Windowsfag here

windowsfag here

sell me on linux

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stay on windows
t. linux user

Install OpenBSD.

gnu/linux is not for playing games nor using adobe [something], so if you want any of those, do not read any other responses.

its perfect for coding or doing any word processing
and also browsing
these willl work all the same but linux does not have all the spying invading your privacy also can be less resource intensive if you pick the right DE so you can get away with older hardware

linux os arent for playing games or installing traditional apps that can be used only on windows. u can use some programs for windows on linux, using the wine, but isnt confirmed it will work. i use 4 boots, 1 windows for me, 1 windows for my family, kali linux and ubuntu. depending on the system, there are apps u can use for many things. kali, for exemplo, u can use to hack hue lol. ubuntu is a casual os. if u wanna use linux, u should learn how to use the terminal, because u are gonna use a lot of times it. sorry for my english, im learning

i see you've been taking your english classes, jose.

If you're not a nigger then install TempleOS

Linux doesnt have pic related

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this + random updates when you want to turn off/on your pc

i want to nakadashi senko-chan

>linux os arent for playing games
Android has more games than Windows.

Windows console is coming out in a few months. There is literally no reason to stray from the True Path of Windows.
Why choose Oblivion?

It's basically the same thing. Don't believe the hype or the detractors.

Linux is better than Windows.

That screenshot is exactly why I stopped using Windows.

>dos = unix
umm no

> Implying google is the same as linux in the slightest.

>company = kernel

Android uses Linux, just like any GNU/Linux distro uses Linux.

it looks cool

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this + pc waking you up in the middle of the night because it's updating

Free, Open Source, Can run on legitimately anything, Secure, Supports most modern programming languages if that's your kind of bag baby, Freedom to customize how (You) see fit, all around amazing supportive community, need I say more?

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Don't do linux. You'll turn into freetard faggot.

>professional work
>Adobe shit
Your art degree is worthless. Get over it.
Grow up.

Linux is a kernel

Imagine doing all the stuff you want to do, but it's 10x harder

Jow Forums realized that adobe or most of the games (or even the simplest software from windows) does not work that good on loonix even with wine, lutis, or with a fucking vm.
so now they decided to insult everyone that uses those programs

nice bitmapped font
but which one?

Px437 IBM PS/2thin2 Regular

Are you seriously going to try to argue that video games aren't childish? Your art degree really turned your brain to mush.

Why do brainlets insist on pushing this no games on linux thing? Proton is extremely solid.

might take a break from good ol' Terminus with it

gaming in linux is 10x harder than in windows, linux does not have the appropriate support as windows has with games and see this

why u still thinking that i have both of these things? even a dumbass like me knows that shit
but the implication and insult really shows up how Jow Forums freetards realized that not even adobe, the latest fps game or the simplest software runned through wine or vm doesnt and will never work
and now they only have the insult card
Your loonix elitism really turned your brain to mush.
accept the crude reality user, linux only works on cloud stuff

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>highly customizable
>less resource intensive
the real question is, what do you do on your PC op?
If you're used to closed source software and are not willing to learn the ins and outs of linux, you shouldn't bother, because all you will do is try to replicate windows in linux and end up with a half assed OS.

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When you use Linux, your OS belongs to you. When you use Windows, your OS belongs to Microsoft.

>or with a fucking vm.
Uhhh, if you're using a properly configured VM with GPU passthrough, everything will work as if you were using Windows on bare metal.

>that not even adobe, the latest fps game or the simplest software runned through wine or vm doesnt and will never work
GNU has all the best productivity software. Adobe malware and childish games are irrelevant outside of children and fags with art degrees who want to make a living playing with Photo Shop.

But with that mindset linux will never help more people attain freedom. Isn't that what you're all about?
That said, linux portage for games is improving isn't it?

>But with that mindset linux will never help more people attain freedom. Isn't that what you're all about?
Linux isn't about freedom, it's a kernel. It is the kernel of the most used OS in the world, but those people are no more free for using it.

