If you're the seventh one to reply you'll have to post benis

If you're the seventh one to reply you'll have to post benis

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I already posted it somewhere good look going through the archive to find it

no benis for you

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no one likes a jealous slag anyway :)

oi i"m not jealous

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or a slag fuck you

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Bad thred. Nobody's posting benis in here.

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I would have posted benis if I got it Idc, I'll rock my six inches not like anyone cares about guy nudes

Posting noods is gay, no exceptions.

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( )

Rare flag

post benis

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Nice profile work

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This is sad
Imagine namefagging as some namefag's counterpart
Into the filter you go

Thanks lad.
This is F, isn't it?

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t. Korbo

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Kek, you're better at this game than most people on this board.

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That's because I know what to look for.

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Based, I've been working on new tricks but they're still missing some details.. as you've seen I got some new meme editing software though

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Phone apps, options are kind of limited, but I only post from my mobile

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Get comp you phonefaggot

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Have comp, just refusing to connect my gaming laptop to anything on the internet except for steam..

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y tho

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Sooooooo many viruses on every other comp I've ever taken through the internet.. it's a scary place but most viruses do not affect smartphones..

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Another neat mobile trick is to go use my fren's wifi to get a different ID

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uBlock Origin + uMatrix blocks third party scripts except the ones you allow - there's a learning curve tho, and quite a bit of trial and error
And stop looking on pr0n sites.

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They're not really my thing, I get enough exposure to that kind of thing from the ads here. God they're cringy..

uBlock Origin + uMatrix also blocks ads and the shady shit gookmoot added to the site.
Pic related is how your Jow Forums uMatrix should look like.

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Neat, maybe someday..
Making edits has been fun so far.

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Save screencap just in case.
Remember, you have to reload the page after you've finished making changes to uMatrix, and if you like the changes, click the lock icon to save the changes.

Come on pretty please :3

This was my favorite idea from today, took 2 programs but I can't find a way to change filenames.. drawbacks of phone photo editing..

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I was one off seven, blame the weeb

Heh. My favorite is converting images to red/black like pic related.

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Now now guys one of you needs to post the epic benis so we can restart and another of the seventh can post their tiny benis too :)

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That one ^

I think it's ur turn to post penis user

I noticed, this one actually got me interested in trying it out

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Go to GIMP
open image you want converted
go to image tab at the top
click "indexed

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You check "Use black and white"
You have three dithering options (dithering is what makes all the dots for "shading"): Floyd-Steinberg (normal), Floyd-Steinberg (reduced-color bleeding) - that one reduces the number of dots and adds more contrast - and Positioned (not as great for converting to red/black.

I usually go for reduced color bleeding. Also, enable dithering of transparency as well.

Then click convert.

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Be sure to go back to image tab at the top toolbar and click RGB

Then you use select by color tool and click on the white areas

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You then use the bucket tool, click "fill whole selection", and color in the white areas.

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Then you export the image as [filename].png
It's important that you save as png, and not jpg, even if source pic was a jpg - saving as png prevents degradation of quality.

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Nice, using pixlr at the moment, but it won't let me do a plain red overlay..

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Click "Export", and it'll give you this popup
Play around with the settings if you wish, and click "Export" again to create the image.


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Trips for nega green alien!

You're really knowledgeable about this, I'll have to screenshot it and look into GIMP

There's also a learning curve to GIMP as well, but I think you can manage it.

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Just one thing: with the red/black images, the thumbnails will almost always look like shite.

I noticed that.. it's worth a little distortion..

Man, we just derailed this whole thread, kek..

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All according to plan. This was a bad thread to begin with, but became good.

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Agreed, I'm sure I wasn't the only one reading your notes either

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I'm glad to have helped.

Thank you for the lesson, glad I helped to add a little chaos as well

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Just realized I have a CiDJr ID, cool aesthetic for a ffvii character, but they could have fleshed him out a little more

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post benis then >:l

No. Nice sex numbers get though

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Fuck off pooftah.

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>Implying I'd give up personal details on a site where most people can't stand me
Just here to sow a little discord, my gender is irrelevant.

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I'm still laughing at that one person filtering a one time trick..

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