What are you hoping to score during Fry's liquidation sale next month?

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Probably stock up on NordVPN subscription codes because I don't know how to bitcoin.

>liquidation sale

What, are they closing down? Haven't been there in a while.

And thats why

When exactly will this happen? I might go checknout their CD and anime offers

Yup. Just went to Oxnard one a few minutes ago. No graphics cards and just a few hdds and ssds remaining.

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It seems like there are a lot of credible rumors from Googling but they have been at that point for a while even when I went to the Frermont store a while back. The end of the graphics card spike in prices and etc. means they have been down ever since, and Ryzen 3000 not in stock was probably the biggest alarm. I am not sure what I will buy. Maybe a lightweight laptop that is cheap for Linux.

Their stores are barren and void of actual products. Theyre a private company, so they dont have to pubically release financial stattements so there is much in speculation on where they're at.
But some people think they're merely holding out til black friday or the holidays so theyc an get rid of what very little stock they have left.
Don't expect to see them being open for more than 6 months, but don't be surprised if they close before new years.

PCs are boxed up and chair rolled away. Is much sadness.

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Looks like something out of Blade Runner. Very nice.

>still full of flash drives


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I'm really hoping Microcenter comes to/back some of those areas, especially in the Bay Area. It hasn;t been the same since they left.

frys has been dead for years.
05 fuck 'em

>not blue ray

Sad end to an era. Built my first pc with parts from a frys

Oh thank god. At least there's something left.

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I went to the one in Fullerton last week and there was hardly anything.
They have entire aisles dedicated to raspi accessories but no single board computers anywhere.

I wouldnt be surprised if they do come out there after Fry's quits.
But its really getting to the point theres going to be very little if no brick & mortar stores offering components any longer. Microcenter is one of the last contenders in that retail market. All going the way of CompUSA, TigerDirect etc. Sad.

>went to Fry's
>Literally the only thing in the store I was willing to buy were gochiusa blurays
>$80 for both seasons
Yeah fuck that

I went to the San Jose one 11 years ago. I remember it had a lot of electronic squirrel-repellent. I think it was some sonic device.
Anyway, I didn't see much there that I couldn't get on amazon or newegg. I think they were good 20 years ago, maybe.


what type of chinese toon is that ?

>>$80 for both seasons
Cheap compared to Japanese prices.

>Anyway, I didn't see much there that I couldn't get on amazon or newegg.
That's kind of the problem of brick & mortar stores. It's much easier to have everything under the sun as products on a web store than in an actual store, plus it's arguably more convenient for the buyers to have shit delivered instead of going out to buy something.

the frys in the heart of silicon valley were the go to shop for tech companies in the area. If you needed an oscilloscope, resistors/caps/thruhole shit, soldering equiptment, etc you could go there and get it immediately instead of waiting for it to ship from an etailer

Is this the one in Duluth, GA?

>going full sharp
You're not poor are you?

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can i get a copy of the folder?

This is a good summary, but Fry's executives have claimed publicly that they have no intentions of closing down (save for Palo Alto location, due to expired lease). They are waiting to restock shelves with higher in demand items for the holiday season. At least that's what they said in a public statement.


When I was a kid I built a radio from a kit I got at radio shack. I used to buy parts there thinking I'd build a computer but I never did. I did learn to solder, though. It was moments like that sent me down my path to nerddom.
I wish my father had made me play football.
Know what else? I miss paper catalogs. I miss thumbing through things.
Fuck I'm old.

Dumb ESL.

Perhaps they're right, and they've been suffering through supply issues due to the trade wars with china. I don't understand what they have to gain if they're lying. If stock isn't there for the holiday season its pretty much set in stone that they're finished. But it seems plausible that they're hashing out a new supplier and getting stock out for that season.
But the decline for fry's (for me atleast) seems much longer than this just being a supply issue due to declining US/CN relations.

>but Fry's executives have claimed publicly
>trusting executives ever


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>Rely almost solely on tech hub downs for revenue
>Surprised when said tech towns invent superior online shopping methods to put you out of business

This. Fries would be a booming franchise if they shoved them somewhere in the boonies where there's no competition for emergency tech like cables and storage. Charge $200 for a 2TB Seagate, Massive profits.

that image*

What's a good pomf clone?

No, it's Oxnard, CA.

Thanks dude!

You should have warned us OP. Typical oxnard degen behaviour though

>I might go checknout their CD and anime offers
Last time I was at Fry's their anime section was down to one tiny wire shelf. Good luck tho.

>blue ray

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Nice reading comprehension.

Leave your basement.
That's what Radio Shack did and look where it got them.

I always figured that fry's was like Microcenter, but it seems that they're not really competitive with internet prices. I wonder how they manage to sell some of the stuff at Microcenter at some of the prices that they do it at. I can't really say that it's loss leader, since their other computer stuff is normal priced, and I also don't think a lot of people who are there for gamin shit would buy a ton of the non computer related stuff they have in stores.


>Liquidation sale
The sales will be shit, liquidation sales always are.
Liquidation auctions offer far better deals, but they won't go for one of those

i think i went to our frys for the first time in 2004 or 2005
that was really something.

In what way isn't it superior? Most places, at least where I live, charge the same for buying it in store and buying it online and having it delivered. The time, fuel and car maintenance costs of going to and from the store means that it's cheaper to just order online.

take up woodworking.
you buy literally anything online, they'll start shipping you catalogs out the wazoo