I stabbed my index finger with a needle and it sucks

I stabbed my index finger with a needle and it sucks.

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stab your eyes next time so you can't post

Why? Are my posts really that bad?

*kisses it better but not in a weird blood play fetish way*

Umm... Thanks!

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no problem

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did you know he put it in the butt before this whole needle thing?

Ew, no I didn't! Please don't spread rumors like that!

what the fuck why where you fingering your butte while playing with needles

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I wasn't! is lying!

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Is that a Ritsu I spot?

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No, sorry. I'm someone else I think.

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never mind i used where when i should have used were on an anonymous image board

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It's OK. It happens. Nothing to worry about.



hmm I wanted to make a self-inflicted injury blogpost thread but there's already this one so I'm just gonna post this here
i hurted my mouth

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it's too late

no it's not

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Brush your teeth
Yes it is

that sounds painful user

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*kisses it better*

licking bloody butte fingers is hot?

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There's no plaque or tartar on them. What are you talking about?

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*vomits in your mouth*

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a war wound you should be proud of it

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a scottish faggot like you would never get within arms reach of my mouth, because I would punch you if you tried.

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I will treasure it!

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Thats right
They look yellow

i'll hide in your closet and wait until the early hours of the morning when you're asleep

dumb tranny

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I imagine they're a bit yellow, but if you look most of the surfaces are just a dulled white. Some of it may be lighting, seeing as that's the inside-back of my molars. The teeth at the front that you'd see normally are white.

I have a bulletin board wedged up under the handle of my closet so that it's very difficult to open from the inside because I'm still scared there's a monster hiding in it, and I'm a very light sleeper.

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i could wait under your bed if that's easier

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I always check before I go to sleep.

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>he doesn't put stuff in his butt
What a fucking sissy

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where don't you check?
it would also be helpful if you could send me your address

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probably nowhere that you wouldn't wake me coming out of. I have a big storage closet in the hall, but the handle clicks pretty loud when turned, and the door is very creaky. Not to mention I always lock the door unless I'm opening it for some reason, so I don't know how you'd get in here.
>it would also be helpful if you could send me your address
Apartment 4, 122 David Street, Elora, Ontario

i'll just rent the apartment next to you and burst through the wall like the kool aid guy

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It'd probably be easier to just kick the door down. But both of those things would wake me up. The point was to get to me while I'm asleep so that I don't immediately maim you for entering arms' reach, remember?

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dumb scottish sissy

it's fine i'll just maim you more than you maim me

i am not scottish
i'm less scottish than you dumb tranny

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Are you the one who posted his bicep before while making fun of pedo cuckboy?

nah those were tiny compared to mine

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How so

prove it

Hey guys I'm back. Had some panang curry. What's goin' on?

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because i'm not scottish
youer biceps are small and gay compared to mine
gib panang

Prove it

i'm not a cross dressing haggis eating alcoholic

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scottish coward talking smack but won't back it up

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my biceps are thoroughly unimpressive

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desu, mine aren't either. People complimented me when I posted them but I don't do any isolation exercises for biceps or triceps at all so my upper arms are a lot smaller than they could be.

>stabbed index finger
>but that KS has no arms

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haggis is disgusting and i don't drink that often

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That still leaves one point in favor of being a scot

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and you sucked on again to stop bleeding

didn't see them but they're probably largger than mine


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