How come there are no good cases anymore? and why are there so few with usb-c ports?

how come there are no good cases anymore? and why are there so few with usb-c ports?

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Just get a C700P user

the decline in quality of cases is purely consumer driven, there were plenty of brands making high quality cases but people weren't buying them and instead flocked to the low quality cheap cases which now dominate the market

Just look into custom SFF cases

Why would you ruin your phones aesthetic with a case? Any minor scuffs or cracks will go away after replacing it with next years model anyways. Cases are bloat.

>wants good case
>asks for usb-c
Shitheads like you who support bad trends and standards are the reason. Do us a favour and kys.

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>no good cases

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low quality garbage

op here, i currently own a fractal case, i don't want to buy another. i like it though

define good

>good cases
mini itx is acceptable, anything under that preferable.

>no optical drive
>meme solid front

>there will never be an Arc Midi R3
>there will never be an Arc XL 2

Good thing I got one of each

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fractal cases are a shadow of how high quality cases used to be, even lian li has fallen

high quality cases died with caselabs
I never got one of their comfy cube full size atx cases and now the only people making cube cases are the low quality thermaltake ripoffs

yeah, i have the define r4 and looks a lot better than the fractal posted earlier. i considered buying the meshify but man i don't wanna buy another case from the same manufacturer. i wanted something different, but still high quality

fucking underages only being interested in rgb garbage, side windows and solid fronts


>meme solid front
It's a noise dampening case.
They have other models with mesh fronts if you prefer having an open jet engine on your desk.

This is the case I have. BTFO RGB Zoomers!

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this isn't rgb but it's very low quality, corsair cheaps out on 50% of the case

Wow. Looks like this is even worse trash for GPU temps than 200R.

I'm looking at getting a high airflow high quality case that can fit a big noctua cooler and from what I've seen the meshify is my only realy choice

>if you prefer having an open jet engine on your desk
Joke's on you, I won't have to because I'll have proper airflow.

noise dampening cases with shit airflow are trash, you're better off getting a high airflow case and using low rpm high quality fans

I'm thinking of getting one of them box cases. They look weird enough for me as an option for my next case.

forgot my pic

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I want a cube case too but they only make them in small mb sizes, except for thermaltake who make the core xn series but they're not nearly as high quality as the caselabs cases they ripped off

why is there no big ass full tower cases that aren't filled with eyesore rgb shit?

because most desktop buyers want gamershit

How come there are no good wives anymore? I want to marry somebody as diligent as Vignette.

you got taste my kachigga

not that i've handled one of these irl, but it's my plan for my next build when zen 2 is out

lmaoing @ your solid front and sides
>300r master race

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still cheap as shit build quality

Case manufacturers would need to make thicker cables to properly do USB-C ports. Which would cost more.

>Buy a Lian Li Dynamic O11
>Easily best cable management of any case I've had
>Supports 9 fans
>Stylish but not gaudy
>Day after, the side panel comes apart
>Adhesive from the tempered glass came undone
Honestly I thought it was too good to be true. To add insult to injury, I saw the display case at Microcenter with the same issue, but I assumed it was stolen.

>Stylish but not gaudy
>temperedglassshit everywhere

So what do you guys think as an acceptable price for PC case? The maximum ypu woupd pay?

Red pill me on USB-C

Depends. plain steel box, 50-150 depending on feature set and construction.

For something fancy like the old ATC cases, I would pay more.

I guess I'll stick with my HAF912 even though I want easier-to-remove front filters.

>20V 5A through tiny connector
>thousand different interfaces ... or maybe just one, or a number of possible subsets
>similarly looking cables with different capabilities
It's utterly idiotic, something only the cretins and imbeciles who came up with usb 3.x branding could come up with.

>there are 10 gabudrop threads on Jow Forums right now

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painful trying to find a case with 8 pci slots and still doesn't look like aids. if i see brushed metal on one more thing i'm gonna kill a kitten

I'm still using my beige Antec full tower from 1994, pic related
2 intake / 2 exhaust / 1 HDD bay fans. Has housed every build since then and even fits my Noctua D15S.

10/10 case, doubt I'll ever replace it.

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nice microwaves

I commend you for sticking with your casewife for so long, user.