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i think no one posted this sexy little beast here on the last thread

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Split Germany in half and bring Robotron and its designs back!

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I think the nerd term is "Cassette Futurism"

Aiwas was no slouch either

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Compiling and installing Gentoo on one of these bad boys rn

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does it take too long I am considering the same for an Itanium machine of around the same age

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>East Germoney made computer
>English qwerty layout

Was zum Geier

Not really so far. At least a few hours for the kernel. But once you’ve booted and you’re happy with the config you chose when building it, you won’t have to do it again unless you update your kernel. And of course you’ll have to make sure Gentoo would run on Itanium, I just haven’t bothered with those, there’s about 4 of them in my possession.

This thing REQUIRES 230v though and runs about 800w+, so this is purely for fun purposes only.

it should, in fact that's the main reason I'm considering it since every other newer IA64 Linux/BSD shit itself on that system probably since it wasn't an Integrity

I found this in some old factory.

Made in Austria. Can't find how old it is. But I am guessing 90s +

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The K in the spelling adds aesthetic.

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can you imagine trying to accomplish any work on such a shitty little keyboard?

I used these things about 10 years ago, we still have them in storage.

Just like any smart phone, really, just better.

The Philips Videopacs are Magnavox Odyssey 2 based videogame consoles, they aren't really designed to do any work.

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