I've just come home from eating japanese food and now i'm all comfy and drunk covered in blankets...

I've just come home from eating japanese food and now i'm all comfy and drunk covered in blankets. What is Jow Forums up to?

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samr but i'm comfier than you and i didn't eat japanese

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you aren't comfier than me

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i gues your right i'm really not that comfy

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how was your day?

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I'm the least comfy on bant

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are u okay retard

i nicked a bunch of componenetsfrom my uni then couldn't get them to work so i watched starwars instead
i forgot how dumb those movies are
what about you?

why uncomf?

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No I have a belly acke and my house is messy

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clean your house

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playig gaem

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try some alckezeltser or something lol

My dumb boyfriend messed it up and he won't get up and clean it or rub my bellah

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theres no kiwi that isnt a sissy
worked out and did nothing all day

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poke him until he does something
or just do it yourself you lazy kiwi

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this is so sad

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no you

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megumeme posters need to die



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Sounds pretty alpha. You should give him a blowjob.


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even the kiwis bully me

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Alexa, play Despacito

sorry for insulting your waifu thicc sissy bong

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Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito

that entire sentance is dumb and wro g
dumb rude kiwi

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dumb sissy

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don't you dare delete this


you go for your daily run today diego?