Take that you filthy namefag.

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That idiot still around? What did he get banned for?

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Ban evasion.

I see. Meh doesn't matter I had the fag filtered
And I can't imagine being the only one either

But even if you filter him, he still exists. We must provoke him to get a ban.

You go nuts son I don't give a shit

Did you filtered me too?

I'm not banned
Neck yourself

PinkyBong here. AMA


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Just evaded another ban. AMA.

Did you guys hear that? It was very quiet but I thought I heard a (ʸᵒᵘ) sound like a faint whisper in the wind

Futuresightfag and Leafman are the only namefags I filter, and any obvious redditors/pol/dditers that pop up. PinkyBong honestly isn’t that bad


I'm just messing with you buddy

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you do realise you let an autistic 50yo newfag win by using his name don't you?

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my ass faggot


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Go back to discord animeteen

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I'm PinkyBong :)


cringe and yikespilled


>letting him win
win what

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I just upgraded from 2 GB to 4 GB.

AMA Jow Forums

win importance to his name
he must be forgotten
his name must not be used. no name should be used

fuck off dont give that whore attention youre the problem fatass

it appears my massive intellect has caused some controversy

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>be american
>go on the internet
>get virtually shot

No I wasn't

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Ok now this is epic

Love me or hate me.

But you can't ban me!

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Here we go again

PSA to all namefags and tripfags
Reddit is down the hall and to the left

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so is your mum but the line is long as fuck and all niggers

I got banned?

>tfw your country uses a ripoff of the Texas flag

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who would want to be associated with texas at all?
how pathetic

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How do you feel ?

check on a book which flag came first and then we'll talk

how are you posting from texas?

yeah funny

Hey korbo FUCK off with your faggotry

Describe what its like living in a second world country

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your trolling skills are pathetic user, the idea of trolling is actually making people personally mad

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