I'm taking the bait. I got a thinkpad T420. What is the safest distro out there...

I'm taking the bait. I got a thinkpad T420. What is the safest distro out there? I bought this computer to code and store my crypto, so I want the safest/most privacy oriented distro. Customizability would be a plus, as I think most look like shit out of the "box", but this is just an afterthought. I know you guys get this a lot, but still.

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Also, I didn't post in the thinkpad general because I only want distro recommendations.


OpenBSD's cool
Some drawbacks vs GNU/Linux but still a good OS

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Tbh the whole point of tpg is obscure questions like this that are answered in a few posts in a thread


Thanks for the recommendations, I'll look them all up. But also, how secure are they? What makes one more secure than the other?

Hm, I see. Will just post there in the future.


It isn't really bait.
I mean, that shit is like 7 generations old, you are basically buying garbage.

openbsd is probably best for privacy if you can take the drawbacks
an up-to-date, well-tested distro that backports security patches is the next best thing
are good places to look for more info on the backporting policies of RHEL, debian, centos, fedor
honestly this really has fuckall to do with thinkpads unless anyone has HW specific info

The point of the ThinkPad "general" thread is so that one faggot can force his retarded fucking opinions onto page 1 while pretending to be a moderator.

Back before this general hysteria bullshit we had actual real relevant threads.

Fuck. Well, I do have some spare money right now, so which do you recommend? Preferably with no Intel spyware as I mentioned I'll use it to store some crypto

OpenBSD is the right choice, OP.
Go for it!

Damn, thank you very much.

Seems like everyone is talking about it, I really may

I'd recommend you not being a fucking moron and to stop thinking that Intel hardware has built in spyware.... lmfao.

You gonna use it for some crypto? As in crypto coins? Oh shit son you must be loaded, is that why you are buying a fucking T420?

I unironically think something is seriously wrong with you, have you ever worn animal ears or costumes? Maybe stuck a bunch of stuff in your ass for no reason?

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Jesus Christ, calm down hahahahaha

>intel will steal your coins

heres another good resource for distros:
this can give you a rough idea of the quality of different repos, though none of those metrics really indicates the quality of their LTS releases or their speed in backporting
you're going to end up with debian, ubuntu, RHEL/fedora/centos, or opensuse 99% of the time though
look dumbass it's common knowledge IME is borked i swear to god every post you make is worse than the last
that being said, IME backdoors are not likely accessible to random hackers who will steal your crypto, so it's more of a privacy issue than a security issue

That's not the point, I'm just paranoid.

Again, thank you for all this info, I'll need it. As for the backdoor, yeah, maybe I am being too paranoid, I guess I'll just grab a better thinkpad with an I7 or something.

RHEL or Fedora

I can smell this distro.
Anyway, I'll do some research on it too, then.

>Back before this general hysteria bullshit we had actual real relevant threads.

unlike this one

My T420 is still fine for daily use

I mean, they have I5s and I7s, I din't see how they would be back for some coding and daily usage.

If you're only going to use it for storing cryptocurrency and programming, consider not connecting to the internet. You could run Windows 95 and it wouldn't be a problem.

Just dont be a niggy noggy and you'll be fine.

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I see, any ways to totally incapacitate internet connection on a T420? Even if it means drilling the fucking motherboard (kek, I know).

I want to make sure this shit CAN'T connect.

T420 is perfectly capable for basic usage. Web Browsing, text editing, etc. What else do you really want to do on a laptop? If I need powerful hardware I use my desktop.

user, a newer thinkpad is actually worse for IME issues. it's a "feature" that they are improving continually
look for a device with good github.com/corna/me_cleaner compatibility for a best effort solution
if it's like the t430 which i own you can just tear out/bend pins in 8p8c [ethernet] jack, and remove antennae by opening bezel and unplugging them :)

I'll just stick with this one, then, seems easy enough to bend those pins, thanks!

I have a T500 and it shitposts like a well lubed nigger dick going into your "(((girl))friend"

Go with Ubuntu. Least autistic distro out.