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What the FUCK is wrong with you ?

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I got fired....

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I don't know how to get a job user. Also I'm scared of interviews desu.

I can get by without getting a job so why would I try to?

I got fired after 7 years so I'm going to use all of my bennies I worked so hard for. Sorry if this is difficult for you to understand.

I had an anxiety attack working at a call center, so I’m doing a self inventory to get a proper career.

i work in a kitchen, its fast paced crazy hard work but pay is decent

Let's all get a job and marry a niggress wife and watch Jews run the show, goys.


Alarm clock beeping
Wagecucks weeping
Time for floor sweeping
And burger fIipping
While NEETs are still sleeping

Put on your slave collar
Each hour you earn a dollar
Your dignity level grows ever smaller
Better run fast when customers holler
While the NEET is being a baller

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I get £3000 a month on bennies, thanks wagies it's not just Mr Goldstein you're working to make rich

Why not give them your job?


Nice, how many kids?

Give them your job then.

Just the one living with me now, my eldest has moved out and just had a kid at 20, she and her bf are also on bennies

Whenever I try for something new I end up back here remembering how women are whores and this country is like 25% nonwhite.

>Have an associates degree in computer support
>applied to 100 entry level helpdesk jobs
>Fucking nothing
Guess its another 2 years before I can get anywhere in life and I've got a bachelors

You are you corporate kike.

I sell art pieces I make in my garage. I’m about to branch out into various orange man bad products so I can take even more liberal more leftist money as I laugh at their naivety and mindless consumption.

I got fired and in this town the company that let me go basically cock blocks me unless I leave the industry for some shitty side game like timeshare or call centers.

studying GRE and LSAT, then I'll apply to grad school or law school.

If you’re not doing this too, why? I’ll give a simple seasonal example
>sell pussyhat ornaments
>Dumb lefty bitches buy it

It’s that easy.

I work. Doing ok. Saving.

Fuck you faggot, go make yourself useful to someone

look man i listened to the 10x rule grant cardone is based
god delivers everything i need anyway

It’s pointless to work if there are no careers available. The fact that even getting hired at a fucking bar or restaurant is more work than just turning up is symptomatic of the rot. And those jobs are not close to careers. A lifetime in hospitality leaves you as a husk

Check flag

Is running a blog and making monies from ads concidered "employed"?

>discover robinhood in college
>loose interest in major (architecture)
>realize industry relies on unpaid interns and long hours with no overtime pay
>graduate and relax for a few months
>free time stay at home all day
>trade nasdaq puts during most volatile market in decades
>making more money than my friends
>realize how poor everyone, even the working college people are and will always be
>the economy is designed to be impossible for most people to ever be happy or safe, caught in a constant uncertainty, dependence, and reliance on others
>Unemployment + Inflation Federal reserve means in reality forcing wages not to rise and forcing everyone to work
>un-elected unaccountable central bankers with no loyalty to trump or anyone else
>most politicians own stock options
>for 500k you can buy 400 acres in Mississippi

Imagine spending your life with your hand out, literally existing at the pleasure of the government.
You are beneath my contempt.

I own a business that employs people.
Million dollar home
Investment properties
Married good Christian woman
Have respectful children

Literally top of the food chain.
This is how white people retain their place
This... Plus. Tax minimisation.
Hate oon people

My man. I have panick attacks just thinking about interviews.

im a trust fu nd baby i can stream/play video games all day and be comfy as shit

the absolute state of white america.

You do realise comfort breeds weakness. Growth only comes from overcoming hardship and discomfort.

Will you employ me emuanon? I will give you nice Miss Universe winner babies.

Why does this topic get posted daily? Anyway I'm employed. You can't deride niggers and illegal spics on welfare if you're an equally parasitic NEET living on handouts from the government or your parents.

Oh so you'll go out of your way to employ me anglo?

Been working 60 hrs/week at a warehouse but there cutting hours in two weeks so I'll only be getting 30 at most.

Thinking of applying to be an electrician's apprentice as opposed to going back to school, starting a career, working as a journeyman for a year or two, and starting my own business. How am I doing?

>dont work hard to be comfortable goy!!!
>always have hardship and discomfort!!!!
>by the way buy my book "bulldog mentality how to overcome being a beta male" for $39.99!!!

Dont you have muslijm cock to suck britcuck?

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My girlfriend works so I don't have to.

>What the FUCK is wrong with you ?
well, Jow Forums is full of self-unaware retard NEETs, so......

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I'm looking at you with contempt capitalist pig

Do NOT enter the corporations EAP, especially if you have Federal licenses. You will be extorted into AA and be required to do missionary work for them. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't regret my decision to take the offer of 'help' at face value. I would gladly have showered them with my unadulterated pee with the non FDA approved urine tests that are easy to tamper with. I can drive Uber and Lyft but I'm not trying to take medical and drive. That's just stupid. I would like this opportunity to extend a gigantic FUCK YOU to the Airline Pilot's Association, company, and the FAA.

Feel free to while you stand in queues for shitty 5 day old black bread, your mind addled by vodka but still unable to escape the truth that without personal incentive, society fails.

Every single damned time.

Kind of busy with advanced mathematics, don't really want to be a mcslave when I don't have to.

>What the FUCK is wrong with you ?
ataxic gait and dysarthria. I wouldn't even pass an interview to be a walmart greeter.

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, your a bird brain with the wrong personal incentives?!? No who am I kidding life is about collecting shekels.

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So why the fuck are you using the comfort of a power grid. Get your ass into the woods and grow through hardship and discomfort like your great grandfather would have wanted.

