Whats stopping you from moving fully to Linux, Screenfetch edition

My Chinese Pen Display tablet doesnt have any Linux drivers so I gotta jump to windows whenever I need to draw on Clip Studio Paint. I have a dedicated Steambox running on windows attached to my TV so I careless about games on my main PC

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Pen Display is a Parblo Coast 13

Linux is pozzed:
Install OpenBSD or 9front

If I had to be truthful, there isn't much but honestly I just like WIndows
The idea of also having to assemble something that otherwise is standard on what I had before I just have no real patience for
Yes, yes windows is spying, and MS is doing this but as long as you know the rules. you can break them

w2c wallpape?

here you go senpai

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>Whats stopping you from moving fully to Linux
I did fully move to Linux. Then I got tired of working around it and installed MacOS.

I'm with this guy >systemd is a giant mess
>pulseaudio sucks (oss doesn't work well without tinkering)
>xorg is a shitshow and wayland lacks features
>no good file managers
>no good webkit based browsers
>no good desktops in general
>no consistency in themes
>gtk and qt are a nightmare to develop with

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Nice set up, I was able to install OSX on my system, ran well.

I like video games

I also got an AMD machine as you can see, somethings didnt work out as well but system ran 99.9% im hoping once Catalina is out a lot of the shit gets fixed, AMD-OSX are working hard and those guys are amazing

I moved years ago

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Committed on my ThinkPad full to KDE Neon a while ago. After ricing it to my liking and fondling with wine to get Fusion360 working I don't really need to get back on windows anymore. The few lightweight games I play on this machine run well via steam for linux.
Next step is trying out passthrough on my gaming rig - if all goes well I'll commit to gnu/linux as well

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My server is linux. My laptop is macOS and as long as I have access to bash, I don't care enough to change the OS.

I also prefer the way that macOS does window switching, as well as cmd being the the default meta key.

buy wacom

Cintiq too expensice, but once i save enought Ill be buying the 13 inch cintiq in a near future

>Whats stopping you from moving fully to Linux
Font rendering is fucking horrible
Top games don't work on Linux
No 4k Netflix like Windows store app.

Its propertiary (GNU) license.

my hackintosh

We moved from Windows and proprietary Unix to Linux to escape what Linux has become.

We should move on again.

Games, Adobe software, me liking Windows.
I use Linux for my laptop and server, though.

Don't use pulseaudio, systemd, or Wayland then you cretin

This()I just feel I can’t balence out using Linux and playing video games.But still might just try it for a month straight just to see how it feels.

Grow up or use wine you insufferable kike

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>video games
>GPU was sitting at 82C on idle, fans not enabled
>tried to get working but couldn't
>mouse acceleration on by default

Proton is coming a long nicely too, so theres really no excuse

How about don’t use Linux at all?

How about using alsa, openrc, and X.org you troglodyte nigger

Because I’d rather move on you cunt, Linux is finished. Linux is a product, OpenBSD is a community. Also Linux is reactive security-wise, OpenBSD is proactive. In this age reactive security is worthless.

The Linux monoculture is an evolutionary dead end, populated by corporate trannies, faggots, and kikes.

based. I love shit flinging for the sake of shit flinging but you do make a good point.

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Is that a Mac icon?

Any time tomodachi.

>working around it
mac + terminal = shit, good luck getting your programs to interact with one another via cli

>font rending horrible
>uses windows
what m8?

Does any CAD package work on Linux in 2019? Ive never gotten AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor or Bentley installed on Linux back in 2005. no Blender is not CAD.

AutoCAD works perfectly in WINE as does Solidworks.

Linux for the Sega Dreamcast is still on kernel 2.6, which can't run all of my Windows CE software (particularly Quicken).

>no good file managers
>using Finder

wtf, you don't even have XtraFinder installed.

Thanks for naming your host hackintosh. Its not like everyone else does that. Very creative. I name my linux box linux. Just in case people cant tell.

>linux cant run my embedded windows programs

Imaging being this retarded.

We've been telling you for 30 years, freetard.

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>No Photoshop
>No FL Studio

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>i downloaded these programs from torrents a few months back
>they start
This is why Linux support is so awful. They really believe this shit cuts it in the real world.

Nothing, I already use GNU/Linux as my only operating system.
Don't lump Wayland together with systemd.

Have you checked out digimend?

No Wifi
Fuck you broadcom

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Microsoft Office OneNote
Microsoft Windows Explorer file manager and file picker

Replace the fuck-worthy Broadcom?
I mean, seriously. This is coming from a Windows die-hard.

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Adobe Photoshop, flash pro. I know Photoshop might work on Linux but I dunno about flash pro.

>Whats stopping you from moving fully to Linux
Windows, I know how it works and the programs I like are Windows exclusive or work better in Windows.

