Does mute button actually mute the mic or tells the driver not to put out anythin?

Does mute button actually mute the mic or tells the driver not to put out anythin?

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Not sure about that one but mine has a switch that cuts the connection. You should be able to tell as it's mostly a driver thing if the computer registers that it's muted although sometimes it can be both

never trust digital headphones

thanks for answers i actually asked the same question on bebbit the other day and noone responded, i wonder why

pretty sure it mutes the mic, mic input on the pc shows 0 volume. it's also logically much easier to build then one that tells the drover to not put out anything it's a simple physical switch that breaks the mic's circuit.
i have the arctis 7 wireless but i imagine it's similar on the 3

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I suppose I should just tear them apart and see for myself. Would really hate to find out NSA is spying on me again.

NSA is spying on you, they're just not using your headphone mic. if anything it's laptop\phone mics.

dont have a phone/laptop

okay now this is epic

>buying a gaming headset when good headphones exist
>>goes on reddit for advice
>>>comes on Jow Forums asking for help and gets asspained when roasted
like pottery

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B-but its not like that desu

as an NSA employee i think you're based and redpilled

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>from the makers of the "best gaming headset"

ayy lmao

the word "gaming" seems to attract adhd-afflicted zoomers like flies to shit

>gamer headphones

i-i couldnt afford b-better

Everyone hates on gaymurrr headsets, but "proper" headphones aren't wireless and some people just wanna play their games or watch movies in bed.

Non gaming branded wireless headphones do in fact exist.

>doing anything but sleeping in bed
Enjoy shitty sleep

then use your wired headphones in bed or buy iems, there is no objective use for bluetooth minus a car (they have shit sound systems anyway so it doesnt matter) and headsets cost more than a decent starter mic and headphone setup (or just spend a little more and do it right the first time you lazy fucks) and people will hear you better

If you have a specific need for low latency wireless, this is actually a pretty good headset, but only for that reason. It also runs two audio streams for chat and audio, with a cross fader knob built in.

wait you can actually use them Wireless? how?

Which directorate?


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>Good headphones exist
>Actually just marginally better than gaming headsets
Ahh, the autismos.

good headphones usually have high latency and no mic. you should be buying gaming headphones if you're doing gaming.