IPhone 6 has 1GB RAM and 6S has 2GB

Is it worth selling the old one and getting a 6S?
About $60 upgrade.

The latest iOS isn't supported on 1GB RAM so 6 cant get it but the 6S can.

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6s is the last useable iPhone, why not.

What do you mean last useable

He might mean that Apple no longer supports updates to iPhones before 6s.

Get a real phone. Even the lagPhone XS gets destroyed by budget androids.

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install gentoo

yes it will be faster too

Destroyed by opening apps.
Completely disregard the fact that Android apps like to shit themselves and freeze.
Why are you such a seething manchild who has nothing better to do than hate on Apple all the time? Why are you so obsessed about Apple? Why do you even have that webm? What are you trying to prove? That you are superior to Apple users because you consume the better consumerwhore products? Go fuck yourself.
t. Note 8 user

Woah, a "speed"test watcher. Do you shit your pants too? Yeah, that's what I thought.
>hurrrr I'll spend $800 on a phone that will open my apps in 0.02s instead of the lagPhone that opens in 0.03s hurrrrr after two years I'll have to buy another phone cuz mine is no longer supported hurrrdurrr

>hurr i'll spend $1200 on a lagPhone that will open my apps 5 seconds slower than a $300 poco hurr after 363 days i'll have to buy another lagPhone after apple flips the kill switch

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I have an iPhone 8 (nabbed it the day the XR released for 1.67/month for 30 months). I have never seen any app take 5 seconds to open. There's a lot of criticisms to be leveled at iPhones, but app opening speeds aren't one of them unless you are a pure autist.

Unless you really want the headphone jack, I would go at least iPhone 7. If you do go 6S, stay the fuck away from the 16GB model.

How did you get the iPhone 8 so cheap there has to be a catch

For 6S vs 7 I’d be paying $120 more for features I don’t need, there’s not much difference between them

No catch. I assume they were liquidating overstock. It was at US Cellular.

Also it was 256GB. The 64GB one was free. But why not pay 50 bucks over 30 months to get the biggest one?


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At this point, I sincerely doubt anyone is surprised about this. As the battery degrades, processor throttling will kick in. This will happen on every iPhone so long as batteries continue to degrade.

>just replace the battery
where's the problem?

>end of 2019
>has phone with 1 (one) GB of ram
applels truly aren't human beings

Why not get multiple and flip them on eBay?

I've had this phone since 2014. Bought it new, never cracked a screen, changed the battery twice. Haven't felt the need to upgrade.

>there’s not much difference between them
Except for at least one extra year of support

>he needs more than 1 gig on his phone
get a fucking computer

That was planned obsolescence

>should I update to a more bloated version

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>boy with autism uses mac xDDD
You do know he probably didn't even have the cognitive function to choose what computer he wanted to use, or choose it based on the literal color of it right?

Finally! Someone agrees. Stupidest shit I’ve seen. Just get a phone and enjoy it people.

>y-youre seething!!!
>writes a seething essay defending crappe

>that phone
>budget android.
It’s all very nice that it has more RAM to hold apps in memory and kudos to the manufacturer, but this is the trade off. Do you want raw speed or better multitasking?