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Praise GLORIOUS STAX Edition.

How to ask for recommendations:
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
>Sound signature
>Past headphones
>TLDR: Buy Stax
For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, just don't. Save up for Stax

Jow Forums wiki headphone FAQ:

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First for SUMMIT FI

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I'm loving my hd660s, why does everything more expensive than it sounds like absolute dogshit? Should I sell my more expensive gear?

Nah my dude you just gotta buy Stax

The modded es10 literally sound like 2000$ pair of headphones

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So user, what is it that you are listening with this day?

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I'm after a 0.75mm 2-pin BT cable, but decent quality, the one I got off aliexpress the batter dies too quickly and the range is bad.
price isn't an issue but want decent battery life and range etc

I tried stax and they sound like all the other headphones, there was no magical sound. I was disappointed with all of the high end headphones, none were really much different. you guys exaggerated the differences and I believed you until I tried it for myself. and I've had my hearing tested, it's great.

Have Stax

cool blog, how do I unsubscribe

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love my hifimans

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Oh shit, I just dropped my stax

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Very nice user, very nice indeed.

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elex owner here. the elex has a faintly coloured bass texture, but mostly neutral. It isn't completely neutral as the bass overwhelms the midrange if you look on a frequency graph.

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Opinions about Audioengine D1?

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looks like a cheap shitty volume potentiometer. invest in ALPS products

c-can you put them back together

Is there much difference from the Clear and the Elex?

apparently not that much, the elex has the wider, less claustrophobic soundstage, a little less bass and a little more upper end. The Elex are compared similarly to the Utopia by reviewers like Currawong. I've only heard the Elex of those three, and only for a few hours.

gotcha tee hee

Me? Enjoying SR-007.

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>tfw there are people too poor to experience what orgasming from the sound of STAX feels like

Why they stopped making theses? They are like 600$ now.

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Because its pointless to make when STAX exists

I’ll never get tired of nostaxers getting btfo of these threads

It's not really that they're poor now. Many anons here have $500 midfi headphones running through $200 dac/amps. That puts you into used stax and SRS-3100 territory. They refuse to buy stax at this point because they couldn't handle the possibility of them actually being good. It would utterly crush them.

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uem general died so imma post here

Got the KZ ZSN Pros, and immediately found its a fucking right angle plug. stupid as fuck. now I need a short pigtail for of course no less than $5 because amazon.

they are incredibly flat, but I quickly threw some kind of equalizer at it and they respond well. I'll have to dick with it more. Also came with silicone tips when I was promised foam for muh isolation.
They also have a not nice hiss on some but not all songs. But otherwise, they initially sound ok and no issues yet like I was having with the apple earbuds

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Don't mind me just posting the best android music player

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never fucking mind, crackling is still there and a lot more pronounced, as one user predicted precisely.
The hiss is also in most songs actually, but I'll verify this with audacity as it may just be the songs, idk. they are all sourced from wherever.
Annoyingly I can not plug them into my dac because my 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter is threaded female and lol right angle.

It still sounds pretty good.

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>they are incredibly flat
Really? I borrowed a friend's and I found the mids to be incredibly recessed.

Should have bought Stax :3

I have the AKG K7XX. The mini-XLR cable is wearing out and I need a new one, can I just buy any off of amazon or I do I have to shell out the $30 for their propietary cable on AKG's website? cable&ref=nb_sb_noss

HD600 vs 660?

Also, what is the goto AMP and DAC setup nowadays? Looking at JDS Atom and D30.

well maybe my terminology is a bit incorrect. there is no base to be heard from and ehh.

So basically these things are unusable. fucking stupid blackplayer equalizer will disable itself after the song changes, and I would have to manually restart it.
fucking deleted audiofx because it wasnt working, installed equalizer fx and it did nothing either.


prob 660 nowadays

Ok I figured out the EQ issue I think, so that is working reliably.
The hissing makes me hit the desk.
The stupid right angle is the bane of my existence right now.
There is a bit of crackling on higher vocals and certain instrumentals but I just cant explain it.

OTHERWISE, they sound amazing, completely worth $22.
They stay in pretty good, they seem to do a decent bit of isolation when having the volume up a bit, not as good as my shitty ath-m40x as I just type this up on my loud as mx greens, but it's ok.

Now I need a good recommendation for a portable DAC solution for my $20 iems lmao.
Should I just DIY one at this point? may be a tricky bit to get a hardware eq with a DIY but idk.

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i prefer right angle plugs
get fucked retard

When is logitech making white version of this

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Would the beyer amirons be a good eventual upgrade from the 58X?

>The hissing makes me hit the desk.
that's because of your source
fiio btr3 (yes its $60 but you will be able to use it with anything going forward knowing you have a really good source)

>fiio btr3
What's the difference between that or one that connects via a usb otg cable?

