Meanwhile, at the Jow Forums mansion

Meanwhile, at the Jow Forums mansion...

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Can we has STD-Free Hookers this time OP?

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If you're the dog who shit on our tree, your're in big trouble my fren

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You Cunt of a dog!

(the irony is that I plenty of heavy lifting to get it put together, then I change identity and decide to shit all over it)

Imagine the smell. Did the furryleaf let all these fucking dogs in here? Now the pool is filthy!

Are you claiming to be the legend we all know and love as "BunStead"?

Nah, that's why I said 'plenty'. He added a load of stuff too.

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You inferior little fuck

You don't even have the original thread. Why should I care how wrong you are?

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Dog id get

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Fuck knows, but apparently you do. haha

Why do you post as "user", instead of getting a fucking NameFag for yourself and become a man!

The correct answer of course, is autism.
Happy? There's a fucking name.

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Can I pwease sleep?

You're not autistic. You are just some cunt of a kid with ADHD.

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Did you shit on Bants Tree too?

can you please stop sniffing me.


*SNIFFFFF* nope *§§§§§nnnnnnniiiiiifffffff*

That's fine too.


i'm being harassed...??

You wish

nigga. i'm not smoking you.

So apparently I shouldn't strap explosives onto everyone and force them to fight each other.

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>adopt undertale faggotry
>try to turn everything into undertale
>claim victimisation when told to fuck off
It's the bronies all over again.

No, I'm smoking you!

What cunt said no to that?

This one

i'm not a brony, because i dont' watch mlp
and idgaf

Ahh. Don't worry Dok. He's just a cunt of a kid with ADHD. Certainly not on the autistic scale of genius.

Hey, you can't just blame me for stuff because I'm a cunt.
That isn't the same as being black.

This is Bant kid. We do what the fuck we like

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Alrighty. I'll get back to shitting on everything then.

this is fun

We do what the fuck WE like.

You don't OverStand the WE! That's why you are being oppressed. Be us or be against us lol

It really has that family Christmas vibe.

Bant has been called worse.

Touching don't you think haha

Like this?


No, you don't need to take on the PinkyBong name. Just create your own name, stick with it, and PinkyBong will accept you anyway!

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As long as you aint shitting on your own door step. You feel me? haha

oh no it's shitting again

I think we have an understanding, I hope lol

For real though, the bant mansion would smell awful.
>all the dogs shitting everywhere
>the leaf fucking animals indiscriminately
>so many kots
>hong kong's sweaty crotch
>americans being shot

Hi Dog

Will that do? It doesn't exclusively need to be used for shitting then.

bad dog

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Huge signs of autism too!

Talk it through with this nerd.

Science requires evidence Dog. You talk the talk, science will evaluate if you can walk the walk. You are only on the research spectrum, so take your ADHD head out of your arse.

dog is just a genderbent version of kot

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Dog could become a rememberable "NameFag"!

Have faith instead.

Ditch all religion at once, or you will NOT become a namefag!

Oh no?
What's dog backwards?

The reverse cowboy of course!

Religion is for fucktards! LOL

Sure is.

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Merry Meet Dog. Keep the Name!

But you can get fucked... haha

For now.

no duc

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holy shit i love dogs

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Or feel free to become a PinkyBong hahaha

I think the tide of those has died down again, I don't see so many lately.

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Guam is bringing good dogs.