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>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows / office

>LTSC 2019 ISO optimization & debloating

>recommended windows software (infograph)

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[Switching back to windows and] I've been using total commander recently, but I don't like the keybindings. Is there anything vim based or similar to ranger?

Vifm doesn't do it for me.

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How the fuck can I trust any of these Windows torrents or downloads floating around Jow Forums to not fuck my system?

verify hashes to known hash collections like ones on various subdomains of rg-adguard.net
tools provided are either digitally signed by microsoft or others, or opensource

I get a file size mismatch trying to use the sfv extractor in the OP using the iso and sfv from that cloud.mail.ru link in the OP

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What do you use to get good font rendering on low DPI screens? Cab I trust github.com/snowie2000/mactype?

Well it's probably not a virus if that's what you're worried about. Just install it and see if it fits your needs

How to disable popup menu when trying to change language with Alt+Shift?


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what kind of size mismatch? are you referring to mismatch between the upper and lower ones? thats normal, that's the whole point

I mean an error popup when I click "Extract"

that's interesting, ensure you have the correct source iso? maybe corrupt download or something?

Why are you extracting sfv in first place? Just burn the iso to DVD or copy it over to USB using Rufus

Sometimes when i boot up my computer it starts windows and it is in 1280 x 720

and stays like that until i open display settings

Well the hashes are fine. So I dunno.
Well from what I can gather from the folder/file names the svf turns a consumer Windows iso to a business iso which I assumed is Enterprise. I thought extracting svfs to update or change a windows installation iso was a normal thing according to the OP link.
I've never done this before I was just following what the OP said.

How to debotnet and debloat Windows?



Is MCSA for Windows Server 2016 a good start to get into Windows Sysadmin stuff ?
Are there any other things I should look into in terms of certs ?

>>Well from what I can gather from the folder/file names the svf turns a consumer Windows iso to a business iso which I assumed is Enterprise. I thought extracting svfs to update or change a windows installation iso was a normal thing according to the OP link.
>I've never done this before I was just following what the OP said.
yes that's correct
if the source file hash matches it should all be fine though, changing the file size changes the hash

>that closed source soft

use these theyre already extracted mega.nz/#F!rUkiGapC!HkzkUIEjkqmUkSyqVeFsbQ

I just used the uk one and the sha1 of the generated iso matches

no, those are just self-extracting. they are 7zip self extracting archives containing a .svf and a copy of smartversion program that does exactly the same.
anyways, those are ltsc 2019

What, like Windows itself? Dickhead.

OP here, the reason for not linking to sfx ones is because they aren't verifiable. svfx can be downloaded from semi-trustable sources and svm is digitally signed (but harder to use), and svfs cannot be harmful, only their endproduct which in turn can be verified by hash to be original microsoft isos. the guide was made with both beginners and paranoids in mind. practically everything is either open-source, verifiable by hash or digitally signed.

I appreciate the links but I was intending to use normal Enterprise
Well one thing I could point out is that after clicking extract it creates the output file, it's just 0 bytes. Maybe for some reason it tries to verify the destination iso before it even extracts anything and that's why I get file size mismatch. A bug?
But I guess it doesn't matter, I googled the destination iso filename and got a torrent from some shady site, but as long as the hash is the same I should be fine.

This is prob the wrong place to ask, sorry if it is, but I'm looking for a cheap windows pc, pretty much the raspberry pi of windows pc, i plan on using it for botting on runescape if you wondering

just buy a VPS

I gave it a quick go but I don't see how this is too different to TC.

Well this can work. But you can also try looking for used desktops or laptops just as long as they have the requirements you need. Maybe you can even find someone selling a lot of them real cheap and start your own little bot net

good idea, haven't thought of doing this, but i kinda don't want botting to be on my main/only pc

huh, i knew you could do this but i was hoping there was a company selling the "raspberry pi of windows".

thanks for the help btw

>>good idea, haven't thought of doing this, but i kinda don't want botting to be on my main/only pc
huh? I think you mixed up VPN with VPS
a VPS aka Virtual Private Server is having a VM on someone else's server.

