Cheap pocket device to run linux

What are the options for something pocket (screen smaller than 7inch) and cheap (no more than 100$) to run linux on, device don't have to be new but if it would have keyboard it would be great

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>smaller than 7inch
>in your pocket
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rooted android?

Why the fuck you keep your Dick in your pocket and not in your pants nibba

Its not an option because I don't want break my phone warranty

The warranty on your 100$ phone...

one of the palm pda's, google it and take a look

get a nokia n900. I got a pasworded one for $11, hacked the password and now it works great. It runs linux out of the box (, it's cheap, has a 3.5 inch screen, built in keyboard and a pen

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Not OP, and thanks!

Thanks user, probably gonna get one

Get a jolla 1 or C on ebay (maybe used xperia x will be in that price range?) and run sailfishOS, it's maemo grandchild and you'll have newer glibc etc so can actually compile current stuff on device (n900 is sadly waaay too old for that)

Considering >90% of all smartphones run Linux, I think you're in luck, OP.

except that on android you have bionic instead of proper glibc so can't run/compile 90% of linux software out there, tough luck

Still Linux, kid.

if you care only about the kernel yeah, but without a workable userspace is a shit not linux device

Linux is just a kernel, so mentioning anything else is irrelevant.

pretty sure OP meant linux distro, the fact android uses linux kernel is irrelevant

Android is a Linux distro.

with a useless userspace, so ion other words useless distro

It's still a distro. So it is relevant to the thread.

if OP wanted a useless distro he would just buy any android phone, he asked about linux so probably wanted something that is usable

Android is Linux, so maybe he should have worded it better if that is what he meant.

>Android is Linux

Yes. When you say Linux you mean Android, since it is the most used OS that runs on Linux.

>When you say Linux you mean Android
Summer is in full swing I see

It's winter.

You mean Linux or a GNU/Linux based distro? if it's the former, any old and cheap android device, props if it has a phisycal keyboard.
If it's the second one, again, some old phone that supports postmaket os, maybe one of those pocket c.h.i.p devices if you can find one.
You could try to get away with a diy solution (some cheap sbc, one of those bluetooth keyboards, a small screen and a battery) if you find a way to scrap the screen from some other device and make it work you could make it for less than $100.
I like umpcs but older ones that should be cheap are fucking expensive because of sojaboys calling themselves "collectors"

I want something to run linux distros not android

Android is a Linux distro.

Linux is a kernel, retard.

Ignore the pedantic autists who keep saying "Android is based on Linux so just use Android". Everyone who's not stupid knows you mean a distro that has more user control than Android.
Are you looking for a distro that's closer to a youth-oriented UI but still has the power of a desktop distro, or are you looking for a full desktop experience in your pocket? In the former case, lretty much any keyboard device that can run postmarket OS or Sailfish will do just fine. In the latter case, I would get a UMPC, like the GPD Pocket 2 or the Cosmo Communicator. I have a Gemini PDA running Debian and I love the shit out of it.

touch-oriented, not youth-oriented

I thoughtit was java garbage?

It uses Linux.

Then just ignore the first paragraph of my post and see the other options I told you about. A phone with postmarket OS is probably the one you can get faster.

-Shitty and looks like it's from the early 2000s, because it is
-cumbersome retarded keyboard so it will blow up your psuedo snowflake tasks even further
-Has an ironic :^) face as its logo to draw normies in, so you can tell them how shit they are

Do NOT put a distro on a phone, that would be better and more free. you can mod the hardware on this thing to have USB so it turns into an even more unusuable bulky piece of shit

repeat do NOT put a real distro on a phone you would actually be able to do something that way and that's not what this is about

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What you want is called GPD MicroPC, but it's $300
>Celeron processor
>6" Screen

check if anyone is selling their old TOHKBD (hw keyboard mod for jolla 1 phone), jolla 1 even though 7 years old can still run latest sfos, but there were only like 300-500 keyboards printed for it as an indiegogo project so might be hard to find

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