Future of tech

Where will technology go? What is it’s stopping point?

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one thing i've been thinking about lately is a program by which people can turn their cars in to be refitted with electric engines.

the linux kernel will run on nonfree javascript

You do realize he was a massive hypocrite and a deeply broken person, right? He could've just joined the Amish instead of sending bombs to "random" people he never met.

full-on corporate thought police and mind control via two-way wireles neural link

>beep boop, everyone stupid, everyone sheep, everyone consumerist, everyone but me
>stopping being a consumerist? this.state = anger(target: "vegans"); print(getVeganJoke(rng));

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He also got dosed with psychedelic drugs by cia without his knowledge/permission...

I'm not even American but this is false, he just did some shitty psychological experiment where he was yelled at.

What? This has nothing to do with you, you absolute fag. No one gives a fuck about you being a vegan, OK? No one said anything about vegans but you just had to somehow make this about you.

I'm just making fun of the based and redpilled individuals who see themselves above the NPC masses, but then do exactly the same thing as said masses, except with more pretentiousness.
Anyone who unironically sees Kaczynski as anyone but a loon is a moron.

ok i'll conform to what you want me to think :-)

The Italian copycat guy never got caught :


>wow you breath air just like the rest of us you fucking npc who do you think you are?
That's how you sound.

>The Italian copycat guy never got caught :

That's because he's just a schizo,
He didn't write a manifesto and no snitch brother sold him out

Kys far left faggot, he was spot on

Mentally ill drone

>I'm not a consumerist NPC sheep! I only breathe air like them!
>*buys new gadgets*
>*eats meat*
>*takes loans*
>*alt-tweets his personal data on gabbook*
>*works full time to afford the above*
>*complains about those who don't*
>*does not live frugally or resemble an ascetic in any way*
>everyone is an NPC, everyone but me

I hope it's hyper reality.

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Projecting much? Besides, what's wrong with eating meat? It's healthy and tastes good.

>Kys far left faggot, he was spot on
A telling reply. I never even intended to mention his political opinions, nor do I really care about that or politics in general, but it seems as though you've watched too many "TOP 10 FEMINIST REKT AND IMPREGNATED BY BEN SHAPIRO'S LOGIC AND FACTS COMPILATION" videos.

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Cos it was the engineer and he had it planned all along

What snitch? Get the fuck out with this ghetto drug dealer bullshit reasoning. He just wanted it all to end. Why else would've he released a manifesto and contacted the authorities? Someone was bound to recognize his writing at that point and he knew it. He also had blood on his hands and never showed any remorse. What was his brother or anyone who might have found out supposed to do?

Same person

God I'd kill your little bitch ass if I were given the chance


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Yeah, yeah...

>He also had blood on his hands and never showed any remorse.
That means he didn't want it to end, if anything


Technology has already peaked.
Future generations are getting dumber and dumber, unable to understand current technology let alone advance it.

Seething boomer

Not even >>>/reddit/ takes anything you vegans say seriously

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Computer illiterate Millennial.

>That means he didn't want it to end
Then why did he contact the authorities and demanded they publish his manifesto? Someone was bound to identify his writing at some point and that's what happened. They had nothing on him for 20 years before that.

>Where will technology go? What is it’s stopping point?
Nuclear Winter.