Steps on your reset button

>steps on your reset button

heh, nothing personnel, kid

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I have a Fractal R4 and have had the same issue. Fucking cats.

>Gets thrown out of the window
Hey, nothing personnel, lot.

>having a cat
Fuck off basedboy

Are you a faggot of some sort?

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Can confirm, cats are fucking assholes

Cute, fluffy assholes.

enjoy your toxoplasmosis

So you kill many farm animals just to feed your attention slave? Are you retarded?

>epic games launcher
That's a big yikes

What's his name? I'd guess you called him Adolf.

that is a nice кoт


Is that Hitler?

no, they're disgusting

>implying a cat paw can fit into the reset button in the r series

>Cat stretches
>Claws extend
>Claw pushes on the reset button

>Jumps on your laptop


Peak technology discussion

Post more of this catto!

hey i have that same case

>onions RGB minimal no numpad keyboard on a big desk
Back to /v/ with you

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>chews through your cables
just lost my microphone this morning

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I put a folded envelope on top of my power button.

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>using the numpad

My cat found out how to turn on my older chassis, so he used to do it in the middle of the night so I would wake up and give him food

Fucking define r5

>..., ironically asked the cat owner

t. XxXf0r7n!73.pr0.420.69.xXx

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*steps into your blood-brain barrier*
pshhh, heh

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>t.oxo carrier

You know, the can be trained to not do things fairly easily. It just takes consistency and not being a complete beta.


And dogs rubbing their dicks on you isnt gay?

I can love my cat and oppress womyn and soibois at the same time

I made a little hinged switch cover with cardboard and tape.

My cat doesn't go outside, so this isn't an issue. They get it from gnawing on dirty wild animals.

ur cat looks in pain or annoyed AF... either take em to the vet or leave em dafuq alone anunimus


Unless you eat their shit or pass it over some wound you can't get toxoplasmosis.

my cat is getting old and keeps just taking shits wherever he feels like it. Feels bad man I don't think eh'll last too many more years

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>top mounted power button

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She's fine. She always insists on sitting on my desk when I'm there.
>Hurr durrr le cat owners are homosekshuels
FWIW, she's my ex gf's cat. she wanted to have a cat and when we seperated she said she didnt wanna keep it "to be free". Truth is she's Italian and Italians are irresponsible assholes, especially when it comes to pets.
hehe le toxo memay xD
I have a model m at work. Fuck you, faggot.
Thare you go. Pic related.
Thanks. She's super nice, cuddly and friendly.
Beats paying 30% dividend to GabeN to sit on his ass doing nothing aside from getting even fatter.
haha xD

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No, she's not Hitler.

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God I wish that were me

>I have a model m at work. Fuck you, faggot.
So I assume you're a professional Fortnite player?

looks tired to me

are you an retard?

>that font

She is absolutely beautiful user.
This is now a cat thread.

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cats are technology. post your cats.

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Just this one, I love him so much.

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>le reply to everyone attention whore
I've got a very special website in mind for you, pal. I think you should make it your new home.

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what a handsome mtrfkr! would feed tuna and pet
Go fuck yourself you fucking retarded underage faggot. I've been banging chicks and browsing 4channel since before you were born.


fuck off kid, cats are cool

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I can't think of any job where you wouldn't want a numpad.
Actually, please give me one (1) reason NOT to have a numpad. You guys are literally the iCucks of keyboards.

Cheap cat food it is then


Literally hitler

that is unironically one of the benefits of Jow Forums over reddit; you can reply to multiple peole in a single post

Same issue with Fractal R5 and my cat. Have to put my keyboard on top of the power button to stop her.

I don't mind responding to multiple people, however I have a problem with faggots thinking they need to respond to every little thing and making a post as long as an African schlong