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This thread is for the discussion of portable mp3/FLAC/OGG Vorbis players.
•Why use a PMP instead of a phone?
>better DAC
>more output power so it can drive highend headphones
>smaller sizes than phones for activities like exercise
>physical buttons
>headphone jacks
>some people can't use smartphone at work, and some people use dumbphones
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• The General /pmp/ Guide pastebin.com/fe2LFFdV (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
• Converting an iPod video 5G/5.5G to a rockboxed player with an msata SSD and a 3000 mAh battery web.archive.org/web/20170708033500/http://nullvoid.station.moe/Freedom-Hardware/Video5G-Rockbox/
• Third party battery guide iflash.xyz/3rd-party-extended-battery-guide/ Guide for iPod 6G/7G needs adding/making
• Reminder to use Rockbox DEV builds when available.
• Use the SonyNWDestTool to remove the volume limiter/warnings on most of the Walkman series
• Please keep taking nice pics of your /pmp/'s so that they can be used as OP pics

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>better battery life
>plays more formats/codecs
>not being disturbed by notifications

I think you forgot some reasons, user.

I think OP is pretty old. It doesn't get changed until somebody posts an updated one in the thread.

I bought this lil boy as a suggestion from Jow Forums and never once regretted it.
>plays flac, ogg, ape+cue, ...
>takes a 256GB microSD
>amazing battery life while tiny AF

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One more aesthetic

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Lookig for a PMP that gets 100hrs+ on battery.

These must exist since my old ZipClip is good for over 8hours on a fucking tiny ass battery, but whenever I have looked everything is rated for around 20 hours.

An ipod with a lot of modifications could possibly reach that.
>3000mAH battery
>iflash board, thinner than a hdd to accommodate the large battery
>thick rear cover
>modification to the internal frame
There are some ruizu and victure pmps on amazon that advertise 100 hour batteries as well, if you don't want to build your own.

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Alternatively, you could purchase a powerbank?

Got a ruizu x02 and the album art is not displaying properly. What size should it be?


I bought one of these with fm radio and bluetooth transmitter but i cant use it with wireless earphones. Wtf is wrong?


I want to replace my iPod classic but I feel that reorganizing my playlists would be a bitch

What should I buy for $40 or less?

I'm looking at this on amazon right now
this plays everything
even my mkv downloads of movies
too bad nothing has webm support yet

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So guys i have this old ipod touch 5g, how good is the audio quality? should i use it?

don't you have to use apple software?
or a Mac?

Not that user, but the requirement for most apple touch devices to be used with something that isn't itunes is usually firmware 2.x-3.x. It had to do with apple locking out devices from other media players/managers with updates for "security" reasons.

>Gibson LP in Cherry Sunburst

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actually it is an Epi because I was poorfag when I bought it. still a decent instrument though.

sansa clip plus maybe a small microSD

Is not necessary, i want to know if the audio quality is good as the ipod video 5g

>clip plus
Impossible to find that cheap unless broken

I was trying to say:
buy a sansa clip (available on amazon from 30USD)
buy a microSD card (64GB unit costs about 10USD)

Anyone recommend the iPod Nano 4th gen?

Pic for the OP's

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I'm assuming you're referring to the clip jam or clip sport. What's the difference between these and why are they considered inferior to the original clip/clip+?

Been doing some testing, has anyone else had an issue with the recent M3k Rockbox release where the player refuses to work in usb and dac mode while this version is installed? flashing the original FW or an older version works fine, as long as im using the Fiio FW and not Rockbox when trying to use it on a pc

The clip uses a different SoCthan the clip+, and it doesn't have an expansion slot. The clip+ and clip zip use the same AMS SoC, which is regarded as high quality, both have an expansion port. The clip zip has a larger color screen. All three can have rockbox installed onto them.
The clip jam and sport both use a different, inferior SoC's, neither can run rockbox. Both have expandable storage.


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Use a laptop with an always on USB port

any PMP with a nice screen that can also run free software?


>Converting an iPod video 5G/5.5G to a rockboxed player with an msata SSD and a 3000 mAh battery web.archive.org/web/20170708033500/http://nullvoid.station.moe/Freedom-Hardware/Video5G-Rockbox/
Is there another copy of this? Even the archive link doesn't work.

There are better instructions, even videos on youtube. I honestly think that link was only included because the author is a freetard.

>>not being disturbed by notifications
You can turn notifications off, to vibrate, or to silent. Are you RETARD?

>The PLENUE D is capable of up to 100 hours of continuous playback for MP3 files and 51 hours for high-resolution lossless files via its power-saving circuitry and battery. It features 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded via a microSD card for increased flexibility in storage options.

i am about to pull the trigger on buying this. anyone know if you can or can not delete file directly from the device. i prefer to dump lots of music on my player and delete stuff i don't like or get tired of.

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Asked the last time, but no one replied. Anyone know about this one?


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There is an user that always comes in and posts his r3 with kanas. Maybe he'll show up soon.
Nice image.