Absolutely everything can be run through a vm you fucking retard.

>Get over it
>Grow up

You're bitching and complaining. Actually apply yourself to the discussion, instead of looking for validation.

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Stop using shit software, you child. If you need Adobe's art tools you should have gotten a better degree.

windows literally has nothing to do with dos

Windows ditched DOS by 1999 I believe

It's Windows NT vs Unix-Like operating systems

Honestly mate, listen here.

Linux is both a hobbyist and high level professional OS. Linux stands out as it was purpose built for getting real shit done in the realm of computing and its contributors and backers have pushed linux with these ideas at the forefront of its development.

In recent decades moves have been made to make it more accessible to your average modern user, it has a sleek UI, much improved error handling and OS automation so in a sense it's been made to look and feel like Windows OS both in its form and function, but if you peel back the first few layers or peek under the hood linux and its development are in the pursuit of programming and computational productivity. It was never built with games and casual use in mind. It can simulate both of these things very well these days but after a few weeks of using linux as your main OS it becomes ever clearer that if you're looking for a windows replacement, you're not going to find it in linux unless you alter your mindset considerably. If you're looking for an OS that much like windows does all of the heavy lifting for you, you should be considering a Apple Mac OS instead.

If you're up for a little challenge and really want to gain a deeper understanding of how an OS functions (and the better you understand it, the more you can do with it). You should give linux a try.

There's nothing wrong with trying what Jow Forums autists consider babby distros such as Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora etc. Everyone has to start somewhere and as long as you're going in with the notion that it only looks like windows, you'll do fine.

>no botnet
>no bloat
>not slow
>secure without having to constantly stop everything to ask for your password
>no ads in the app menu
>no ads in your notifications
>no ads in the settings dialog
>no ads in the lock screen
>no ads in the search function
>the search function is not a fictional character
>you can theme the UI however you want without feeling like you're breaking something
>no license agreement
>doesn't cost anything
>you can legally copy, modify, and redistribute it
>whenever any program encounters a problem, it will report to you what that problem is, in specific enough detail for you to easily solve the problem on your own without having to consult a corporate pajeetbot that spews canned responses at you
>update whenever you want and continue using your system while it's updating
>install programs by typing four words or less
>comes with a standard build toolchain that, unlike the ms build toolchain, will run smoothly without consuming 99.99% of your cpu and memory
>usually don't have to manually install drivers for anything because all the drivers are generic one-size-fits-all solutions for device classes instead of specific devices and they come with the kernel

most games on steam run on gnu/linux now, with steam's new project "proton" in beta. its a version of WINE maintained by valve

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You can play csgo natively

Imagine not turning off Windows updates except for important security updates that require your explicit permission to install

Main reason is if you don't want to get spied on I'm.

Here's a step-by-step course of every Linux "user":
1. Install a beginner-friendly distro, like Ubuntu or Linux Mint
2. Try to do the things it's made for, such as development
3. Make a couple of projects work. "Wow Linux is so cool!"
4. Realize Linux is almost purely for developers and has almost no support for other software
5. "Okay then, I will just dual boot Windows"
6. Each time you boot, you start choosing Windows more and more often, until you completely abandon your Linux distro

Please describe all you do with your computer to see if there's a point for you do switch to Linux. It isn't for everyone.

Well you are lucky, thread is full of linux power-users, and they did exactly that you was asking to imagine, they will probably share some stories with you.

the most pajeet post on Jow Forums rn

>windowsfag here
More like dumb attention whoring anime pedo scum here
>sell me on linux
Linux is free, degenerate

winfags BTFO

>be me, young uni student with shittier notebook and pirated windows 7 on it
>disabled updates like year ago
>want to play some obscure vidia with GFWL or windows live or something (gta4?, fable?)
>it HAS TO install that windows live or whatever cancer its named for saves to work
>said program RESETS ALL WINDOWS SETTINGS, including auto updates
>friday evening, my train to home (was in dorm) is on the trails, 30minutes left
>when i press power button off on my notebook so i can pack and go says PLEASE DO NOT TURN COMPUTER OFF

Sometimes i really wonder what microsoft employees were thinking but then again they probably never think which would explain the state of current windows 10...

