Tfw I have to work on Christmas

>tfw I have to work on Christmas

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your own damn fault for getting a job that makes you do that

that sucks

Shut up, this is none of your concern Kim.

what kind of job?

Taking care of animals.

Clean up that dog shit wagie.

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Fuck capitalists.

like a vet?


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No, like a lowly peasant worker. But they aren't even my own animals.

sorry to hear that op. at least it's chill enough that you can post and stuff. are any of the animals cute?

Well, I'm not at work yet but there will a lot of times that I can post when I'm there. Yes, some of the animals are adorable and I love them.

that'd cool. still hope you don't work too late.

I just got back from work

No, I'll be out of there by 5:30.
Thank you for helping me feel better.
Merry Christmas, enjoy your day.

clean up your act, satania-chan!

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>enjoy your day.
my nephew is going to come over after a few hours and hes going to usurp my throne to play fortnite

What happened to PUBG?

he wanted me to get him pubg for his present but all he is getting is a t-shirt with a shitty fortnite print on the front, cant wait to see his face

Go away rapist Raphi.

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Who makes these comics. I find them funny but I can't find the source

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I like animals as well.

I have a glass of fine whiskey dedicated to you here.