I refuse to be a fuckin wageslave. I do a bare minimum 10 hours a week of free-lance scripting and thats it.

Don't buy into "muh consumerism," You can eat healthy and live comfortably on not much at all.

I'm in school. I spend so much time taking classes that I doubt I could hold a job and finish my degree.

>Imagine spending your life with your hand out, literally existing at the pleasure of the government.
Adults living like angsty 15 year olds - outwardly hate their parents but are dependent on them for all the resources necessary for survival.

Not contributing to the governments thieft of my energy by way of taxation. Its my way of peaceful protest. I can live without them but they can not exist with out us!

this is Jow Forums.,, failure everywhere.

God this thread is filled with losers.. no wonder Jow Forums is so full of hate.

If you go to an office 9-5 you are literally bottom of the barrel. A homeless nigger is above you. You are the epitome of loser.

If you freelance / own business I have more respect, but still not much to be proud about

i would get less then that i would get with my gibs
my gibs allow me to pig out laze out behind my desk for one day extra and whilst i work on improving myself on the other ones have just stopped nail biting and started running

Working is for losers.

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I want to be a NEET but my parents won't let me. :(

Hard to find EE internship

You mean my hatred of stupidity is a consequence of losing at the game of life, idiot?

No it's not.. only some sad sack worthless human would say that. Man this thread is loser city! Guys.. you don't have to continue to wallow in your utter failure.. you can change but you have to make the first step.

Anybody can get a job. It takes a man to make it without working.

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I used to make about 250K a year. Got whacked for fighting at office parties by an old nemesis Id worked with previously at a company that merged with us. Havent worked in almost exactly 11 years. Had savings, trade actively sold my condo etc.

yes, learn a trade. you won't be spending a lot of time on yachts eating caviar but you'll live a comfy life and have a clean concious and some pride to boot. school (unless it's a trade school) will only set you up for a lifetime of debt. but a trade school can get you straight into a journymanship if it's done right.

Hard to find EE internship

Oh trust me, wageslave bird brainlets know this, thats why they pick on NEETs. It’s a giant cope. These people are bullied by actual free men who make money intelligently, so they feel the need to bully someone else.

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Can confirm.

80–90% of wageslaves spend their time complaining about their work and counting down till Friday every week, also people in their late 50s start mentioning how many years they have left till "freedom" every so often.

t. wageslave

I refuse to feed this corporate cancer.

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im a heroin addict

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Hur durr capitalism cannot fail because it is the literal will of the people in setting prices.
Every failed economy is a result of too much government involvement not too little.

Because existing 1mm above the poverty line is completely risk free? I am 2 years off being able to make a residual 120k per year without working if I choose. Happy with my 250k dividends per year right now.

I never went to college, sucked in.
College is about determining your minimum market value, not maximum

It's hard not to have contempt for them right

Agreed, a board dedicated to the decline of the western man populated by losers who are the reason for the failure.

Sometimes i think of getting myself fired so i can be a welfare leech and damage the system faster so it collapses, if only that was why everyone was on the dole, instead of just being a lazy cunt.

I'm a househusband. Pretty comfy but no money, i give you that.

>unable to keep all your money
>the money that is stolen from you is going to free loaders and trash members of society

Let me know when America goes back to having no income tax and I'm allowed to keep ALL MY MONEY.

Some people want more time on their hands to consume and distribute redpills, and being a professional historian isn't much of an option in the current (((environment))).

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Exactly, I wageslave too, for decent money, but I can’t imagine the mentally ill mindset I’d have to be in to be proud of it and force my reluctanct lifestyle on others. Simply saving up to start a business.

I get off my shift in a little while. My job is so boring. I just sit in a room and monitor lab equipment for a pharm company. I would find a better job but it is $28/hour and requires no degree so I doubt I can do better.

No, they don't like people treating a safety net like a trampoline on their coin. It's why the NEET movement is good in that you will never pass on your lazy shitty genetics and if you do your children will be a pathetic underclass addicted to anime and meth amphetamines

I'm going to retire at 47 on 200k per year, because I worked.
I own everything I could possibly want and my family is respected in the community as is my wife who is a stay at home mother who assists with my business.

You have never travelled, the worst example of middle class America is a better living standard than 75% of the world

I'm in college nigger.

Gonna peddle pills at some Kroger, have 4 years of pharmacy school left.

Give me a job and i'll work. I applied everywhere no calls. I even applied for basic office assistant jobs and they don't want me.

Fuck your taxes, fuck your society that loves blacks and fuck your wagecuck lifestyle.

I have 300k from crypto, I don't need to work.

lmao hope your mom doesn't die soon bruh

No slav in 2018 actually believes in socialism anymore, that shit is exclusive to self-hating white suburban kids.
>left stealing meme from right and changing the words slightly even though it makes no sense in the "new" """context""" and just further makes themselves look niggerbrained
Every. Fucking. Time.

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Pathetic, even at a generous 4% return that's only 12k per year.
For a decent residual income of 100k you need at least 2.5 million in generating assets

I got laid off. taking a test for an apprenticeship in january. I hope i get the position.

alcohol and bipolar
I can get jobs but they only last like 2months.i only had one long term job and it was because i lived with the guy i worked for(my gfs dad) so tehy woke me up in the morning. otherwise ill always start missing days

Bout to be outta business.

>We're all useless, unskilled sacks of crap
- Jow Forums

Imagine loosing a war to birds and then stating you're top of the food chain.
Also i'm living off of my inheritance not government handouts.

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