Is it worth $90

Is it worth $90

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yes it is



I wouldn't take it for more than $25/30 desu. And I'm being generous.


Actually no, it is not. A 570 will give you more performance and is usually 80~110 bucks. But you can try to get it from whoever is selling it and resell it for 120~ because bormies are retarded.

A good friend is selling it and actually has a warranty for 1 more year

Yes it is. I will explain why.

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Because it is from nvidia. What more reason do you need?

That's good but the RX 570 is a better choice.

I would say, might be.

Then if it is being sold for 120~ at eBay or your local second hand pages, then go for it and you are making a favor to a friend and getting some benefit.

a 1050 ti is a low power card and barely able to run last gen games at medium settings, and not even at 60 fps. you are better off buying an old high end vintage card like a 7950 or a gtx 680 or pretty much literally anything else

Im not planning to resell it, just want to upgrade my old card

the 570 is almost double the performance of the 1050 at not much more in price

Mr., Don't you think that AMD doesn't run on greed ? That you doesn't run on greed ? That OP doesn't run on greed ? That the 16yo workers who made this fine piece of hardware doesn't run on greed ? This CG is perfectly priced performance wise according to the invisible hand of the glorious god made free market.

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what is your current card?

- $90 is a good deal for a 1050 Ti
- Buying a $90 GPU is a bad idea if you already have one and want to upgrade

Keep saving until you can get something better. You don't have enough money to make it worthwhile.

msi r7 250 1gb ddr5

then go for it, you massive faggot.
Why even make this thread?

ik, but not sure about $90 for a 3yo card

then go onto craigslist and see if you can get a better deal, you can get 570 for 100 bux that is 100% guarantee.

>Is it worth $90
I bought a 3gb 1060 for $100 on ebay in the US roughly 4 months ago, so I wouldnt think a 1050ti would be a good buy, but you'll have to evaluate what is available.

Nowhere fucking near it.

get an rx 570 you dumb shit
tell your friend to sell his useless bullshit on craigslist/ebay/letgo/offerup

get the 2050ti instead

The 570 eats up watts.

I live in a third world country and these prices are atrocious for a used card and especially from Zotac, the chinkiest of chinks next to Gigabye.

I bought an Asus GTX 750 1GB for 25$ and I'm planning to buy a Palit 1050 ti 4GB for 50$