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Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

CPUs based on current pricing:
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (can be OC'd on most mobos with the right BIOS)
>R3 2200G - Recommended minimum gaming
>R5 2600 - Good gaming CPU with great value
>R5 3600 - Great gaming CPU
>R7 3700X - Overkill gaming CPU (9900K for spendthrifts)
>R7 1700X - Budget video editing
>R9 3900X - Professional tasks

>Do not use a single DIMM. 2 sticks ONLY for a typical dual channel CPU
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 3200CL16 minimum
>AMD B & X chipsets and Intel Z chipsets support XMP

GPUs based on current pricing:
>RX 570/580 8GB - Can be found on sale for cheap. Look for 570s which are >1240MHz boost
>GTX 1660 - higher fps / more demanding games
>RX 5700 - even higher FPS
>RX 5700 - basic
>RX 5700XT - standard
>RTX 2070 Super - higher framerates in SOME games
2160p (4K)
>RTX 2070S OC - budget option. Turing performance scales better into 4K than Navi does.
>2080Ti - best for 4K but expensive

>Navi launch drivers have issues, esp. w/ OC. Wait for AIB if considering the XT. 5700 blower is alright, due to low power. AIB models come mid-August.

>Yes, adaptive sync (freesync) is important
>SSD Guide (250GB+ SATA bare minimums): i.imgur.com/79MYtoE.png
>NVMe isn't better than SATA SSD for gaming
>"Bottleneck checker" sites don't work
>Don't use Speccy
>AM4 VRMs + Monitors under "more"

more: rentry.co/pcbg-more

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AMD Based
Intel Cringe

hate waiting for deliveries
they haven't even shipped my 3900x yet

My PSU is from roughly 2011, what should I be looking at besides wattage when getting a replacement?

>Even if DLSS pans out to be great
It's been proven to be shit and a complete scam.
Even the best implementation is worse than simple upscaling, and even more worse than upscaling+CAS. Even if you ignore how bad BFV, it's been tried in MANY games and is inferior in all of them.

My fucking 3600 has been in-state since Thursday.

1 12V rail that can deliver at least 95% of the whole rated wattage.
Semi-passive fans (ie RMx series) are always nice.

get one that's at least gold quality?

>I have an AOC C24G1 using the same panel (or a very similar one)
>works on my machine
I have the same monitor and I can tell you are lying.
Just have the fps flicker between sub 48fps and over 48 fps.
Every time it fps gets low the screen flickers, this is very noticable in loading screens where fps can spike like mad, up and down, and you can clearly see the flicker.
And yes, I am using an AMD gpu.

Building a new gaming PC for high framerates at 1440

Is x570 worth it? How'd I do?


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Should I get a 3700x and 1660ti then upgrade video card in 2-3 years or a 3600 and 5700? I dont plan on going beyond 1080p for the near future

My MAG241C flickers even sitting pegged at 144FPS, it's fucking garbage.

>seconding the question. I've decided to buy 5700 XT, but I mostly play old games
VERY bad idea, AMD drivers have very finicky support for old games.
Some don't work at all, some work but with issues, such as stuttering frametime, or being unable to run a game with certain video settings, like soft shadows, or making transparent object actually transparent.

Replace the SSD with something better value. 970 evo doesn't perform any faster in games than the MX500.
Wait for 5700 XT AIB cards. 2070 is poor value even at $400. Or just get the 5700 now if you can't wait.

Source of which old games don't work well on AMD GPU but do on Nvidia?
And without posting that KOTOR lie that got spammed despite being BTFO.

oh that sounds terrible, I would return it if that's the case.
But are you sure that's the case, cause it doesn't sound logical.
I mean can you describe this in more detail?
What game, what is the actual fps, or does it flicker even in destrop, what monitor settings do you have enabled, what about MBR settings and so on?
It's probably not user error, but doesn't hurt to check.

>Ryzen doesn't like ram with odd cas timings and will automatically bump it or lower it to even number
>b450 and x470 motherboards are now getting striped from functions like raid and fan speed control because aegis microcode takes half of the fucking ROM memory chip leaving too little room for bios
>Issues with Nvidia GPUs on newest mobos
I start regretting buying into AMD meme with my 3700x pre-order.

Every game, on both AMD and nvidia card, DP and HDMI, any MBR setting, returned it and bough another somewhere else and it's exactly the same.
Spent weeks trying to troubleshoot before saying fuck it. Most games i play run at 144 anyway so don't need it that badly.

