I got mistletoes fren

i got mistletoes fren

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Time to die

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but i dunt wan to i dun wan to fren

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mistletoe means yu hb tu kiss me eberybody has to kiss me dunt worry tho fren i wash mouth out with fairy liquid

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I want to pat Apu on the head

go ahed fren

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You are in a Muslim county. Doesn’t count.


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If one wishes to kiss a girl, then kiss her. That infidel deserves more for exposing a shoulder.

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Does that mean blowjob?

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lets kiss fren

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shut up and bend over faggot

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listen here you little shit cease thy faggotry at once

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but you try and rapey me everyday

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Both of you shut up, bend over and open your botties.

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my botty cant handle koffe

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ive got work tomorrow at 10, usually I don't drink when I have to work but as it's Christmas I think I might have a few more little glasses

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