If space isn't an issue you can prob find some boomer selling his old vista/xp desktop for 20 dollars in some yardsale or Craigslist

ye i did get mixed up, my bad

the problem is with svfx being outdated, smv works just fine with the svfs

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sum of the result

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It worked, someone tell OP to update his site

>Do not use 2019 products, since some upped the DRM and botnet, making AMTemu no longer work.
Sorry for the spoonfeeding request but is 2018 fine? I ain't even sure to be honest, haven't used this shit since CS5.

yes, all 2018 ones are fine afaik.
even some 2019 ones, its just really random and who knows which update will break them

I'll just take the latest subversion for each previous version (so latest Photoshop 19 instead of 20) and check if it works.

tried to install the 1903, keep getting error messages at the end, i'm so pissed

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Maybe if you'd tell us what the error message was...

Mactype doesn't work with uwp app and can break your system. Also it makes the fonts fucking blurry, it is far as good as freetype2 or macOS font rendering. I mean cleartype is supposed to be the best font rendering so why bother?

Hey guys, is there a guide that teaches quick and easy how to compile Firefox on Windows?
It's one of those things I always wanted to try, but like, I don't even know where to start or how.

Last time I looked up videos on youtube, there were like 2 results, one was a fairly recent video that was like 4hs long, and the other one was a video from like 6 years ago.

Does anyone have suggestions for good, free, open source FTP software?

client or server?


I can get legit Office thanks to my uni but it installs the complete package and I just want powerpoint, word and excel. Any way to make a custom install? I can't customize anything from the downlaod page.

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Use Office Deployment Tool: microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49117

Run it through something like ntlite beforehand.

Does anyone know if the OS requirements for Windows Store games are actually there? For example, Forza Horizon 4 supposedly requires 1709, but has anyone got it to work on, let's say, LTSB 1607?

use the tool in OP paste, but dont convert to volume or activate. not sure if wotok has option for it, but for officertool you just simply dont do those, only the install step

hey lads, I got a favor to ask of anyone who wants to
when debloating windows 7, one of the steps is to tweak services, it would be nice and convenient if someone wrote a script to do this automatically, so that you don't have to go through it every time you install win7
preferably one for safe and one for tweaked
can any of you do this? pretty sure it might be possible by just a reg file

Microsoft Store games are fucky with that, I would not be surprised if that was the case. For instance Horizon 4 doesn't even work with AMD drivers that are just about a year old (tested it myself a few months ago) and yet newer releases that come out today do just fine. That along PC pass not working on 1809 (including LTSC) would probably confirm that at least they won't support older stuff.

updated paste, thanks

I've already installed it.

>I've already installed it.
For already installed system you can use this:


How do I need ECC memory to use ReFS or not?

If you are going to spend so much time optimizing a Windows build, just use Linux. The whole idea of windows is that you don't need to spend so much time worrying about optimizing. Still great resources.

>If you are going to spend so much time optimizing a Windows build, just use Linux. The whole idea of windows is that you don't need to spend so much time worrying about optimizing. Still great resources.
Well, not really, the difference is that you optimize Windows image only once and it will run for years in every circumstance without headaches, while the GNU/Linux distributions have to be maintained all the time depending on usage cases and circumstances.

If I installed Windows/NT and GNU/Linux on (U)EFI then there won't be any worries of updates of these OSs messing each other's bootup innit?

>If I installed Windows/NT and GNU/Linux on (U)EFI then there won't be any worries of updates of these OSs messing each other's bootup innit?
Depends if its Enterprise LTSC or regular Windows 10, because regular SKUs receive feature updates which act as OS reinstall and they might mess up the bootloader, LTSC should be alright.

