What's the best laptop brand Jow Forums?

What's the best laptop brand Jow Forums?

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I don't want to do anything with HP.
They might have the best laptops out there but I won't be buying them because fuck HP.

agree, you can use an elitebook as a weapon, hard as a rock

>hp 1st

Dell, HP and Lenovo business class. Everything else is shit


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Dell's corporate support is much better than their peers, so them.

>sent from my HP Zbook 17






No ()

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What gen? Have a 17 G3 at work, pretty fucking solid.

Overall, Dell. I don't know enough about Huawei laptops, but they could be 2nd.

it's apple but don't buy anything with a new keyboard or touch bar

So nothing past 2013?

Everything before had major defects with the GPU dying or structural defect in the screen that would break after several hundred opening and closings, or the glue in the screen melting and coming apart because of the exhaust location.

So Apple has put out nothing but lemons since mid 2000s then. I knew it.

Asus and Lenovo for their thinkpads
Hp sucks I’ve 3 of there shitty laptops that overheated or just stopped working from age.

Dell is best but their trackpoints suck

The only decent HP I've had (and still have) was a HP Compaq 6910P. Business class notebook and I still use it in my room o' computers.The others I've tried over the years were consumer grade dogshit.


Non meme answer is Dell.


HP Omen 15 running NIX. Almost a year old.

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