Well? How will you defend this one, Jow Forums?

Well? How will you defend this one, Jow Forums?

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>"Wow! A touch screen is a much better idea than an entire fucking keyboard fucking half of the screen size!"

They're both terrible. That's how

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The LCD manufacturer sold them the capacitive screen dumbass

Yes, everyone else copies Apple. Everyone else just does it better.
This isn't news.

Just say you don’t have a defence. It’s be better for all of us. Just admit it.

Besides, HTC made the G1.

I'm sure HTC made touchscreen phones before anyone else dipshit.

>Shit negro your homework looks nice, can i use it ? I promise i will change some words so that it looks different
>Android wins by being superior every single time in every single aspect.
>Every mayor cellphone brand keeps doing this for the past 10 years.


>Note 10: Aluminum cuckoldry
>iChad 11 Pro: Stainless steel

What can I say, Android is cheaper than iPhone. But if you like iPhone, I'm OK with this.

here ya go, 2006

should we go back even further?

Shit we had stylus digitizers for DECADES

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Rangeban all phonetards.

>resistive plastic phones vs smooth capacitive glass
>no multitouch
Yeah, ugh, cringe.
Go iron your Fold.

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2003 now assclown

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Someone post Satania I'm too busy COOMING

The point is you're way off the fucking mark with your trolling


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>Apple phone
Collaboration with Motorola to put an iTunes app on the phone. Not an Apple branded device. Kys rakesh.
>LG Prada
>Buttons on the front of the display, tiny screen, 256k color
>8MB internal memory
>required a sponsorship from a “designer brand” to make it marketable
>sold 1 million in 18 months in which time several million iPhones had shipped in less than a year
You can go home now Rajeesh.

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and that is a GLASS SCREEN

>A touch screen is a much better idea
yeah lack of tactile feedback is an awesome idea

And again.
Google was ripping off Blackberry before 2007.
After 2007 it was Apple. Having their guy on Apple's board helpd, of course.

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>screen type
>resistive, one touch point

do you touch 2 numbers at once to make a phone call?

kill yourself, it's fucking pocketPC 2002, 90's OS

iPhone was under development for years before the Prada was released bro.

and it came five fucking years before your faggot shit

Nice non-argument faggot. That phone did more than phone calls and you know it retard. Imagine zooming in on a excel document on a phone without multitouch or looking at a picture. Pffffffffahahahah. This is a big cope bro.
>b-but it was 2002
We aren’t talking about prehistoric phones here. We are talking about the Smartphone age and how Google time and time again copies Apple.

I kind of don't understand why blackberry aren't more popular, they gave me BB Passport in one of the companies I used to work for and it was cool. Physical keyboard is better than touch screen.

Lol you got such an adrenaline rush posting this but only ended up looking retarded.

>I'm sure HTC made touchscreen phones before anyone else dipshit.
Touch screens were a thing long before Facebook toys made you aware of them, zoom zoom. But regardless, HTC’s first touch-oriented device was released at the same time as the iPhone. Nobody really remembers them because they were shit.

actually iphone ripped off touch screen from nintendo ds, not from prada

>retard Anjeet doesn’t know the facts about anything

bullshit, assfucking OP wanted muh touchscreen troll topic of the day, there ya go, I'm out

don't you dare fucking zoom zoom me twat

I grew up on black dos screens you little shit

BOOM BOOM mother fucker

Nobody paid out the ass for one of those just to make phone calls, dumbass underage.

I accept your concession.

Apple products are just shitty knock-offs.
Always have been, always will be.

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see Apple has always been years behind. Truly Apple users are brain dead sheep.

Look dude I know you just jumped on your phone to grab a new IP but you got blown out.

lmao this amount of cope

Apple has always been years behind. Truly Apple users are brain dead sheep. Cope.

>posting between his stinkpad and poordroid again

The LG Prada post was wrong though. Accept your defeat.

this, but nobody bought it

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I almost just bought one but decided to try the Classic instead

Blackberry curve was by far my favorite phone ever. I'd totally buy phone in pic.

They shot themselves in the foot with their half-assed reaction to the iThing craze and people just forgot about them.

Touchscreen smartphones with a slide out keyboard where the best.

>where the best
Ok rakeesh


Well it makes for a slightly worse typing experience and a vastly better every thing else experience so it's a good tradeoff.

>Apple invents stuff
>Jow Forums hates on it
>years later
>Android copies Apple
>Jow Forums raves about it

>>Jow Forums raves about it
Name one time Jow Forums has ever raved about a smartphone and it wasn't a shill thread.
Real (human) Jow Forums users don't """"rave"""" about smartphones, they shit on all of them because muh tracking device.

Apple costs more for things that don’t matter to you nerds/gaymers.

>being on Jow Forums
>not being a nerd/gaymer

The only thing good about Google is Google Suite and KaiOS.

>not being a nerd/gaymer
The future of western civilization is so bright


dis video all you need baby

this but unironically


t. shill
You can't name one instance because you don't even genuinely believe it to be true. You're just another shill using strawman tactics to make yourself look like the underdog.

I still have PDAs from the early 2000's that look like a iPhone.
Did you think Apple invented sensible design? Lol...

Apple encourages you to be productive and social. Android encourages you to play games and fiddle with your phone’s program. Yet Apple is the bad guy cus they don’t reward your financial inferiority.

Don’t be proud of your technological “intelligence”. Chads don’t code, chads don’t program, they employ pajeets to code and chinks to count money. Possibly spics to do the factory labor.

That phone is sexy as fuck, too bad normalfags have a phobia for buttons.

No one disagrees that the iPhone was a massive innovation that made Apple billions of dollars.
today, Android and iOS are absurdly similar. imo google assistant is better than siri but that's basically it.

Chads aren't consumers.
Rich corporate basedboys employ people and use phones that "encourage them to be productive and social." Meanwhile, "pajeets" and "chinks" use Android, this is true.
Chads, on the other hand, DO program. They program all the software they use, and run it on hardware they built, and they still have time to have a social life and be productive in other areas of said life, without anyone having to "encourage" them to do so.
They also live in houses they personally built on land they personally conquered.

Defend what?

Those buttons are SHIT.

No they aren't.

Samsung had an all screen phone before Apple, LG had a few as well.
Pretty sure there was a lawsuit in China over it back when the iPhone first released there.

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