Welp, tomorrow's something, right?

Welp, tomorrow's something, right?

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i hate everything about this post
it reeks of anticharismatic pretension and teenage nihilism

Hey Shelby. Hope you are doing great!

Yes to the former, neigh to the latter.
I feel tomorrow will be the same as prior years, for sure.
But I'm twenty four, and still negative.
Youre close, so close, but no cigar

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just pour yourself a drink and forget about it, then keep pouring after that.

As always I'm golden Bummy, Nobody showed but I'm gonna have some fun
Let's get this party started it's an orgy for one

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Ha, I wish I had some left.
I'm on Utica Club cans for the night!

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>As always I'm golden Bummy,
That's good, always try and be happy.
>Nobody showed but I'm gonna have some fun Let's get this party started it's an orgy for one

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beer can do the job quite well, if you haven't eaten yet.

I'm stuck on YouTube recommend playlists, it leans on NSP.
Their lyrics are in my mind

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oh heck yeah. The jew as sweet and the music ain't bad.
good stuff.

I ate half a pizza that I took from my work.
I made Beer Buster's with Spiritus, so it got me far quick.

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Shutup cia nigger from NY

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I would rail the shit out of this Jew, real talk

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Yeah its another day where I have a reason to drink

nice, also in Australia we call beer busters, boiler makers

and he has a great personality. And too think he's not married or anything.

If I drink, Im gonna throw up so hard my throat will be sore. I cant do it.

Do it

isn't that normal after 30 or so beers

But I'm not CIA, only FB...I, wait I'm not, no.

Should I be surprised?

The Boiler Maker is a race we hold here in New York.
Funilly enough in Utica.
From where I drink their Club beer tonight!

I'm...not surprised.
I love him, but he is a bit much.


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This guy gets it

>bit much
yeah i can see that.

>Should I be surprised?
Probably not, jus bought myself whiskey for the day

Post rare bowies

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Fair warning, I steal all rare Bowie's

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We both know the images aren't.
The man is

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5 shots makes me a little nauseous. Anything more makes me throw up. My body has a tiny window where I can get drunk and still feel good. If I go further, I get sick real fast, and lose the good drunk vibes, ruining the whole point of the alcohol. Its not worth it for me anymore.

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that kinda sound like it sucks

Well, I drew this so I don't know how rare that makes it.

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It's pretty dangd rare

Well, enjoy.

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Already have :P

This is the cringiest thread ever, you fucking people are beyond a standard cringe compilation, you need a special cringe compilation with high security measures to prevent anyone inside that cringe compilation from breaching containment.
God fucking save us.

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You give no reasoning, other than your opinion.
I'mma need facts my ninja

I hope you have a good time at leat

More pretentious drivel. It's yea and nay btw, okay?

Nigga, I'mma whorse.
It's neigh to me

it'll only be the same if you don't make it different, lass