How long before paper is obsolete? When was the last time you printed anything?

How long before paper is obsolete? When was the last time you printed anything?

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2 weeks ago
I hand-write a lot every day

i printed about 120 pages from a reference manual only last week
paper > digital

i had to print out my medical weed card yesterday. and fuck the "paperless future." i want to be able to do monetary transactions privately.

I printed out pictures of my new house for grandma yesterday

Last month, when I have to return an item back to Amazon.

I print shit out at work every day because people want hard copies of shit with signatures on em. It's just easier.
Also, fuck your shit. I want to be able to read books in a physical format, not from a fucking screen.

At work two days ago I printed something.

For as long as people continue to spy, paper is always better

I worked for a government contractor as a software developer where I maintained software they used to digitize paper forms.
10,000 documents a day were scanned.

The government fucking loves paper. We kept trying to convince them to just use applications that had all the info readily available, but they insisted on generating forms, printing them, scribbling notes on them, and scanning them into our system.

There's nothing medicinal about marijuana, degenerate.

police when they write tickets

>he said as he popped open another beer

We print crazy amounts at my job. Printing isn't going anywhere until everyone in an office has a cheap tablet.

the only person making that argument is a permafried degenerate

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>implying alcohol isn't medicine
what do you spray on open wounds, holy water?
fucking rape brain

Weed works wonders on parkinsons, grampa.

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a cheap paperfeel like tablet****
because all the little details mattter, papers texture the way you can easily write ACCURATELY on it and kinda get a feedback from your pencil

You don't use alcohol on wounds. It doesn't kill spores.


Today. I helps me avoid distractions.

what's with you zoomers and your constant obsession to turn the planet into a dystopian shithole?

When I cancelled my LA Fitness membership because that shit is backwards and you have to mail a cancellation form to them.

I draw lolis sometimes, that's about it.

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>Printing isn't going anywhere until everyone in an office has a cheap tablet.
Paper has an advantage over tablets - you can hand copies to random people cheap and easy
>inb4 it's cheaper in digital form
except it's not easier, and you can't guarantee you will be able to transfer the document to someone absolutely random in digital form, with paper it's not a problem
also, you can leave paper someplace, not a tablet

do they even have 1000 years or will we have to call mr. officer?

My boss has all his emails printed out, delivered to him by his secretary that he dictates the replies to and has them typed up. I'm pretty sure he manages his personal email normally, so this is purely a power thing.

>sliced my hand open
>better pour some bud light on it
this is your brain on pot

I printed all my reports in college to hand them in paper, because I thought it's more respectful instead just sending a digital copy. Don't know if that amounted to anything, but maybe there are people thinking in a similar way.

it's okay, roll is a robot and they have no rights so you're legally allowed to fuck her

what does the pope has to say about it in your universe?

Post more lolis

>How long before paper is obsolete?

>When was the last time you printed anything?
At work, where I print every single day.

I have a lot of hentai printed in a secret storage so that i have fap material if the lights go out

The social welfare agency sends all kinds of stupid forms to fill even though they have a somewhat functional web service. T. Neet

>When was the last time you printed anything?
About an hour ago; a rough draft of something I'm working on.

You'll see the paperless bathroom before you see the paperless workspace.

There's nothing medical about opioids either.

>When was the last time you printed anything?
2011, probably.

I probably go through 5 notepads a month. Printing is rare for me, but my coworker loves to print out design documents and write all over them.

Opiods are an irreplaceable painkillers.

Every single day at wokr

Still doesn't make them medical.


Every day at work. Everyone in the office prints large numbers of construction drawings on paper ranging in size from 8.5"x11" (standard computer paper) to 36"x48", scribbles all over them, and then throws them in the trash some time later. Environmentalists would have a seizure at how much paper we go through in a single day, only some of which finds its way into a recycling bin.

Never. You cannot bitcoin ransomware what was already printed.

> (OP)
>i had to print out my medical weed card yesterday. and fuck the "paperless future." i want to be able to do monetary transactions privately.

If you want to be able to transact privately with digital money, use Monero. Or buy some now for when it's easier to be accepted in the future.

The day the paperless toilet is standard.

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Three shells when?

>Started an internship a month ago
>Don't know where to-be-recycled paper is supposed to go
>Have a giant pile of 36"x48" sheets in the corner of my cube that keeps fucking growing as the days go by
Can confirm, it's enough paper to give an antifa member a seizure. For the record, I printed off some shit for myself two weeks ago, and I plan to print off another form for school tomorrow, if we're excluding printed work documents.