>Don't lump Wayland together with systemd.
Both are Red Hat cancer being forced on the community by a concentrated and obvious shill effort. The only distinction is that nobody has killed a distro maintainer pro Wayland yet.

Wayland is not Red Hat cancer, it's a sane display protocol made by X developers fed up with how bad X is.

Linux is full of harmfull shit like garbage documentation, GNOME, systemd, and pulsememe. OpenBSD is much better.

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Visual Studio
Winblows only Games

Honestly, the only thing that stops me from moving to Linux completely is the way how Linux threats my TV that i'm using to watch chinese porn cartoons with Kodi. For some reason every time i turn it on, every fucking linux distro i tried threats it as it was connected which resets display configuration fully. In windows it just werks. I turn it on and it simply being turn on.

It’s not a protocol, it’s a code base.

but i'm already on linux fully

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>loses power
>all data is gone

Nothing, sitting comfortably on arch right now, used deb for a year prior.
Comfy shit, nice for building C++ based stuff.

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League of legends only runs on windows as far as I know.

I am yet not able to fully rice it for my taste and make everything functional on my thinkpad at the same time. I already learned how to disable and enable things via command line, connect to wifi from terminal. I can even use it without xorg. But I don't know how to fix special keys on my thinkpad, set suspend hibernate on lid close and such. I could install KDE and everything would work out of box but that is huge bloat

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Try looking into something like a server/net install for ubuntu/debian. Alternatively, you can go with something minimal like arch, but that would require knowing how to partition drives via CLI.

thanks negro

i use debian netinstall and know how to use fdisk
non of that would fix my problems though

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>Whats stopping you from moving fully to Linux

I keep a W10 partition in case I feel like playing video games (which I rarely do) and for Adobe XD, but I've been considering using a VM for that.

Also how do I make Ubuntu not look like shit?

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No, it's not. Wayland ie a protocol, weston is a proof-of-concept implementation.

eGPU support is literal cancer to set up with an Nvidia GPU on any distro worth using.

I know I will need to run some shitty proprietary Windows-only software for school/work/something else eventually and I don't trust Wine to be compatible with it

>Also how do I make Ubuntu not look like shit?
use a different desktop environment, gnome sucks
I used XFCE with the Chicago95 theme for a while


Can I just slap it on top?

GNU/Linux is dogshit for desktop usage.

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you should be able to, iirc it will show up as an option when you log in if you have multiple different DEs.

Why don't you just write drivers for it?

>that tablet doesn't support linux
>that painting software doesn't exist on linux
>is a gaymer
Why would you even bother with linux?

I did, two days ago. It's alright, everything works the way I want it.

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nah it runs on linux
folks at lutris figured out how to do it

Neat, thanks. It won't fuck up my Gnome config right? Since it looks less shitty than default.

I was with you until
>qt is a nightmare to develop with

It shouldn't, XFCE would use it's own config

If you have AMD just get a tiny extra videocard, run either a hypervisor or linux+qemu and passthrough your actual video card to the macos virtual machine

running macos in a vm is problem free

crux vs gentoo and why

thank you user

> Green terminal color, kek

White is boring

Why would I want to use a laggy tranny coc'd kernel?

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okay, but green terminal is a meme at this point, every hacker-wannabe kid uses it (and i don't mean u here), that's becouse normies percieve green termianls as it's for smar hacker computer-people
it's a myth created by hollywood
It's cringe for me

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I don't enjoy using Linux

Fair enough, I just find it easier on the eyes to read green on black

actually the only reason why I didn't made it to the full switch is that I only installed manjaro on my slow HDD and right now I'm to lazy to make a new partition on one of my SSDs. I'm a failure

What's stopping me?

Probably the fact that Linux is a hacked together mess that has destroyed UNIX, the mobile market and created so much developer duplication and re-invention of the wheel that nothing that needs doing gets done.

All the DE's suck ass in different ways (not that I use them anyway) and every userland program has fruity commands or behaviours you don't find outside the GNU/Linux psuedo UNIX delusion.

Ubuntu? You fucking nigger.

Install a white man OS like OpenBSD and stop spreading this faggotry.

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>Ubuntu? You fucking nigger.
Should be the slogan

finder is goat

everything supports windows and/or I'm a brainlet

Given this badboy a new life. I get 15 hours out of a battery, up 6 hours from windows. Much snappier also.

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You are too stupid to install Arch GNU.

Probably. But installing most linux distros on ideapad 100s' is a massive pain in the cock thanks to the fucked cpu and bios. Why not go for something that just werks? Besides Manjaro i3 is thin enough for me.

Can I has wallpaper?

Finder is good enough.

It's easily identifiable, which is the point of a host name. Stay mad I guess.

[spoiler]My own idiocy and inability to learn[/spoiler]