350 US
Magni2 and computer
>Open or closed
Open preferred, but happy to try closed
>Comfort level
level 99 comfy pls
>Sound signature
idk I listen to rock, metal, hiphop, rap and j stuff. maybe something with a v shape
>Past headphones
Been using AKG k712 pros for the past 3 years. I really liked them but they're very boring to use now. My new inears are more exciting. I used to have some akg rip off chink headphones called superlux. I loved the sharp
bright treble but it's bit too much when I tried them on again

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DT990 or 880 seems perfect for you.
But if you can stretch your budget the DT1990 would be even better.

you posted the best combo already.
Alternative Amps: none
Alternatice Dacs: Topping D10/50, Khadas Tone Board and SMSL SU-8 Rev 2


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Maybe stop listening to Michael Jackson. Even ignoring quality, the signatures are so different that it's hard to imagine how much of a deaftard you are.
>+/-10 db, same thing bros

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Hello Jow Forumsentlemen,

I'd like to invest on a good ANC pair of headphones. The important part is the ANC. I already have standard headphones (ATH M50x).

>100-200€ (budget is not really an issue, I can go higher)
>phone or laptop since I will be outside
>flat signature


Not Stax/10

>The hissing makes me hit the desk.
This man is in shock, take him to the infirmary.

Now i tell some hard truth: all dacs and amps, doesn't matter the price, they are all the same shit. Nothing changes the quality of the sound or the frequency. Thank you.

I heard stax were pretty good

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fake news

Nice try

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samefagging nostax yottacel committed suicide finally?

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It's like you are ultra baby's first time on internet, frogscum

>google yottacel
>only find images from /hpg/

It's just the infamous stax samenigger phantom chasing his lost son

the STAX puppermaster still overseeing its domain after being exiled

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decent but cheap upgrade over the tascam th 02 for monitoring shitty bleeps & bloops?

I got them in 2015 for $18 bucks and they served me well but I kinda want something better without breaking the bank.

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Buy Stax

So user what’s listening with to this morning?

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Who, me? Bose of course.

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> 5 - 40,000 Hz
Oh yes this is indeed something you can work with.

>only looking at the numbers or what manufacturer says
Never trust anyone until you try them yourself. Also it's just a graph for showing how low distortion they are.

sony md1am2 for 110 euros, worth or not?

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ZMF, Audeze, Shures, Beyers, AKG, ATH, Seinns, Bose, how do each of them sound?
I live in Romania so I don't have the luxury of listening to each of them.

How should I know?

Why don't you ask the actual OP.

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sony mdr 7506 are god tier

>sony mdr 7506
they look like they could be really really uncomfortable

Buy Stax

Been using them for 5 years now, only issue i had with them is that the stock pads wore down after 2 years. Sometimes use them for 4 hours straight withouth issues.

I'm fixing a pair of soviet era beyers.

the internal foam has completely degraded. I'm not sure what type of foam i should be looking at or where to get it.

any ideas?

nope and fuck off

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>no one posting
>samefagging staxcel keeps bumping

Well done on killing this general and driving everyone away with Stax incel.

me? Stax of course

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>buying headphones that cost over 60$
daily reminder, that there is no reason to spend more when Takstar pro 82s exist

Tried Stax last week for the first time. Thabk God I didn't get memed into buying it without hearing it first. It's absolutely not worth it unless you like the retro tech thing it has going on. It has a wide soundstage and good treble extension, but it has so little weight in the lower regions that it makes music completely uninjoyable to listen to. Avoid unless you only listen to acoustic music.

no (you) for you

How good is Audio-Technica M40x? Is it worth buying?

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>falling for the Stax meme

Never buy chink headphones. They're either shit build quality (hifiman) or shit sound and build quality (stax).

I wanted to buy a HD660 (I already own a HD600 and 6XX) but everyone is super torn on these, some say they're slightly better than a 600, some say they're slightly worse so I'm just not buying one because ehh.

if it was a guaranteed straight upgrade i'd buy it for sure, but it's not.

>takstar pros are the pinnacle of audiophile achievement

Not everyone wants hand crank windows and a cassette deck

Pretty solid and a good price. Consider slapping on some aftermarket pads. Brainwavz are nice.

Are Chinkstar pro 82 better than Superchinks 681/668B?

Buy a mass drop HD6XX nigga.


>why yes I just upgraded from Stax, how could you tell ?

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Why does Stax have to pay shills to promote it on 4chins if it's so good? Shouldnt it sell itself?

lol is that really what STAX headphones look like?..

It looks like what people in the 1960s thought a space age headphone would look like.

Best bluetooth headphones under $20

>(I already own a HD600 and 6XX)

The zs3 makes less remarkable hissing sound than the zsn but that is because the phone.
No problem with the hiss using my iPod, wtf.

They both sound completely different to me and I absolutely love my 660s, they're warm and clear, the low end is perfect and the highs are not shooty.