My wife Junko is still cute, also if you aren't a Catholic you aren't a real Christian

My wife Junko is still cute, also if you aren't a Catholic you aren't a real Christian

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My wife is cuter than yours

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R9k is a good board

Religion is for dumb-dumbs.


if you arent orthodox christian yousa dum dum

If we count in only anime girls, Junko is my waifu as well :3 And screw cuteness, only sexy girls. Aaand only Ahri from League of Legends is better as for me. I like people with sense of style.

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>Junko is my waifu as well
Shut the f*ck up

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Junko is a junk waifu

Is being ex-Catholic counts

Go back


I don't know what this >>>r/ thing is

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step aside, plebs

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Well aren't you going to oblige me, Mr.redditman?
All the Dammit Ronpaul girls are good, All of them

it's a bummer that there isn't enough fanarts of them

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You mean *Japanese fan art of em

Eat my ass papist you are a glorified pagan

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>fucks dogs
>claims to be on the high ground

Hellhounds ain't real dogs tho

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>fucks hellhounds (satanic)
>acts like a homosexual (eat my *ss)
>calls me a pagan when he follows a gay ass book (idol worshipering of a satanic translation)

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I don't fuck hellhounds because they are not real. And what book are you taking about?

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>what book are you talking about
Gee I wonder what we're dicussing about, I wonder what religion only uses a single book that is mistranslated and used as a tool instead of enlightening those who can actually read it.
Man I really, really wonder right now.

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Part of my family is is Protestant and the the oher half is Catholic, what do I do?

Do whatever you want to do.

Better than worshiping dead people and letting old pedos dictate your life

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>Jesus is dead according to the proddy
I don't get it, but the big onee-sand tittys are okay

Fuck you me

I was referring to your worshiping of saints

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Asking for God to send a Saint down to help you isn't worship.

>literally builds huge statues of saints and's prays to them
>Not worship
Literally a nu-lpagan

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It's not worship though, it's called art and you need to apperciate it.
>dumb nerd can't into asking for God to send you a Saint so God can go back to doing God stuff while the Saint helps you do your cool stuff

>He believes the ghost of his ancestors will watch over him and protect him
Like i said pagan

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>he thinks everyone is in hell
That's even worse than me, bucko

Both of you guys are faggots

Shut up heathen

The whole world can go to hell for all i care i'm not even religious anymore

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>i'm not religious anymore
>yet he argues about why Catholicism, the true faith of God is evil
You a kike, Space Hebrew?

Shut up andy and hail satan

>hailing a loser
>a literal loser

>be this much of a fag
Andy pls

>being a loser
Shut up nerd

> in love with a two-dimensional fictional character
Andy pls

Better to in love with someone who loves me back

She doesn't know that you exist

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

Literally she's a drawing there's not much more to say dummy


I'm going to beat you up

Women can't beat up men

I'm a dude

Who draws this stupid shit? Fuck, anime is terrible.

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