Is AMD's current success comparable with the early 00s?

Or was it bigger back then with the first 1GHz PC and all

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It's a marginal victory this time because although Intel is getting rekt on the productivity front AMD failed to claim the gaming crown. Previously they straight-up obliterated Intel.

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>just released 7nm amd shit can beat by 1% 4yo intel architecture
This is fucking pathetic, technology is fucking stagnated since 2013

Zen 2 is a very good chip and beats out Intel on most multicored workloads, but Intel does shine in some other work loads (mostly gaming, but a few other spots too)
The Athlon 64 on the other hand DESTROYED the Pentium 4. An Athlon 64 at 2.0Ghz was around the speed or faster then a P4 at 3.0Ghz. Even in some workloads compiled with Intel's cheater compiler (which they got sued for and lost) AMD was winning on those even.

Zen2 is really good, but not even close to the game changer that was Athlon 64. The difference is that Intel had a plan and followup for the Athlon 64, they still kinda don't for Zen, at least in the near future.

This gen is just to give us intel gaming performance for much cheaper.

Next one is where they unlock actual overclocking where they reach close to 5ghz.

After that is where they go 5nm and delete intel once off the face of the earth.

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Intel rekt them then, and will rek them again.

They literally don't need one, all they have to do is lean on OEMs, threaten their discounts, and nobody will pick up AMD machines.

Except Sony, and Microsoft, and every customer with a brain.

Oh, piece of shit consoles and the 0.001% of PC users that build their own, wonderful. MAD boys sure are going to hurt Intel. The 99.999% that buys their computers from Best Buy or whoever else will know AMD as "That chinese knockoff of Intel" and businesses will keep buying Intel as it's the most mature and stable platform to run their infrastructure off.

AMDrones don't understand that massive corporations like Intel move slow but when they do move, just like in the mid-00s they throw all their weight enough to wipe out competition.

AMDrones keep saying they want Intel dead but in reality it will be the other way around.

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It was bigger back then because now normies are so used to Intcel (after a decade of AMD being irrelevant) that they don't trust anything else and pre-built manufacturer are forced to continue to use Intcel to not scare them

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Of course Intel will respond. That's when they will catch up. Nvidia and Intel just can't use their market manipulation tricks this time around because media consumption is so personal now.

They might strong arm a few youtubers but they certainly won't get them all as all it takes is a squeaky mouse to reveal they are under pressure from the green and blue guys to cause another shit storm.

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Athlon 64 success was probably even bigger. IPC was over the top (they were named in a way to match P4 frequencies i think. 1.8GHz A64 was named Athlon64 3000 or something like that just to show that it's roughly the same as 3GHz Intel).
Also they had the whole x64 thing. I wont lie. 64 bit Gentoo made me feel superior in 2006 (even if it was kind of useless).
Most of the cash-flow is from enterprise. It's not that easy to switch to AMD in that sector. PC builders can be bound by contracts, etc.
And quite frankly AMD APU's are not much better in that field.

OH please, those spineless little nobodies will never give up their free ride.

>64 bit Gentoo made me feel superior in 2006 (even if it was kind of useless).
Ah, fellow old school Gentoo user. While I don't use it anymore, having one of the very first 64bit OSs (on consumer hardware) was pretty neat at the time. I do remember the somewhat rocky transition from the 2.4 to 2.6 kernel as well back then.

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>AMD's biggest accomplishment was to have Intel lower it's prices
>which just means more people will buy Intel
Wow, what a victory for AMD! Only took them 20 years.

LMAO what are you talking about? Even if it costed more I would still buy AMD solely just by how much better they are in every single application. Cry more incel.

Then you would have bought Intel before.
You'll always be a budget gaymer. Just admit it.

The Athlon and Athlon XP was marginally better than the PIII and Pentium 4, though they were hotter CPUs and were forced to be a generation behind with SSE or not have it at all.
Intel dominated the market back then, and they had to end up using underhanded tactics to force OEMs to only use Intel CPUs, and they got sued for it.
So nowadays AMD is more popular than they've ever been, including with OEMs, so in that sense they've never been better.
But, as good as Ryzen is, AMD completely raped Intel with the Opteron and Athlon 64, and we're just not seeing Intel being massacred on the same scale as they were in 2003-2005.

>Implying I only do gaming
>Implying Intel is still better for gaming
I used to buy Intel before ryzen. Now I actually have better choices for lower prices. CALM DOWN INCEL, DON'T CRY ANY MORE IT'S OKAY TO SUCK

Same FPS for less power and price? Pretty sure the got the crown now.
Intel won't have a new microach until 2021, AMD will have a Zen2+ by that time that will obviously rekt anything Intel has or will have by that time.

>Next one is where they unlock actual overclocking
Chiplet design says no.

They can't get away with (((tricks))) like that anymore.

20 years ago AMD was using Intel as a cumrag. The situation was similar. RAMbus had failed, they had production issues (820) and the only thing they could do was raise clockspeeds to remain competitive (same performance, twice the consumption, as anyone with a 3GHz+ Prescott would notice during summer).
buying intel was a brainlet move back then, as it is right now. you would know, had you been born a decade earlier.

>Intel won't have a new microach until 2021
More like 2025

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I'll be damned honest here ...seeing him try and fail at something or doing something very slowly is better then seeing an Linus pissing water all over a brand new system because Lazy!

Correction, meteor lake 2022 lol

>AMD sucks if you only care about unecesary gaming performance in $500 CPUs
that is great sweetie. Now please look at literally any productivity workload and suck their dick.

It was much bigger back then. Athlon64 was comically faster than anything Intel could bring to the table with that abortion netburst architecture.

Problem is even then when they had a massive lead in every single metric, Intel just bullied OEMs into not using AMD parts.

AMD sued and won but so what? Intel had to pay them a billion out of the hundreds of billions they had secured for themselves. Same thing can happen again except this time AMD is merely the price/performance darling, not the clear performance king.

It's hard to do that when you can't ship the fucking chips.

t. had a supplier tell us there'd be a two month wait for i5s and suggested a batch of 2400g machines to replace them


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I would say 2077

20 years of hunting Intel like the FBI hunted Subway Jared. Intel knows they can't get away with their market manipulation a second time.