the time. On top of all this, if you have ANY sort of case flow, that would help too.

Is anus ws x570 the white man's choice? How can I check if any of the hardware on the board requires non-free kernel blobs? Also, why there's no 10Gb ethernet adapter. It's almost 2020, for fucks sake.

The fuck are you smoking?
Asrock has plenty of x570 motherboards with thunderbolt, actual ports too

it's going to be awesome for people trying to make decent servers or workstations. The increased price of X570 aside (for now, prices will eventually come down)
>ASUS WS-Ace X570 -($500?)
>4x32GB DDR4 buffered ECC ($640)
>16c32t R9-3950X ($750)

Compared to $2000 for an i9-9980XE (that doesn't even support ECC for fucks sake), an overpriced X299 motherboard that doesn't have proper work station features unless you pay extra, etc. The list goes on.

infinity fabric can run at 2:1 speed now

>3733Mhz RAM
at what timings desu

cl17 or so i think

I've heard somewhere that asus WS is going to be $299. $500 is to be expected from gaymer rgb motherboards. No source on that, sadly.
>4x32GB DDR4 buffered ECC ($640)
Isn't x570 unbuffered only? Is it even worth to go ECC at this point? One of the several tasks I want to do with my workstation is a gpu-passtrough setup, so I think I'd rather choose fast ram over ECC. Unless there will be like 4000MHz ECC available for somewhat reasonable price, but I highly doubt that.
Mind telling me what are you going to use 128 GiB of ram for? I'll go with 64, (2x32 in case I'll need another 64 in the future). Apart from running a bunch of VMs at once and compiling shit with -j32 I can't see how I'm going to go over 50 gigs.

Oh I was just saying what could be had for the money
>Isn't X570 unbuffered only
Could have sworn I read buffered support. Maybe I'm wrong. If you don't intend to do sensitive work, you don't need ECC no. I currently have 2x16GB of 3200MHz @ CL14.

>ayymd needs highly clocked ram to compete with intel
kek, enjoy your ramfires amdrones

At RAM speeds above 3733, the IF will begin to use 2:1 mode to support the higher speeds, so returns will diminish even more.

Just buy 3733 or 3600 with tight timings. Hell, based on that chart you might as well just go with 3400 at CL14 or something

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quality shitpost right here

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looks like 3200Mhz CL14 is fine too, prices are low af right now

see pic related if you don't want to click the link
>If you don't intend to do sensitive work, you don't need ECC
I sometimes wonder what a "sensitive" work is. Like, running a public server with some important service on it would sure be sensitive, but at home?

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I have CL14 3200MHz. I'm hoping to keep my CL14 timings, but see if I can bump the speed to 3400MHz. Maybe loosen the timings a tiny bit to CL15 for 3600MHz if I can.

Yeah, we're talking about maybe ~1% real world performance difference between 3200CL14 and 3400CL14. If it's decent RAM like samsung b-die you can probably tighten up the timings even more and squeeze the most out of it. No need to spend extra $100+ on faster RAM with higher timings for nearly the same effective speeds.

>Is it too good to be true, Jow Forumsentlemen?
well, for starters 3733 is essentially the maximum because after that infinity fabric goes at half speed
Also RAM latency is still over 60ns (over 70ns after halving), increased L3 Cache can only do so much - it's still dwarved by RAM.

Is amd going to turboshit all over anything intel can produce until 2021 at least? Yes.
Is this the greatest thing i could imagine... not quite.

>I sometimes wonder what a "sensitive" work is. Like, running a public server with some important service on it would sure be sensitive, but at home?
My home server has ECC RAM. I have it because I have my PC on for literal months at a time with stuff like automated backups. I don't want errors to crash the server when I need it, and don't want potential data corruption. There's also stuff like people who make a living from video/photo editing and rendering where an error could cost you a time and by extension, money.

>bought 2x8 3200
egh just feed it 1.45v and set it to run at 3733. Loosen the timings if you got one of the CL14 kits.

3733 is far from fantasy land.

wont fit a big cooler

CL17, though 3200 CL14 will get you almost the same latency at a lower cost.