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found the cia nigger

Linux doesn't spy on you

It's free, and that's a good price!

Are you posting from before 2010?

It doesn't and it's games are significantly worse in quality.

Stay on windows 7, linux is a piece of shit for programmers and ultra casuals only.

>install some bullshit game
>formats computer
this is Micro$oft's fault

Why does a video game have the permissions to format a computer?

Because you gave it permission? There's a window that pops up that asks for your permission of this program having admin privileges

It indeed was MS fault because THEY developed windows live service which on install secretly resets every single settings in your windows machine.

MS Live doesn't even exist anymore

True, now go try install gta4 and see literall history being installed on your PC (unless they finally patched it out from steam version, anything is possible) which will reset all your settings without a single prompt about it.


I ended up using linux because i needed to use old hardware. Linux distros can be very light on resources. After messing around with it. I ended up liking it a lot. If you value things like low resource consumption and the option to edit and change almost everything in the OS. Give it a shot. Also windows steals your data blahblah I'm sure you heard all that stuff a billion times

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>art degree xd xd xd
im just lurking but holly shit are you a literal schizo? this is just embarrassing to everyone who use linux for work or at home
also, post degree(or job)

>provides a great browsing experience since even the most bloated distro isn't nearly as bad as windows
>The gaming situation is a bit better over here but expect to tweak around with shit a little. >Can customize basically every element of your setup if you're a ricerfag
>good environment for coding
>a lot of software that is necessary for people's workflow is on here that to my knowledge cannot be used on windows (nnn, ranger, feh, vim, emacs)
>more secure (you probably are aware of that already though)

I'd say go for it, make a new partition just so you can dip your feet in. The only real obstacles I'd say there is, is that some distros take some fuckery for wifi to work and video editing is a nightmare here. I've personally always ran linux on my laptop and windows on my desktop.

NTFS is shit. EXT4 with LUKS is great.
Also, fuck M$ privacy invasion bullshit in their EULA.

>grow up
Be honest with yourself. If you're on Jow Forums you are absolutely not spending your time doing anything valuable or adult-like anyway.
What, is fapping to lolis and procrastinating on Jow Forums all day growing up now?

I have nothing to do with cia, and i'm white as an albino frog. And I say you - linux distros turn you into a hideously stupid freetard.

Absolutely untrue. So many commonly used distros are not approved by the free software foundation and completely go against freetardism. Unless you're running trisquel or some shit. To turn into a full-blown retard you have to completely dismiss all concept of convenience, as freetards will look you dead in the eyes and tell you that libre-JS doesn't hinder your browsing experience. In short, freetards are so strict in what software and services they use that they can't get anything done. Regular people are not susceptible to that shit, and saying that using linux will turn you into one of these fucks is as ridiculous as they are.

if you need any reason to change from windows, don't. you will be yet another whiney fag who cries when something doesn't "work"

It’s harder, but not 10x harder. A lot has changed in the past few years.

>Linux isn't about freedom, it's a kernel.
It’s GPL-licensed

>>the search function is not a fictional character

If you don't know if you need Linux you might just not need it.
I am a developer and I know I need Linux.

I have been compiling a program all afternoon because I have been forced to use Windows and need a specific compilation option.
I have to get all of the dependencies manually using a dozen different installers and set them up perfectly using documentation which cannot possibly remain up to date with all of the factors involved.

Once I finish there is no guarantee that it will work and I will have to debug it all using the worst shell language and menus on the planet.
Once I get it installed if I ever need to update I need to redo all of this.

Compare spending an afternoon with just running sudo apt-get install program to install all of the development dependencies and their dependencies.
Compare redoing an entire manual update procedure sudo apt-get update program.

even if you need to recompile something on debian there is apt-get source and apt-get build-dep

>clicking a radio button, clicking 'compile'

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