The only meme was the idea that older boards would work as well as a 570

mfw retards bought old b450/x470 for zen2 and AMD is already gimping them

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>>Ryzen doesn't like ram with odd cas timings and will automatically bump it or lower it to even number
Gear Down Mode. Google it.
>>b450 and x470 motherboards are now getting striped from functions like raid and fan speed control because aegis microcode takes half of the fucking ROM memory chip leaving too little room for bios
FUD, only loss is graphical UI and compatiblity with ancient APUS
>>Issues with Nvidia GPUs on newest mobos
Will be fixed, hotfixes already being pushed.

It's nothing more than teething problems on bleeding edge hardware, nothing new.

Do you REALLY need a flashy bios UI?

So much for muh socket longevity. AMD isn't even waiting for Intel to get off the CPU throne and they already act like next ruling Jew.

>Issues with Nvidia GPUs on newest mobos
>blaming AMD for Nvidia driver problems
Made it too obvious that you're trolling, bub.


So no then.

One of the problems is that there is not enough memory on those boards for the bios. How is that AMD`s fault and not the board manufacturers'?

>FUD, only loss is graphical UI and compatiblity with ancient APUs
My beta bios from MSI already removed my raid and voltage control on fans with promise of one day releasing a trimmed version that gets rid of backwards compatibility for the sake of restoring those functions.

Zen2 launch is a total shit show with bios and driver issues.

The next version coming this week has RAID back in, some board already got it. My board still has full fan control, just without the fancy UI.

Gimping their new CPUs and mobos just to work with older boards isn't a winning or consumer friendly strategy
it's hard to avoid when they're actually advancing their architecture

the people really at fault are those who sold noobs the idea that they could go out and buy B450s and X470s new in order to play 3000s, when such a feature should have been viewed as a sop to those already in the AMD ecosystem to get them to upgrade CPU without putting a mobo purchase as a barrier

Not really.

>Source of which old games don't work well on AMD GPU but do on Nvidia?
>generals zero hour
>Witcher 1
>quantum break
>Kotor 1 and likely kotor 2 as well though haven't personally tested
There are some I personally tested, there is more probably as you really don't get a wonderful list of this shit before you buy a GPU, only after you buy it, install it and decide to play an older game do you find out about this kind of shit. Considering everybody praises AMD drives and says how they are so much better now, youd expect something else. But it turns out when they say "its much better now" they mean "for the latest games, amd actually put in enough effort where games don't have massive issues", but they did fuck all to go back and fix those issues form the past.

>And without posting that KOTOR lie that got spammed despite being BTFO.
It's not a lie though you faggot and it was not BTFO as you claim. Some amd shill went heavy into damage control, shitposted and say it's all fake and a lie, despite many people on the net reporting such issues and a lot of the fixes don't work.
Some dude said he would test it with his AMD gpu, and never did.

Just do a google search on something like
>AMD gpu Kotor frame buffer effects crash
>AMD gpu Kotor soft shadows crash
You will get tons of people mentioning it and people offering solutions, I have tried personally every single solution and none of them worked, the only way to make the game no crash on a vega and newer gpus is to disable soft shadows and frame buffer effects which is responsible for many effects in the game, such as making invisible, transparent characters actually see through.

>overclocking the Navis up to around 2000 Niggahertz possible.
Man, I want those aftermarket cards. Price performance champion coming through, soon.

I'd somehow prefer a Nvidia GPU still, call me old fashioned, like you said it is cheap, its that or playing even more for a 3 year old 1080, idk.

The 3700x comes with a really good cooler already lose the 212, if your just playing games and not using google chrome get a cheap pair of 3200 ram best pair right now it ballistix,reg rtx is a waste when you can get a super variant for same price and that ssd is useless and overpriced if your not doing heavy workloads.

So even now after the new AMD GPU released, there still is no valid 4K60FPS option for sub 500$ right?
fuck this industry seriously. I am still on a rx 570 and dont want to settle for a midground in 1440p which will be obselete in 3 years

Wow, again I heard of flicker issues with aoc c24g1 when it switches from normal freesync to low frame rate compensation, but your issue sounds unbearable.
I guess your best cope solution would be to use 144hz or 120hz with MBR so you get at least a clearer image, and as I know the 120hz MBR should be brighter with a vertical total tweak.

Your older sis didn't buy you a 2080 yet?

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Maybe it's just mobo manufacturers trying to frustrate people into getting x570.

