Why are faggots so pathetically effeminate and brag about their looks...

Why are faggots so pathetically effeminate and brag about their looks? Do they really have nothing else worth living for? Are they closet narcissists?

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>Are they narcissists?

how can you even be a closet narcissist? that would defeat the whole point of being one

Fucking degenerates

>Why are faggots so pathetically effeminate
Lerl no.
> brag about their looks?
> Do they really have nothing else worth living for?
I dunno you tell me homo. I've got plenty going.
>Are they closet narcissists?
Now how in the fuck...

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i dknt think ive ever bragged about my looks becuase their shit desu

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I'm not a homo dumb gorilla don't you lump me with those insatiable assfuckers I'm a real man down to the narrow of my fucking bone and you can rest assured the first ass I will plunge my prick into will be also the last

Virtue signal harder pole smoker.
What manly shit did you do just today to assert your masculinity?

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I've eluded the grasp of alcohol once again and pleased myself with abounding fruit juice

even japs say I'm effeminate tho desu
herbivore male my ass what a rude thing to say

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I made a kot post in an attempt to get kot ID

I post squids

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>Lerl no.
So you're a manly gross bear faggot?

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>I'm not a homo
didn't you ERP jack off with another dude in one of these threads and post the cum on your hands afterwords

Traps aren't gay desu

links please

Hail Satan


having trouble finding it. Here's him asking someone to cream in his ass though

ITT:Korbo, the homo that he is , does homo things

Yes it makes totally sense when i can't resist the urge to jack off. My hormones are quite different from yours.

You fap to men faggot

I fap to both nigger

You're double the faggot then

Fuck if i care what mutts think about

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Easy. Come on if you can't get fucked up on a Monday and still go into work you don't know how to drink. Alcoholics are pathetic.
Yup but I also help turn bois into qt's.
You're a fucking fagoot. Commit sudoku.

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Then stop replying if you don't care so much, faggot


Found it. My man gay ERP'd to completion and posted pics

Btfo faggot, explain annoying ass “sisters” like larray, James Charles, and Jeffree star.
I can respect you being gay, but if you regularly say “sister” or “tea” then you are not a human being, you are mentally ill and only friend zoner girls will like you.

Do you seriously think you can control a man and his sexual urges?

Admit it homo, you will never get a kot id and neither will me or anyone else.

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>When you constantly rail against faggots and degenerates but you're a degenerate faggot yourself

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I am the least degenerate faggot of the bunch because I hold more manly values than every roastie and flamer put together

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bazed and radpilled
it’s time for korbo to get btfo this time

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No, but traps are gay. Admit you are a closet faggot you meatball.
If you fap to traps then that’s fucking disgusting and the fact that you’re getting defensive really shows that you are in fact in the closet, lul.

>Manly values
>faps to traps
Choose one.

Denmark, Korbo, Agay and all the homos here do it as a meme from time to time
The absolute state of gaybos!Sad!

Eh i never said i wasn't a faggot since bi would mean i am technically one.
I fap to anime boys too desu

holy shit bazed!!

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Holy based
Here's a quick guide for you
Fem-Fapping to traps
Neutral-Fapping to cute boys
Masc-Fapping to men

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I do all except men

I bet you all look disgusting!

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korbo the kind of guy to call me gay for wrestling yet faps to traps and anime
boys lmao what a pathetic loser finish your book now low life

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You literally made a post about hating faggots.
>lul the hypocrisy

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I am a misanthrope what do you expect desu
At least I'm not hiding it you absolute sissy

I hate this thread. You here me? I HATE this fucking thread. Every day. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. I come into Jow Forums. And I see so many goddamn retards making this stupid fucking thread. With that stupid fucking cat. And his stupid fucking face. ID WITH KOT IS KOT LOLE XDXDXDXD Every. god. damn. time. How long has it been? Weeks? Months? Years? I don't even fucking know anymore. Why won't you just have a look through the fucking archives. We've already had MILLIONS of goddamn IDs with KOT in it so why won't you just stop. WHY WON'T IT EVER STOP. I am so fucking sick and tired of looking at this stupid fucking cat's stupid fucking face. GOD I HATE THAT FUCKING CAT. Staring at me with his beady little eyes. Grinning his retarded grin like he knows. He just knows he's mocking me. I feel like this is getting personal. This isn't funny anymore. It's not even sad anymore. This is literally beyond every conceivable range of emotions. I am so. fucking. done. with. this. cat. It is absolutely impossible for you guys to be normal. You are all absolutely fucked in the head for wanting this. Why would anyone want this? Why am I still even hanging out with you retards? This is absolute indefinite proof that you're all a bunch of terminally brain damaged, chromosomally challenged, limpdicked useless wastes of internet bandwidth. And I feel sorry for myself that I even have to tell you this. Please. I cannot take this anymore. You guys are gonna be the death of me. Please. Just get rid of that goddamn cat.

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I literally have nothing to hide about myself because I’m not insecure about my own sexual preferences. I like tits pussy and ass nigga sorry you’re too ignorant and projection-vulnerable to understand that lmao

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korbo is a pretty good poster desu

Jesucristo mano cuando ves el gato te cagas

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>"narcissists are degenerates"

They want your sex user. Make sure you record it for me alright?

no you aren't you are a sissy slut who loves his sissy

Eh, whats so bad about looking cute?

r u saying ur cute

No, just asking whats so bad about it.

nothing much probably

Then why was it important for you if I'm cute or not?

im handing my phone in

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