Why use Youtube/Spotify when you can use this baby?

Why use Youtube/Spotify when you can use this baby?

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wish someone made an app like spotify but no ads, no botnet and minimal

Because I don't want to have to click on a play button to play a video

It sucks but there is no alternative.

I absolutely love this app and dont have the problems that others have. Best app ive ever used in my life.


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I really don't want this thread to get bumped, but I have to know: can you minimize the app and still have it continue playing a video in the background?

it exists. its called Xpotify and it'sopen source. search for MahdiGhiasi on github

>Windows only
>Slow af

YMusic is far better

No it doesn't. I've never had an issue with it.

>PooTube Vanced
street shitter detected.

why use anything when you have deezloader/smloadr? and I mean that unironically.

Why use anything when you have Deeznuts/semenloadr L M A O

not me, found out on a forum.
yeah, and it's bound on a microshaft store.

Vanced for videos. YMusic for music.

Can you download for offline use?
If not then because I only do drive by hit jobs to youtube. I dont go to youtube for trending/suggestion/home page.

Yeah, you can. It has buttons specifically for background play and pop-out windows.

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lags like there's no tomorrow, pretty picky about links, if you open in link view (from outside the app) you can't share the video currently playing or view its comments.
Use Skytube it's awful but less awful.

oh and no option to import subs from an existing account

Are you talking about Newpipe? Because it does all of that.

My only problem with vanced is are restricted videos not being passed and no way to subscribe or make playlists without logging in.

Because that is basically dead. No updates which means now every youtube video gives a 403 error.

>and no way to subscribe or make playlists without logging in
No shit, you can't do that on YouTube either.

Are you retarded? I'm saying newpipe has those features but vanced doesn't.

There is no reason to use newpipe over vanced unless you specifically want pop-out video. It's slower and worse in every other way.

Vanced is like 100MB for the apk, Newpipe is less than half of that. Newpipe also doesn't come with trackers and is not spyware.

*breaks every week*

Never had an issue with it breaking. It works great for me. I deactivated the built in YouTube app long ago. Background play is worth it alone.

Updated this week.

Unironically one of the apps the preventing from Switching to iphone.

if newpipe had sync with yt account history for continuing watching

Kys, shill.

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Cope poopipe shillers. Go make another thread when your app breaks for the fifth time this week jej

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I wish it could import playlists from a list of URLs
I got around it one time by adding them to the app's database but I had no metadata and couldn't be bothered to learn the YT API to grab it

but what about desktop alternatives


you can pick video format and resolution with the file size listed per choice

same for audio download of a video

I have mine to default to best available

can also use share function in YouTube app and share to NewPipe to prompt an immediate download

>Windows only

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Its called the pirate bay you stupid zoomer

take your meds

>Desktop youtube
Use a fucking browser with UBlock you mongoloid

VLC your playlist from your VPS

What do you want, retard? Updates every 10 minutes?

as long as it works why would updates matter?
it's not like you use android because it's really secure so updating for security is pointless.


sounds like a new name thai ladyboys will come up for themselfs