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>There is an user that always comes in and posts his r3 with kanas. Maybe he'll show up soon.
that's me! see
and i like it
i miss some features of rockbox with it, but i'm used to it now, and it has a much better DAC than most, and plays all the hires stuff and also can be used as a USB DAC, and a bluetooth receiver if you're into that sort of thing
kanas pro + hiby r3 is my holy grail so far

Are sansafags stuck in 2013, or do they suggest to buy it for $100 it currently costs?
I had a clip+ back then, and it was amazing, but I lost it. Never found a replacement for reasonable price.

i've had a sansa clip since the came out (went through 4 of them until i got the hiby r3) but i figured i was spending enough to get a more expensive DAP and jumped ship
if you just want a nice portable DAP with rockbox, you cant go wrong, but i wouldnt pay more than $60 for it (which is how much i payed the last time i bought one on ebay about a year and a half ago)
dont get the benjie t6, it sucks, if you're going to move up get a shanlin or a hiby and dont look back

Is libvorbis with the lancer patch actually faster to decode?

If I shouldn't be using flac for portable use, what should I use?

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I just use vorbis.

The touch uses a Cirrus dac, the video uses a Wolfsen. More people seem to prefer Wolfsen.

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I'm getting bored of my ipod what should i replace it with?

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Is there a way to loop a song on the m3k? I was trying to do it the other day, but I could only loop the playlist. Thought that was kind of weird. Then again, maybe the creators thought a person who would want to loop a song continuously is weird, so they didn't have that as a function.

ogg, aac or atrac3

What's wrong with using flac for portable usage?

it's a waste of space

Good thing I've got the money for space I guess.

just because you do, doesnt mean it's efficient. it's still a waste of space.

And that's okay.

well, obviously a waste of space like you will defend it. birds of a feather flock together after all.

I love my walkman.

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I wish there was something similar to the Zune HD that could do opus.

Tell me about it user

what's wrong with it?

That's not the point you consumerist whore

Rockbox support for x02 when?

well i like getting things and upgrading them etc. I got it faulty has had a new battery back plate screen and an iflash board. So there nothing else to do to it

Anything with variable bitrate. MP3 Vs ogg on 256+ kl/s sound the same.

Could we merge iemg with PMP?
Portable audio general or something.

yeah sure. just make sure make the thread as soon as this one dies and merge the OP templates . I'll make one if I can.

does anyone have any guides/resources on how to backlight a Ipod 4g with monochrome display? a second-hard store in my city claims to have one and am thinking of getting it
user stop hoarding cheap guitars
you'll regret it, trust me
give me it

>sansa clip cost a fortune
>chink pmps flodd the market
>rockbox is dead
What to get?

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You can't hear the difference.

Shanling M0 obviously

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gorgeous device but can these things finally read the "Album Artist" tag?

unironically pic related.

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I believe so, from the last firmware update (3.1 version). I use the normal Artist field, so I can't try it now, would have to check the headfi thread.

It is mentioned in the patch notes also comes with the long awaited eq.


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Noice music m8

>Could we merge iemg with PMP?
this, i've been saying it for months

you're hurting that poor animu girl user

>T2 Pro
you fucked up. nice player tho.
nay. PEQ is a feature of premium players. Its a 10 band.

here's my walkman

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Cute snoy walkman

I'm waiting for some new chink iems to arrive, TFZ no.3 and T800.

Just get it and tell us how it is.

Hey /pmp/
Looking for digital transport recommendations, I own a "portable" DAC/Amp, and I love it, so I don't really need a DAP

You can.

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What do you guys think of the nwa105?


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fuck I had one of these

Kinda want a Walkman NWA45, don't want to break the bank with the new one. Looks pretty great, anyone here have experience with it?

i have one but its only 512MB and does not play every MP3 (crashes and reboots on certain files)

This is the best /pmp/ setup. Here's why

>Og /pmp/, establishing everything.
>Excellent sound quality if you know what you are doing
>Limited storage capacity, unlimited storage potential for music. This is great because now you have to think about the music that you want to listen to instead of dumping 1000's of songs on a dap and never listening to half of them.
>Puts you back in tune with your music as you need to listen to it when being recorded to make sure it sounds good.
>Learning to record correctly with correct bias and record level is fun.
>Making mixtapes is fun as fuck
>Battery can be up to 40 hours playtime
>Modern features still available (track skip, repeat 1/all, a/b)
>Built to last decades not 5 minutes. Built out of quality materials(pic related is 17years old and in perfect working condition)
>If you are into it, there nothing more aesthetic looking available, other than say minidisc.

I hope you enjoy my blog post

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I love tape Walkmans, have too many. Might post them all for an OP photo.

I still want a minidisc player so fucking bad. I want an MD deck to put in my car.

Please do.
Me too, I love my Minidisc for audiobooks and podcasts. With lp4, they sounds reasonable and I can store 5 hours of content on one disc. I've got a HI-MD player but the discs are too expensive, I can get a nice metal tape (MA90) for the price of a HI-MD. I should start using my MD for music again as it shares a lot of the same qualities as cassette.

Fuck. Guess I'd stay with the M3K-rockboxed route then.
Probably another laggy-ass overpriced Android DAP with a short battery life.

LG V20 for $200 or Sony NW-A55 for the same price? Both are brand new.

android and 20~ hour battery life is garbage.

So if I were to get a sony pmp then it would be something like nwa45? Or anything similar? The main selling point of the a45 is the battery life

right, although the a45's battery life, in my case at least, doesn't go anywhere near 45 hours. it lasts around 30~ hours in my case.

It is not as aesthetic after going through the washer but it still runs fine

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what's a good pmp for podcasts?
>going through the washer
how is it still working?