Anyone use MakeMKV to rip DVDs and blurays? I keep encountering these errors while ripping just one specific disk...

Anyone use MakeMKV to rip DVDs and blurays? I keep encountering these errors while ripping just one specific disk, how the fuck do I fix it?

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>Using beta software to rip copy-protected disks
You're supposed to decrypt the disk first

It decrypts automatically. The issues is that I could pull 5 of 7 episodes, I'm only getting these errors on the last 2 and the play all file

>He thinks every episode is decrypted
>Can't decrypt the last 2 episodes
Use DVD Decrypter, you nigger.

He's not wrong, I've ripped hundreds of discs with makemkv and never needed any other decrypting shit.

It's probably the encryption. Try this copy of dvdfab

It's pretty recent. Might have better decryption capabilities than that makemkv.

Not sure how often you rip blurays but I myself don't do it often but still considering buying either slysoft or dvdfab. Just waiting til the price is right or if I start doing it constantly which I don't do yet. I just download my rips if I want them.

If decryption is not the issue then the disc may be scratched or has a manufacturing defect that is small enough to not hurt regular playback but is too much for makemkv which will not try to pass over a defect.

All first run NTSC blurays for Stargate Atlantis have a defect on 2 discs in the first season that will cause a hiccup during normal playback and make makemkv spew this exact error during a rip

I've just started dumping all my DVDs to an external drive, haven't touched blurays yet since they have severely large files sizes

You ripping them to 700 divx? or leaving them full 5 GB mpeg2 files?.

~1gb mkv files for now. Still in TV series DVDs, not done movies yet

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MakeMKV is in permanent beta.

I'll take any alternative that can do the same job though. 75 bucks to be able to rips blus can fuck right off

get typing, scriptlets

Is there any reason for that? It sounds an awful lot like the way Google describes Chrome, or the way ReactOS is described.

oh ok. I would do the same thing. TV shows I like are worth watching over and over so I would leave the quality as source quality.

for totally free makemkv is probably best bet. ANYdvd doesn't have a current crack/patch yet but that dvdfab is pretty recent and if most of your tv shows are old that probably can rip them fine but also has software to convert and burn and shit like that.

Thankfully the MakeMKV subreddit is populated by pirates and there's a few that share registration codes when the prior ones expire so I can keep coasting off that

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the makemkv keys are legit posted on their own forums for people to use for free...if this isn't bait 8/10 for this thread

There's legal reasons why some software is in beta forever. It takes some responsibility away from the creator.

They don't keep theirs up to date fast enough

I fail to see how marking your software as beta forever would drive responsibility away from you, when you're the one who created shitty software riddled with bugs.

>I fail to see

doesn't really matter as long as the courts see it

words matter, and since people don't read the tl;dr EULA's still don't even read the not tl;dr EULA's the beta in the name is basically the "use this shit at your own risk" part people pretend to not read while installing the shit. If they said they didn't know the software they were using was experimental then they literally don't even know the name of the software they were using.

>ripping just one specific disk🤔/why-i-ripped-the-same-cd-300-times

>use this shit at your own risk
But that shit's even on EULAs for full stable software. not just alpha or beta software.

And alpha/beta/release candidate/stable all refer to the software's state of fitness and stability on a system, not "legal liability" because the EULA defines that, regardless.

Of course EVERYBODY puts the wording in their EULA since they know nobody reads the shit (for the most part) and don't care what it says and even if they did, nobody's going to not agree with Adobe's wording and click "I disagree to the terms and conditions". Everyone puts that there where nobody cares that it says that, but realistically if Adobe Photoshop put Adobe Photoshop Beta in their shit they would lose a lot of credibility and for a lot of businesses especially where money is involved first impressions matter and reputation also matters and professionally they're not really supposed to acknowledge/admit their shit isn't perfect. Even when their software does fuck up big time and makes headline news they do their best to sweep it under the rug and send out damage control.

Actually, there were times when companies like Adobe, Microsoft and others actually did mark their software as "beta" (technically, they were branded as software previews). It's the technical way of saying "Here's our beta of our product; we'd like people to test it and report back to us about any flaws they've experienced. We greatly appreciate your feedback."

Either way, it ultimately doesn't matter how stable or unstable a program is, even in free software; every EULA makes mention that no programmer ever promises their software to be fit for use on every system. And yes; calling your software beta will diminish credibility, but not just for businesses (it also diminishes credibility for individuals, whether they're making the program for a living or for fun). But again, there's nothing legally binding or unbinding in using the term beta or alpha.

The wording is in the EULA, which itself is the legal contract that you take to a court, not a screenshot of the web page saying "MakeMKV Beta." That was the only argument and I think we can both agree on this fact.

> using a gui program
> many error, doesn't google
what the fuck do we look like? tech support for the mentally challenged?

You think I didn't try that? Their forums are all braindead and Google turned up nothing else

>The wording is in the EULA, which itself is the legal contract that you take to a court

I hear what you're saying but I don't think it's that simple. The world of the justice system is almost as complicated as the world of coding. A rule in a program is written in and set as absolute until a hacker comes up with better code that overrides that shit. Same way in courts the rules are the rules until a lawyer hits them up with a surprise that allows them to bring in some sort of other information nobody was expecting.

as if you wouldn't just pirate dvdfab you shill faggot

the link I posted was a pirated version derp

>I hear what you're saying but I don't think it's that simple
It is that simple. If you try to take someone to court for marketing a program that wasn't fit for your system, it ultimately doesn't matter to the court if the software was marked beta or not. All that matters is that EULA saying "This software is offered as is, without warranty of fitness for any purpose." And if you agreed to it, then you're the one at fault for agreeing to it, regardless of if that program was even dubbed as "stable" or "beta."

How do I remux m2ts files (full bluray rip) to MKV?

can only think of two issues: defect in the disc (scratches?) or some funky copy protection at play where makemkv is stuck. have you tried ripping it from a different drive also? im out of ideas.

Only have the one drive available to me at the moment. I'm trying a couple other programs instead

Point makemkv at the bdmv index file.

Beta is just a label.
You can have stable software that is beta and commercial software that is riddled with bugs.


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With mkvtoolnix and MKVmerge

really makes you think

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Check the disk for damage
Try a diffeent drive
dd the disc to an iso and try converting

Seems like your disc is fucked. You could try a different drive, that sometimes helps.