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Okay anyone can essentially post anypic that they want their namefag name/ or id to be associated irl or not doesn't matter. I'll just post my face, if your comfortable post yourself please.

Age: 19

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if i posted my face everyone here would disintegrate at the sight of my uncensored likeness

micheal douglas called and wants his glasses from falling down back


Fucking hell that's the greatest movie, you just earned +rep namefag best scene by far is the can of coke.

you look like the type of kid that likes paradox games, has friends but is quiet, and is secretly bisexual

fuck off and eat shit you stupid fucking faggot

Do you open your blinds so infrequently that you put pictures up on it?
That's kinda sad.
Fuck off to /soc/.

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ID: Q86jXVi1

oh my god did you try to get dressed up for that pic?? also you look short and weird I wouldn’t talk to you irl

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you'll a bunch of cowards

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>niggers shoot sideways
>whites take selfies sideways
can you guys do anything right like we mongols do?

fuck off commie. we hold our phones how we chose to.

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another one for the cringe compilation

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>taking pics with your phone
this is going into my cringe compilation

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Nice skirt, faggot.
Don't forget to put on some bright red ribbons on it to stand out even more.

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seriously though stop trying to flex as much as you can and pretend to be cool
you will probably look nicer if you won't and rather just smile


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>wrong orientation (both picture and sexuality)
>mirror shot
>taken 7 nautical miles away
I may be a coward but at least I'm not retarded.

based singlet wearer

age 29

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That's kinda how think about OP minus the bisexual thing. I guess you can get that from it but I don't see it. OP seems pretty chill tho.

>Ew id
it's probably just the picture but you've got no emotion in your face
the way he types combined with just the general way he looks makes me think slightly gay. but yeah, like I said he looks like a cool but quiet dude

get rekted rofl xd

Ew id is true to life

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I used this picture here for other purposes previously where I wanted to have a blank face. Thought it would be better to use the same picture than to upload another

alright good to hear, that particular picture somehow has you doing a thousand mile stare but looking right into my soul at the same time. It makes me very uncomfortable

I've gotten that same response from others from that picture. Another reason I love to use it

im sleepy, but addicted to this gay board

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Nah I came in from outside shovelling snow n shiet

5'11 don't know what your standards of manlet are but I'm pretty happy with that height niggie

it's almost like you know which board this goes on....

> shovelling snow n shiet
based and shovelpilled
finished clearing around countryhouse today myself

If I post this on Jow Forums I know I can stir up a shit storm in the thread.

Win. Win.

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Nice, I live out near the country and the mountains winter in Canada's not too bad started elk hunting and planning to head to a nearby lake for some icefishing.

Feels good man.

Off yourself pissant.

el goblino

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Post urself, Señor Poo in loo.

normally I wouldn't post pictures of myself on Jow Forums because that's a dumb idea but there's no way I'm allowing my 100% european ass to be called indian. not gonna post my face because that's still dumb but this should be proof that I shit in toilets. sorry in advance for posting my gross skinny teenage body but you literally asked for it

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You look like a deepthroating expert

>that post
>mirror part
gay af

left thumb in fist suppresses the gag reflex, hombre

I knew it
There has never been a straight man with hair like that in recorded history



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u short

>ring and index finger the same length
>gross nails


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its all good man, I'll just wear those giant foam finger things all the time from now on

no not those do mickey mouse hands

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ayy lmao

good idea, mickey mouse hands would be more practical than giant foam hands

hottie i would lick your nipples

Wow, you're all 2/10s at best.

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post butte

would drink with

I still get laid

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You're talking to someone who's flown to the amazon, impregnated over a thousand qt natives to raise the birth rates, and has lived to tell the tale. Let's just say the chieftains bowed down to my superior stature and told me in their native tongue to pick whoever.

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why are the pubes growing on her face?

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>Tfw this whole thread Is being single handedly bantered terribly by a basketball American an*me poster who never even posted a photo of anything irl.


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you can almost play the piano now

did I call you a mean name? who quote btw

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I'm 19 I swear

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welcome to the eternal 14-year-old club mate

>not enjoying it

didn't say I didn't, better than those dudes going around looking like they got two kids and a mortgage at 18

Sounded like you're annoyed with it tbqh.

Can you tell i am wearing makeup?

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no but i can tell that your parents are disappointed

ngl it can be, sometimes when I'm at university I feel out of place but my height makes up for it
unless they're on tv or a movie no man should ever wear make up

Looking young only benefits women. With men respect comes with age.

Wanna lick

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what is going on here

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what do you mean?

also nice dubs

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few years ago i posted my pic on /fa/ and they asked me if im transitioning because i have long hair and look like tranny
so yeah im not posting my pic here lmao

So are you a tranny?

but i am lesbian trapped in male body

wannabe tranny or big gay?


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not the second one

kill yourselves

what the hell does "wannabe tranny" even mean? you either are trans or you are not. and nobody wants to be trans. it's really hard.

oh I see you want to be a cute effeminate boy but you aren’t gay

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Trans make me really hard

ur gay

idk. style choice maybe.



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Posting a picture of myslef plz no bully

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if i posted my face here Mary Shelley would rise from the dead to write a book about my war scars

hi Jow Forums

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literally a faggit lole

Kill yourself from this board

i'd have some great fucking pics of me
but i know i can't post them

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w2c t-shirt?

r8 me

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you aight. I mean could be better but eh that'll do

Me irl

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sorry ill stop

I saw you post this face a million times before, but I always imagined you like this

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ayy lmao

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Fuck off, cancer.

This is how you reply to people newfriend

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I love it.