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>AMDFags have to pay 2X the price for ram to get their CPU working properly
King of value amrite

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At least there's no need for a chiller.

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AM(CHA)Ds aren't poor. are you fucking poor, Intcel? looks like it.

>kek, enjoy your ramfires amdrones
new in the book
*HIGH Speed RAM support is bad*

also, no you don't need anymore. IF and RAM frequency was decoupled in zen2.

Most intel shills are dirt raking Indians with an ancient C2D system data tethered to a 5 year old Android phone as a modem.

>RYZEN logo as the sun
weeew we're reaching based levels that shouldn't even be possible

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This. Most of them are pretty low voltage. This 4ghz ram is pretty high voltage

Is Ryzen 7 3750H good enough? will amd release anything new? i need a decent ryzen laptop and was wondering if there would be any 3rd gen mobile cpu offering?

Indians are rabid intel fanboys.

3600 is great, 3733 is just not worth it

I have ECC in my file server because it's recommended (though not needed) for ZFS. Cost a fuckton (£210 out of the £600 total cost of the server, excluding disks). It does overclock well though (2666 MT/s -> 3000 MT/s with half-decent timings)

At least ECC is an option with AMD. With Intel you have to buy Xeon and a server motherboard for it.

>*HIGH Speed RAM support is bad*
is this new?
intel has been stuck on official support of 2666 for ages, even now on their 9900k.
Of course they typically can run much higher single rank dual channel configurations, but they always leave that backdoor on the guarantee open

Everything is bad unless intel does it. Once intel does it its the greatest thing ever, and they've been doing it longer.
You can't reason with shills. They're 3rd worlders getting paid a couple cents per social media impression.

Just change it from CL16 to CL20, and you may achieve those 4200+.


how does one even measure Jow Forums "social media impressions" ?
Called-A-Faggots per hour?

just stop being poor, intcel

The flawless apple logic, sure showed me

then by all means pick a $ amount and build the best incel system you can, post the pcpp sc and som1 will build a better amd based system at any price bracket.

it's okay, we will need a poorfag option when AMD launch their lineup. have fun, poojeet

what does 2:1 mode mean? How does it differ from 1:1 mode?

>At least there's no need for a chiller.
Unless you want it to turbo because the TDP is given for base frequency. Enjoy your 3.5GHz with stock cooler.

Infinite Fabric data rate is tied to DRAM clock. Its either 1 DRAM clock for 1 IF clock, or its 2 DRAM clocks for 1 IF clock.
It allows you to have stupid fast DRAM without IF data rate signaling going to an unsustainable nuclear meltdown level.

so is the 2:1 worse speed than the 1:1?

Its not a matter of better or worse, it depends on what speed DIMMs you want in your system.

It is if your RAM is slow.

Thunderbolt is there. The future is now.

Interesting link

>3733MHz recommended
Wait, is this the new JEDEC rating for Zen2?!

Why would anyone ever fucking do that and have the infinity fabric run at half speed.

Great you achieved a 10% reduction in latency between RAM and IO die, now what? Speed between the chiplets and the IO die is now HALF speed.

CAS tuning is the new OC for RAM.

As far as I’m aware AMD recommends 3600Mhz for best price to performance and every 3600 kit AMD tried has worked with XMP
JEDEC spec for Ryzen is 3200Mhz

>3733MHz recommended
this shit is stupid, 3200 has the same amount of memory latency and both of them run in decoupled 1:1 infinity fabric mode


>amazing hardware
>forced to use win10 or linux
yeah, it was too good to be true

imagine being this much of a brainlet boomer

>Everything is bad unless intel does it. Once intel does it its the greatest thing ever
Intel shills are apple shills confirmed.

>JEDEC spec for Ryzen is 3200Mhz
I'm pretty damn happy with that.
It's looking increasingly likely I may have found a very attractive upgrade from my 4.5ghz 3930k

according to AMD it's slightly less (), probably from the higher fclk reducing routing, cache coherency, memory controller, etc overhead

you also have higher burst mode bandwidth (59.7 vs 51.2 GB/s), which is most likely beneficial for all those cores given that it's only dual channel