My balls are too big

my balls are too big
I can't sit comfortably help

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did you know that the chimpanzee's nuts are 1.5x the size of their brain

My butt is too big


Bust nut?

I already did, when I woke up

did you inflate them or did you hold your nut too long

To what?

Important question, lad

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

no I don't want my balls in your mouth

My thighs are too big.

lose weight

I'm 5'8 at 127 lbs.

my balls are too small

Gay american

I have a lower bmi than you

Trry Kekto you fat fuck

I'll trade one of your balls for one of mine

prove it!

it was a joke... u rlly think I let him do it?

thta would be extremely painful

actually I was wrong

4 you

I might lose another 2 kilos though, but I'm just not sure if its gonna help in any way.

how big are your thighs?

Yeah, gay

there is nothing wrong with being gay

Let me help you with that.

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no thanks

Of course not. I like calling things gay like a 2000s middleschooler.


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so girl tier


you just gotta accept it then

No! Absolutelly unbased and fatbuttpilled.

ok, just remember that holding yourself to unachievable beauty standards will lead to longterm suffering