>Hey guys, is there a guide that teaches quick and easy how to compile Firefox on Windows?

Erase it

How long has this general been a thing? Don't ever recall me stumbling into this on the catalog. Then again, been a while since I've been on Jow Forums, let alone my main boards.

Anyways, I'm running 8.1 It's been great for me since 2013? I re-installed it about 2 years ago, just to move it to my SSD, and it's been lightning, lightning fast. I see no reason to move to Windows 10.

But, is there? I've heard it's currently free to download and install, so just wondering.

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there have been occasional ones every once in a while

Is chocolatey just a meme or actually worth using?

the official compilation guide?

some security advancements, from last thread:
>device guard/credential guard/HVCI, WHQL-only or EV signed drivers only (if no device drivers need worse), windows sandbox.

I keep getting this error when using optimize-offline. I've used it before no problem with ISOs before. Anyone know what to do?

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my guess would be too long path

Try to move Optimize-Offline folder to a shorter path, like: C:\Optimize-Offline\

what said plus install linux second.
Also i'd recommend making a rescue pendrive with grub installed just in case something ever goes wrong. If it does, reinstalling grub on the drive will solve it

Oh, there's actually one.
Oof, I never noticed. Thanks user.

Gonna leave it here in case anyone else is interested.

>client or server?

That's what I'm using now, for some reason I keep getting that connection buffer error every now and then. I tried disabling the optimize cache buffer or whatever it says to disable, but that didn't seem to work. I never had this issue before latest update. I really like WinSCP but this is annoying.

Also it says when it pops up with that issue, it says if you abort that it will completely abort the connection.. but when I click abort it just reconnects and continues happily. Then about 5-10min later or less it pops up again. The issue is I can't do unattended transfers, which is a pain in the ass with large files.

interesting, never had problem with winscp.
try Filezilla, but be careful with the installer, despite being free software they installed adware before if you didnt uncheck some shitty checkbox.

On 8.1 too. I bought a laptop a while ago with Win 10 on it which I immediately switched to Mint. I went back just to see how it was since it's been years, and I have to say it's not that bad. Obviously you have to make some concessions, but I think I can give in.

I switched for free when it first came out, and I have the laptop's digital license which is in use. I was wondering if I could just switch my main over and it'll be activated legitimately. I might do it.

Not gonna lie - I really miss Vista. Vista Ultimate, to be exact.

Totally not paid by Microsoft

Nice to see Microsoft wants the success of /fglt/

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I know everyone was buttblasted when windows 8 came out but I don't see the point in a traditional desktop.

Wouldn't mind having the start menu in place of it

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Is it just me or is it common for Win10's file explorer to slow down immensely after browsing inside a zip? It takes at least 5 seconds for it to view any zipped folder's contents and then for whatever reason that slowdown is still there for that entire session of explorer, and it will take at least 5 seconds to view any folder's contents. If I open a new file explorer window it's fine, and I just replaced it with 7Zip as default, but it's annoying that it doesn't just work.

that's one of the reasons I use total commander. just wish it had better integration like directory opus does

I guess I've solved it since I'll only be using 7Zip for zips and it works better anyways, but it's a weird issue to have with something as basic as zips. I bet reinstalling would help, but that's too much effort.

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Programs like this are my favorite part about windwos

Does anyone know a slim GUI library for windows that's basically the same as MFC but not virtuals on top of virtuals but static polymorphism like how it's supposed to be?


>Only blacks and subhumans use windows.
Or just people who want to use their computers for something more than just writing thousands of commands in linux terminal

I reinstalled yesterday but I can't stand all the bloatware so I'm going to make a custom ltsc, wish me luck

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Just finished setting up LTSC
first time windows user
how do i make powershell show all system components info temps and so ?

Chocolatey yay or nay?

use HWiNFO or Open Hardware Monitor, iirc those are recommended in the inforgraph too

why would i use some third party shit
cant powershell do that?