What the fuck is so wrong with getting an old mobo to work with the 3000s?
All I see is a bunch of arguing but no explanation as to why they're bad boards.

Pre ordering anything is retarded, you deserve everything you get.
Never, NEVER give your money before you know how a product performs and have read at least a couple of reviews.

>It works for me :)
Fuck this company and shills like you. Keep living in denial while MSI forums and reddit get flooded with thousands of posts and threads reporting that b450 boards don't even post with the latest v18 bios update.

what is wrong with the speccy?

>Building a rig around 4K gaming instead of 144hz gaming.
Fucking brainlet

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Should have bought an x570 board, goy :^)

thats usually why people wait till most problems are ironed out just like all those failing RTX's at launch its a good thing i waited

3600 is more than enough for gayming
b450 with flashback
32Gb ram is overkill
replace 970 evo with 860 evo no diff in gaymes
5700xt aib instead of 2070

Nothing wrong with it in principle, it's only a question of whether baords with less memory than the X570s will be able to continually support the 3000s to the same degree ast the X570s
the meme that was sold to people to run out and get X470s and B450s for the 3000s even before they came out is the part I find questionable
and people blaming AMD or the manufacturers for less than 100% backwards compatibility

>and dont want to settle for a midground in 1440p which will be obselete in 3 years
1080 won't be obsolete in 3 years

3700x is overkill for gaymes and restrain you due to gpu bottleneck

>idle 3600 jumps between 40 and 60 degrees constantly
>while gaming it stays at 60-70 degrees like you'd expect
Is this more bios fuckery or what

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This was never a problem. Back then, all you get was blue background, white foreground text. with borders. you're on fucking Jow Forums,.at least try to pretend you're tech savvy.

Works on my machine
If it doesn't work then just keep booting until it posts, then go into bios to enable XMP and whatever.
It should work after that.

Check your voltages. There were reports of fucked up BIOS auto-voltage settings going all the way to 1.4-1.5V. You could fry your fucking CPU and/or RAM.

It misreports hardware at times, and isn't updated frequently. Go with HWINFO64, CPU-Z or other programs instead.

It's on constant 1.34v, guess I should check out the bios to see if somethings wrong.

>120hz MBR should be brighter with a vertical total tweak
Can you elaborate on that? It's way too dim as it is.

With how much moeny he's saving he can just get a 2080.

>Muh GUI
Bro, you've got a fancy UEFI. You're living the life. I'm still stuck with ancient American Megatrends BIOS despite having bought my (new) laptop in 2019.

I think AMD is incredibly stupid for releasing only blower reference cards and prolonging the release of AIB card to mid August. I really wanted to buy 5700 XT and been waiting for months, but I'm gonna go with 2070 SUPER instead, because I don't wanna wait for weeks anymore

That's fine. "Safe limits" only really apply to high current torture loads like prime95 AVX. 1.4-1.5v on light, low threaded loads is completely fine and normal.

>it's not


OH WAIT, YOU NEED TO HAVE AN OLD GEN CPU :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

he might as well waitfag for 2080super

>he confirms that Nvidia is targeted toward literal manchilden who are too incompetent to install the Arctic Accelero that's vastly superior to any partner card's cooler
Why admit this? Just because you're anonymous? You should still feel shame.

2080 is only 10% higher perf. Not worth the extra $300.

They're dumb most certainly for delaying AIB cards to August, but not for blower reference cards. Blowers are for universal use cases, and they're not NVIDIA, they're not trying to fuck over their partners. Also, well done being too lazy to mod your card.

how can you recommend a b450 for new ryzens with that bios bullshit going on

are you idiots really pushing this stupid narrative, when LGA-775 did have this same feature and Bios updates were needed to run Wolfdale CPU's?

Goddammit, the fanboyism really is taking out neurons.

If you use custom vertical total, with 120hz, you can have a brighter MBR than if it was on 144hz.
Look up blur buster "vertical total trick" or something. Also I am not 100% sure if it works on your monitor or not.
But something to look into.

Yes cuz having to add $60 custom cooler and completely voiding your fucking warranty on AN AMD GPU is such a smart move. Seriously AMD shills are most mentally ill people on planet.

how can you work for your family, spreading FUD.

