Monitors let us see content

>monitors let us see content
>headphones let us hear content

Why don't we have tech that let's us smell content?

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Because smell depends on chemical particles, as opposed the physically rather simple creation of light rays and sound waves.

>light is not also made of particles
Based brainlet

It's not, otherwise it couldn't travel at light speed.

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Particle wave dualism nigga. All you have to do to travel at the speed of light is to have zero rest mass.

confirmed pseudo-intellectual redditor

Showing characteristics of particles =/= particle. It's well known that light doesn't fit any established category.

>what is photon
read a book faggot

>4 basic tastes/smells
>salty, sweet, sour, bitter
>create an emitter that sprays these from a cartidge

There were some attempts, bottom line is that changing aroma carteidges is too much effort.

If things were that simple we'd be able to accurately recreate flavors artificially, but to this day strawberry candy doesn't taste like strawberries.

look into a laser faggot

Photons are fermions, they are massless force carriers that allways travel at the speed of light, matter particles are bosons, particles that have mass and are confined to speeds slower than light.

That's not how that works

>being this much of an underage turd
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smell is the hardest element known to man, even harder than see and hear

no ones stopping you from inventing it

I spend too much time on Jow Forums. The last thing I want is to smell of piss and shit.

But we do. Pull my finger.

There are devices that simulate taste using electrical stimuli on the tongue. Maybe something similar could be done for our smell? But having wires up your mouth and nose wouldn't make the product that attractive.


It fits the standard model. It's a particle. Every particle is also a wage. High school dropout much?


Nice corporate shill word.