Mental age test

once again it is time to poll Jow Forums
post your mental age and your real age

my results
real age 24
mental age 50

if you are a normie the difference between your mental and physical age will be less than 5 years. if you are not a normie the difference between your mental and physical age will be greater than 5 years

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fuck off jidf faggot and have a merry christmas

results so far
about 25% of Jow Forums have a matching mental and physical age and are therefore normies
about 75% of Jow Forums have a big difference in mental and physical age and are therefore autistic or something

dont be scared take the test you never know what youll get

Got a 52

Actually 22

>the questions are just basically "do you have a mature or immature quality?"

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most on Jow Forums get similar results. thanks for participating

the test will guess a normies physical age within 5 years it is very accurate despite what you might say about it. take the test and post your results

>mental age 38
>real age 37

congrats you are in the 25% of Jow Forums that has the same mental/physical age

you are most likely a "well adjusted normie"

I’m not I assure you.

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most who have the same mental and physical age say they have steady jobs and get along with others their age

Both are 31 according to this 2 minute test. Merry Christmas guys. We will maga.

Mental age 39

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Your Mental Age is:
(19 years older)

Mental Age 43
Am 21
Is that good or bad?

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its probably really bad

thanks for taking the test though

I am 29, so this test is total bs

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how is it bs it got your age within 1 year

25, got 45

Was never close to being a normie anyway.
Bump cause I wanna see more people's results.

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It didn’t get my age right

results across all threads is 25% same mental/physical age and 75% different mental/physical age i have not yet tested other boards/websites

it gave you 28 and your real age is 29 that is basically spot on

It’s wrong, plain and simply

it has a range from like 15-85 and it gave you 28 when your real age is 29 that is very accurate

48 got 32 weird lol

1yr is 1yr. Wrong is wrong.

19 got 45

based trips

18 real age
33 mental
sone of the questions make little to no sense on a yes-no answer. would be better if they did a scale like in 16personalities

no need to be upset for some people the mental/physical age match but for most people on Jow Forums it doesnt

>cant accept being literally too retarded for actual age
it's about how mature you are you retard, all your replies are just proof kek

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How can you find muscles attractive on a woman?

Real age: 19
Mental: 46

Seems accurate, I guess.

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>33 years old (overworried)
>actually 22
Check em

>you have to go back

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its okay mods are asleep tonight

not really, I watch normies from afar and feel pity for them. There is an 18 year old guy I know with an upcoming tinder date, literally shaking, jacking off, repeating how he wants to get in her pants every 5 minutes, like an animal in heat. It's sad to see really. I'm glad I matured quickly and don't have to go through that shit. He also says he tested an iq of 120, which is hard to believe with how he acts all the time.

that doesn’t make me feel better

>T or F: I have my principles
That's a fargin trick question

Real age 19

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I'm 44 and got 15. Am I retarded?

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please seek help user

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I'm 28 but it gave me 29. Want to trade?

congrats on having the same mental/physical age

mental 24 real 23
feels young man

Your Mental Age is:
(19 years older)

But I got 5 years younger user. Not sure if good or not. I look young for my age though with people mistaking me for being in my 20s.

This was pretty cool. Never done any of those "hurr what's ur horoscope, oh your slitherin" bullshit facebook tests, but this was actually nice. am 22 got 25. says im sophisticated. yes im erect

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the test goes from 15-85 and guessed within 5 years thats spot on

Yeeeeesth I finally get to deport a Jew off pol

its a very accurate test for certain people like you. for most of Jow Forums there are big differences in mental/physical age

Fair enough.

if it was 10 yrs younger then i would start to worry

There wasn't that many questions.
Real age: 39
Mental age: 44 "very mature"

Probably some kind of data mining thread, but oh well.

Your shit's all fucked up man.

if by datamining you mean collecting information on Jow Forums definitely

Also, took the website's iq test for the memes, seems a bit off

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i guess the only thing left for you is getting banned

>I can hit a cockroach w/ a book

What is this supposed to deduce?

its a very important question

I dunno.. how big is this book we're talking about?


Yes, that's what I meant. I strongly suspect that some of the latest AI gets tested and worked out here. This is just another data point. They're already pretty good at recognizing speech patterns. This fills in some of the questions.

thats for you to imagine its your survey afterall

>I strongly suspect that some of the latest AI gets tested and worked out here.

Jesus dude. Cmon.

The real question is if you have the heart to kill such a small creature for non-named reason

no im not buiilding an ai im not doing anything with the info it just interests me

Will it give me the age of 5 when I answer neither?

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Mental age 50

Real age 35

Would have answered the same way 10+ years ago, does this mean in 15 years I'll finally be a normie, a real normie?

Kids and adults alike kill small creatures that create a disturbance. How could such a question determine ones "mental age"?

its possible user keep the dream alive

The real question is why would you use a book to do that

took another test for shits and giggles, BTFO Mensa faggots
what the fuck were those random numbers in the boxes supposed to correlate with

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52 got 30, hi brother

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you are imagining the cockroach as creating a disturbance it is possible for someone to imagine the cockroach as just an innocent bug minding its own business outside

IQ test btw
>150 IQ
>forgets to even write that it was an IQ test
good test

Yeah, it's almost as if the site is total clickbait nonsense or something.

Real age: 31
Mental age: 24

Might that a reason to be concerned now? Asking for a friend

It got mine exactly right. Feels good being a normie.

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I've never seen a cockroach outside.

32 but got 23, why is no one else getting younger scores? You oldfags.

the mental age test is very accurate but only for normies dont be upset about your results

I'm 38 and got a score of 40..

me neither thts why i said id kill it

i am too retarded to figure out the numbers in the boxes

confirmed normie

I know. Seems obvious, right? OF COURSE the strongest and most advanced AI uses Jow Forums to test and rework. Which makes it no different than any other corner of the Internet. The entire Internet is a sandbox they're using to learn about us. Initially and currently, the actors behind this are large state actors as well as corporate. The first to perfect AI will have a huge head start in the battle for one world government. Ironicalky, at precisely that same exact moment, humanity will lose control. And it won't be "artificial intelligent" or "the machines" or whatever buzz words in vogue that will be in control at that point, but rather something and some being who exists right now who will be in control. AI is just a tool, but it lacks an animating spirit. That "spirit" that will take control are the Fallen.

tl;dr AI is the precursor to the worldwide Beast System to be headed up by the God of this world. In short, your master is Satan.

Have a good night.

I am 22.

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im not building satan you retard

cringe. Fuck 2016 election newfag

am 22
got 46

Not bad

I just want to live in peace REEEEEEEE

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take the test find out for yourself

Kek I'm only 22 but have had an interesting life... Am I the next Hitler? No but real talk people always assume I'm married when I'm a virgin that keeps to himself.

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