Why is this basic feature that other systems have had for decades missing from macos?

Why is this basic feature that other systems have had for decades missing from macos?

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>close button doesnt close program
>maximize button doesnt maximize
>minimize button doesnt minimize


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is this for real???


Wintoddlers always gotta complain about everything. Compared to every other issue with Windows this is nothing.

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This is no longer true. You are just trying to start a another hate-threador something.

On my macOS it asks "merge"

What the fuck is with you samefagging satania posters thread after thread?

It's thoroughly retarded but there exists in universe justification for it (how apps and frameworks and basically any bundle is a folder that masquerades as a file).

what do you really expect from a company whos programming teams are imported from the shitting streets of india to program cancer?

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> no longer true
AHAHAHA. you know apple hires the dumbest of motherfucking idiots when this was true and the operating system actually did this.
stay mad, you pathetic iTODDLER cancer.

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When you alt+drag and drop or copy paste something it asks for merge.

I conceded that it's a retarded state of affairs. Pay attention.

Just stop. You've already lost.


Folders merging is one afternoon of chill coding. Wtf?



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I like how you're so fucking illiterate that you didn't even read that user, or ops post.
sadly for you, you pathetic iTODDLER, it did happen, and that's because the operating system is written by street shitting pedophiles that can't code and know nothing about operating systems. if you could do humanity a favor and just kill yourself, that'd be great.

All me BTW.

that's less of a justification and more of a JUSTification

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If it masquerades as folder then there is something telling the os it's supposed to look like a file. Just read that parameter. If it is - treat it like a file and replace it. If it's a regular folder - replace it. How hard is that?

Totally got me. I coincide in face of your sly tactics.

It’s like an npc trying to mimic g

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>>close button doesnt close program
Just like how it should be.
>>maximize button doesnt maximize
Yes, it literally does.
Before, it used to be that the button would maximize the window exactly to a point where the scrollbars would either disappear or expand to a point where the window hits a side of the screen.
But now it just maximizes to fill the screen regardless, just like on Windows.
>>minimize button doesnt minimize
Again, yes it literally does.

It was. Now it shows three buttons.

>>close button doesnt close program
Windows functions the same way.

>multiple browser windows open
>close one
>whole program shuts down
Is that what you want?


Linux and Windows runs and instance of the program for every browser windows. macOS is more efficient, one instance of the program with several windows, and that's why close window is not the same as quit program.

>implying this wasn't fixed
Now the problem that still irks me are aliases. Those fuckers are as bad as windows .lnks. I had to install a Finder extension to create proper symlinks when I need them.


Why is it a fucking question even? One misclick on this potentially confusing box and you can lose thousands of files. If I wanted to delete a folder and replace it with another one, I'd fucking delete it first. The least it could do is send the old one to the trash when you click replace instead of deleting it on the spot.

I installed an extension. works well.

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It isn't, and you'll be happy to know it's been fixed exactly like that.

I agree, should just say merge.

I always liked that picture. It just a easy tell to see who is too stupid to use modifier keys.
macOS still has all the merge and copy functions, they aren't easily accessible though since it's a OS focusing on toddler costumes.

Oh btw, this has been a thing since at least Panther and not a recent change.

>the operating system is written by street shitting pedophiles

I'm pretty sure Leopard didn't give me an option to merge. It was just replace or cancel and then swear at it and go drag files from one folder to the other manually.

I see literally nothing wrong with that. It's a comfy way to function.
You don't have to keep a window open to keep listening to music. The program only stops when you specifically stop it. I like that.

No modifier keys needed if you copy paste.
Tbh it should show merge without modifier keys when dragging and dropping.

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>remember to always hold a key to NOT delete all your files!
I thought macshit was supposed to be retard proof? Why is it so grandma-hostile?

Default file deletion in linux is to move it to the trash.
Only when you hold Shift does the file get deleted instantly.

Apploo is just decades behind, as usual.

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>it's retard proof because itoddlers are stupid and don't know how to do everything in terminal
>you have to use a modifier key, why is macos SO HARD TO USE

Can't win with these peple.

Shortcuts on macos are great.
cmd+back key [

No, normies don't care about old shit, but they will be pissed if their new shit isn't there.
Remember this is the same platform that has Time Machine as forced backups and easy access to it.

>caring about normies
>butthurt about modifier keys
Stop using PC-98 art, you're too tech illiterate to post shit like this.

You have to turn Time Machine on.

>cmd+back key [ cmd+shit+back empty trash
christ pajeetOS is a fucking joke


lol there are more pajeets working with linux and windows than macos. haha you're delusional

Imagine street shitting this hard.

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Doesn't say India. Might be Europeans and lord knows from where else. Microsoft however we know is filled with Indians, and also contributors for linux.

cope harder iJeet

because MacOS is designed for manage files using libraries of existing apps (itunes, iphoto, Time Machine). Merging folders manually break this.



it's unnecessary if you use Miller columns or list view which I do 99% of the time unless I'm working with photos

>>But now it just maximizes to fill the screen regardless, just like on Windows.
No, windows doesn't create new virtual desktop and doesn't hide the window controls every time you maximize something

stick to baby penguin os, retard


Anyone who needs a graphical program to manipulate files doesn’t belong on this board

>unix is a derivative of linux
Am I actually dreaming right now?

Because Apple users are not expected to do anything outside of a web browser, or other mission specific program.

The Apple user does not "manage files", and thus does not have any need for an actual file manager.

cut and paste

>no option to pick the files you want to keep
>retard explanation "such as Paris01.png"

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unix is deprecated trash
deal with it

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You know what I mean. It doesn't engage full screen mode, but it does fill the screen mostly. Which is stupid considering that not everything needs to be blown up that much (e.g. Google homepage).
But if you'd rather get caught up on semantics, fine. I used the wrong word. Sue me.

Here, we can appreciate the base of something I like to call the red pill.




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>stay mad, you pathetic iTODDLER cancer.
>insulting others when you can't even read
Truly pathetic.

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what did he mean by this

It's not an issue of semantics when it's not the same feature. If you have 6 windows maximized on MacOS, you have 6 virtual desktops to scroll through, and if three of those are a Word document then good luck finding your specific one without having to scroll through all of them.

Not everyone wants virtual desktops for a single program, so not being able to maximize a window within the same working area is annoying.

It's annoying to support retarded users with though, because they have no idea how to exit a malfunctioning program. Imagine having to visit IT support to close a program, because current functionality makes no sense to the average user.

if you have 3 word documents maximized on Windows you still have to tab through all of them to find the correct one

No, because you can select the icon on the taskbar which allows you to pick the window you want to open. MacOS does not have this.

you can use expose to select window you want

lol, took me a while

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>What do you expect from every software company