Ditch 16gb of the the RAM, get E-die or B-die 16gb if you can.
ditch the HDD unless you need it for non-gaming things, HDDs are all but obsolete unless you need the full amount of space on them and can't afford the equivalent in SATA SSDs
Contrary to what people say you might as well get the NVME SSD if you are going for 1440p. Not because it'll translate into better gaming performance but because the performance of the SSD is better for relatively little markup.
Ditch the CPU cooler, the stock AMD cooler is fine. There's also no point to going down to a 3600x if you can afford the 3700x.
You should try and get the 2070 super or maybe a 2080/2080s if you can afford those.


This is £279 after discount.

Is it worth it?

He can stick to 32GB of RAM, albeit E-die Ballistix RAM. Replace Samsung with Inland Premium. 5700/XT > 2070.


So, since it's listed on their website, when can we expect this to hit the stores? Might grab my 3700X in 2 weeks, and I'd rather get the latest version which will cost basically the same (or maybe 10$ more just because)

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>buy x570 goy
because i'm assuming he's not a mouthbreather like you and can figure it out

He can for the same price, it's just unlikely he'll need it all.

they should discount people that have current same SKU boards as a promo for a positive PR spin.

its literally a bios chip switch prob a few weeks yeh

3700X. It'll be the new 2500k or new Q6600. Everybody laughed at the Q6600 back then saying its cores weren't needed in vidyas, then 3 years later everybody had to change their CPUs while Q6600 owners were still fine, and were for many more years. Only get a 3600 if you plan to change your CPU in the next 3 years. Get a 3700X if you intend, to keep it for like 6 or 7 years.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if most of those b450/x470 issues with booting/posting/bios were coming from Intel/Nvidia normies being literally too retarded to flash a bios. Probably didn't format to fat32 or some stupid shit like that.


Wait for the 2080S in 2 weeks. Even if it's only 10% stronger than the 2080, for the same price, that's huge. At least it should put some pressure on the GPU market and maybe lower prices.

What would be the best place to sell my old 6700k/ram/mobo to partially recuperate my losses before jumping to Ryzen? I really want to go full AMD by the end of the year. Got tired of Jewtel after meltdown and Nvidia with those prices.

Should i waitfag for 2080S or 5700 XT 3rd party cards? 1440p144hz btw.

Don't get the 3700X for gaming, you will regret it immensely. The difference is really fucking minimal for the amount of money you spend for the upgrade.

3600 is such good value for money for gaming, whereas 3700X is designed for productivity and gaming.

yes, unless you see a 2080 lower in price than a 2070 and the bargain appeals to you more than waiting for the 2080s

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it's happening


don't listen to shitty advice from a buyer's remorse fag

>t. E8400 owner
It's like I'm back 10 years ago, it's beautiful

>Tomahawk B450MAX
>not Rev 2.0
this gaming nomenclature needs to stop.

I really don't know if I should go b450 or x570. On one hand I am hearing all kinds of problems with the tiny fan in x570, on the other hand i'm hearing about people who cannot flash their bios on the msi boards and they either cannot boot or get inconsistent results.
please ease my mind and tell me what to do

Apperantly AMD is sending out boot kits for older motherboards, Or you could pick up a 1st gen Ryzen 3 for pennies and use that to flash BIOS.

Supposedly the CPU is supposed to go under 1v when idle, and the 1.25-1.35v range is what it would be under normal load.

While looking at Ryzen Master, all the CCs seem to go into sleep mode until it hits around 45 degrees, after which usage spikes to 4200MHz for a second which makes it jump to 55-60 degrees, after which they go back to sleep and normal speeds until it falls to 45 degrees again where it just repeats that constantly.
Definitely something going wrong but it doesn't seem too big of an issue outside of the stock cooler being a bit loud

All the recommendations i'm seeing are for the MSI b450 gaming pro carbon anyway which has flashback.

>$60 cooler
Oh, so you can't do basic math, either?
$400+$60 is still cheaper than $500. And it's a better cooler than you get on those $500 cards, or $600 cards, for that matter.
>voiding warranty
No it doesn't, lying shill. Not in the US, at least. Not in the EU either, as far as I'm aware.

What would upgrading from a 1600 to 3600 give me in terms of % boost?

AMD say there's no penalty for any of the Ryzen chipsets but is that actually true? Got a MSI B350 Gaming Plus

Just look up benchmarks bro.

should i buy 3600x now or wait a few months since i'm already waiting for 5700xt aib

the reason for the wait is that maybe the cpu will outperform the day 1 cpu due to better manufacturing
or maybe they'll re-add the copper vapor chamber on the CPU stock coolers

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>seeing all the amd tards trying to get their crippled cpus and mobos to work
>just bought a 9700k and it just works out of the box

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