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36"x48" sheets
Do you work in a poster factory?

I hate that. My boss will come to me with a stack of paper he printed out with specs for a new project or whatever, and I'll be thinking "thanks asshole, a tree had to spend years growing only to be cut down, processed, handled, transported and printed on, wasting time and energy, only because you don't know how to use an email attachment".

I worked in a 5 man company for half a year.
We went trough 130-200 A4 pages each week, when we where in low end of production. And we didn't even sell any of it, its just how it was.
If we printed manuals, pamplets or tests we quickly went trough 500-1500 pages a week.

One of my duties where to go to the local Staples and get more print paper. I have no idea why we didn't buy it by the Europallette.
So you go there maybe once every 2 months, fill up a cart, toss it in the car, and spend some time unloading it at a corner near the office printer.

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>painkillers are not medical substances
This is your brain on contrarianism.

have you considered, maybe, asking somebody?

I actually think paper will become more relevant as we move away from plastic. As far as printing things specifically, we're a long way away from phasing out receipts and (business) letters, so probably a while.

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I had to print some legal things (e.g. NDA, acknowledgements of meetings with tax assistance company etc.) recently in the process of getting a new job outside of my country. Then I had to sign them, scan them and send by e-mail.

Just because it has medical properties doesn't make it medicinal.

Don't do this, it kills you cells as well and leaves scars. Use Neosporin or something similar instead

Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, I could go on
it's like fantasy books based on grimy smelly parts of human history-- they make it look good, so suddenly people want the whole package, not realizing what they actually want is the new elements, not the baggage
that said if we had e-ink everywhere I'd be pretty happy, I could live with only a certain few books getting a paper release and people opting for physical documents if they really want like a diploma or marriage certificate and everything else being digital


That's what you get for being a disgusting, worthless NEET.

not until someone explains those damn seashells

Working at a record company only 4 years ago, I would print upwards of 2000 pages a day. Digital copies were always provided as well, but the legal firms we worked with almost unanimously requested hard paper documents.

infinite time

not really
lots of painkillers have comparable effectiveness, especially when you look at certain people who aren't strongly affected by opioids, or aren't affected much by painkillers in general
pain is a physical sensation but it's more mutable than most, many people can will themselves to not feel much of it with enough practice

at work I print invoices for clients all the time. Thats basically their bill. If they have a printer on site ill print it and leave it. If not I email it which is sorta rare

>How long until this sustainable resource is obsolete
Please use brain before posting. No bad brain posting here.

There's nothing worse than a smart-ass who doesn't really know his shit
>Isopropyl and Ethanol sanitizers are diluted to around 70% alcohol-level to kill most bacterias, but at 100% alcohol, it is not nearly as effective. Why?
>Pure alcohol triggers defense mecanisms in bacteria that cause them to close their pores, preventing the alcohol to enter and ravage them.
>70% alcohol is the "golden" ratio in the sense that it fools bacteria into thinking there's water (the remaining 30% is in fact water) so that they keep their pores open, while maintaining the highest alcohol concentration to dissolve them from the inside out.

Never, touch screens suck.

It is funny I actually use more pen and paper now than I did at school. I learnt to appreciate it, too.

>How long before paper is obsolete?
Maybe never.
Paper is pretty damn flexible, both literally and figuratively. You can cut and fold it. You can write on it with wildly different things and it'll hold the different inks, graphites, paints, and crayons fine.

Some massively improved future e-ink might at least take over for paper notebooks at some point, though. There's an e-ink blackboard design that is made to be passive; there's a battery in the stylus that just charges one end positive and the other negative, so it flips the pixels.
If they can make flexible, cheap, double-sided pages like that, you could have a passive notebook. And if they have a grid of sensors sandwiched in, you could plug it into a dock and read the whole contents in one go. That'd be pretty damn useful.

I print shit at work every day, dozens up to hundreds of pages. For personal use I had to print a power bill last month so the DMV knew I lived where I said I did to get my new license.

several hundred pages a day

when the power is out what will you do?

ummm right you know there are different microorganism types C Diff for example laughs at alcohol at any concentration

>not using the powers of Jesus Christ to help clean your wounds.

I hand write notes all the time. also read real books all the time.
I have seen digital ink tablets which try to let you take notes and read books but they are massively expensive and have blatant oversights and problems in firmware and battery life.

So unless digital ink tablets are perfected to last months on a single charge and allow me to effortlessly read books and mark them up / take notes and make quick sketches NEVER.


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