I want to switch to linux but how the fuck am I supposed to stop using foobar2k?

I want to switch to linux but how the fuck am I supposed to stop using foobar2k?
>inb4 use wine

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I just installed foobar on kubuntu through snaps but I won't be using it

>launch it
>looks like on windows 98
>doesn't work with files from pendrive
>can't copy plugin dlls to foobar directory because it complains about lack of space (wtf)
>volume slider doesn't change volume
fuck that shit

need to find something native to linux with lastfm support but nothing will be as good as foobar

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>he doesn’t stream music from YouTube
Lmao @ ur life

use a minimalist player, it's comfycore


it's the only program I actually missed when I moved to Linux almost a decade ago.

mpd has last.fm support via mpdscribble.

cmus is a great alternative. It's run by key-binds, but it's learning curve is non-existent if you're coming from foobar with key-binds.

why would your audio files need a gui lmao

gui or no, no other player has as much file support as foobar.

i doubt

gui: vlc
semigui: mpv
no gui: ffmpeg

you'd be wrong, but it's alright, all the major file types are supported everywhere.

deadbeef is literally the same thing
not as good but it's a fucking music player after all

do you have any examples of any sound codec that is unsupported by ffmpeg? otherwise your claim doesn't mean much

Use spotify and stop being autistic.

clementine seems like it might be up your alley

I've been trying to get a cmus album art script working but I can't seem to get it to display correctly. Any tips?

If I wasn't autistic I would keep using windows

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ncmpcpp or gmpc can do everything your foobar layout can

I just use mellowplayer to listen to deezer.


I doubt he will because Foobar2000 uses ffmpeg foobar2000.org/ffmpeg to handle music in the first place.

wincel BTFO

hah. i have never used foobar2000, so good to know. no wonder it's good, then.