The new super smash bros. ultimate™ is so much fun guys you should all try it out!!

the new super smash bros. ultimate™ is so much fun guys you should all try it out!!

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i hope you get stoned to death

awwh you cant afford a nintendo switch™ and a copy of super smash bros. ultimate™?
id be upset if i were you

games are for manchildren

cartoons are too

I read serious novels like a proper grown man

Unless you are reading someone written by the likes of Garcia Marquez or an author of his caliber, no, novels arent for grownups

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>a literal spic
no thanks

Leave the kid alone he thinks dangaynronpa is for grownups

its 2018 there's so much stuff worth wasting your time on other than your boring outdated novels

>t.glow in the dark cia nigger

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novels are the alpha male way of wasting time: everything else is mind numbing garbage

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A literal spic who also happens to be one of the best authors of the last century
Dumb anorexia aficionado
Visual novels are bad and danganropa is amongst the worst

Based spanishcuck

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Fuck off korbo you both are manchildren
Read some real books

Prove it

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>best author
funny if hes so good, how come i never heard of him

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Because you are a fucking retard
He won a nobel prize for fucks sake, are you really that ignorant?

Anyone who wins prizes is a retard desu
T. Jewish shill

obama won the nobel piece prize. Its not a big deal.
literally who is this guy?

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t. apu

I diagnose KSA with the gay.
Amei too, but that was already obvious.

Seek PD for treatment.

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Being a contrarian doesnt make you intelligent

Yes and shoving authors who lick kike boots down our throat doesn't make you brighter

im not gay
thats just me metaphorically fucking up Darkpit

Having yaoi saved on your comp/device is gay, no exceptions.

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Korbo your penis is small

>he tries to drop the subject with retarded dick jokes
Behold spanishcuck in all its maturity

Someone didn’t get invited to prize giving

>the new super smash bros. ultimate™ is so much fun guys
Neat, I wouldn't know since I don't own a Nintendo box but good for you.

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Nah, I just dont see the point in talking to you so I wanted an easy way out of the conversation
You are a psychotic manchild, not really a very interesting person to talk to when it comes to anything other than Alice, incel jokes or the downfall of western women

Or maybe you're just retarded and you can't help contradicting yourself all the time

Maybe we both are right
Maybe none of us are

Anyways goodnight manchild

Choke in your sleep nigger

let's all calm down and think before writing hurtful things!

buy smash ultimate

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