I'm tired of rehab shit but when i'm home i just sit on youtube and shitpost

i'm tired of rehab shit but when i'm home i just sit on youtube and shitpost

there's so much drama in here, there was a guy who only lasted for 3 days before being sent to a psych ward and he'd carry a teddy bear everywhere and try to get people to talk to it

and everyone's been to jail or something

and there's a tonne of ex drug dealers and bikers and aboriginals

and there's literally nothing to do for hours every day so you read books but you only go to the library every 2 weeks

and you're not allowed laptops or phones

nobody bothers me specifically and the other 2 homos are really nice to me

what the fuck am i even doing anymore

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>what the fuck am i even doing anymore
trying to get your life back on track because drinking yourself to death is hella stupid

just walk away lol

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They... they know you can't rehabilitate people out of being one of those, right?

the genuinely crazy guy scared the shit out of me he kept trying to get into other people's rooms and talking to himself

Mhm so you are there because of the big sip?
can you leave?

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>can you leave?
yes but its probably too early they have guaranteed employment at the end of it

wait so they will recommend you somewhere after the program ?
how much longer ?

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anywhere from 5 weeks to 3 more months

have you made any progress ?
it sounds terrible there I hope you don’t have to be there much longer

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5 weeks won't kill you, just stick around, its not like you're coming back home to something other than shitposting.

>have you made any progress ?
i think so

>it sounds terrible
it really has its ups and downs i guess but the people in there are genuinely really friendly considering the circumstances

ok maybe just do it until you don’t want any more sips
otherwise all the time is just wasted
aren’t the people scary ?

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on the up side i'm skinny again it was all literally fluid build up or something

>aren’t the people scary ?
not really there's a sort of mutual respect and nobody's really forced to be there. it really is just that one guy that freaked me out because he kept talking about this 'johny' guy he kept seeing and his horrible 'dark side' and all this other serial killer tier stuff

>guaranteed employment
Can I go on rehab if I don't have a drug problem

I understand him, that little fucker keeps eating sugar and lying about it. fuck I should've aborted him.

ok that makes sense. I thought people like that johnny guy would be kept away from the normal rehabos ?
how does the guaranteed employment work btw

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the employment services actually prioritize you or something

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epik I’ve never heard of that before

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sad that nice aussies must suffer while mean aussies get to shitpost on a whim

wait, y-you arent one of those mean aussies, are you?

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he's very mean

Hey user I feel you I've been in a psych ward for a few days since I was questioned after I injured myself by accident with a kitchen knife (really badly)

it's kind of weird to speak of a psych ward or rehabilitation center or anything like that. But especially if it's a good intended place it's a reminder of how terrible people can truly end up so I guess I am sort of grateful for my mental state as of now. During my short stay there I witnessed a few people schizophrenic's, people with manic depression, dementia. And it ranged from people being at the age of 16 all the way up to 80. the real depriving part was that a lot of the therapists that would come in to talk to these people only would come in on a day-to-day basis so you never seem the same person day in and day out.

But since you came voluntary to the rehabilitation center and lot of the staff seem to be quite well meaning just remind yourself that there is an end to it eventually and once it's reached no matter how much suffering it takes to get to that end it's going to feel much better compared to suppressing and occupying your mind with something else while you truly know that you're not going to live a life that you can control if you let addiction take your lead.

The most important thing ( take it with a grain of salt ) the most important thing was to be honest to people and most importantly honest to myself.

I've been addicted to several things but it never has been anything due to substance. I would certainly say the difference in the magnitude of how hard it is to quit a substance compared to a habit could be quite different.

Pt 2

I remember about a year ago I would be sitting in my university dorm skipping class ruining my sleep schedule I'm playing games on my computer for 10 or 12 hours a day without seeing friends.
I've been gaming for 15 years (since I was 4) and I only used it as a distraction whenever my parents would have any argument. It's just easier to mind my own business and play video games for the whole day either by myself or with my brother and not worry about what would happen in reality.

Thankfully it ended and now I'm actually doing more meaningful things my teaching myself computer science working full-time to save my money and move out of the small city that I live in.

Hopefully this at least helped you or for any matter informed you on how other people fare. Would love to hear from you sometime later on bant. Thanks for reading all the way up to here faggot.

-Sincerely user