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What's your fashion style like?
I like to wear white chinos and tucked dress shirt and some rubber soled shoes at work. I'm actually looking into a pair made with UHMWPE microfiber that never stains...

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>Wearing anything while at home.
>Ever leaving the house.

Dark blue jeans or brown, tan, khaki, or grey casual slacks.
Casual button up shirts, various patterns and materials depending on season, always worn untucked.
Brown leather shoes and belt.

If I need to be more formal, which is rare, I wear a suit, I have several in different colors. If I'm worried about being TOO formal I skip the tie and wear a more casual dress shirt.

ever try olive drab

>black slacks
>blue dress shirt
>leather belt
>leather dress shoes
All day every day, including weekends.
>(optional) tan wool winter overcoat or beige trench coat

Yeah, I actually have a ton of OD stuff, particularly shirts and jackets. I don't do OD pants though, they're a little TOO fashionable these days.

Today I wore boots, black corduroy pants, a long sleeve gray shirt, and an olive bomber jacket. I usually dress in sandals, above-the-knee shorts, and a long sleeve shirt in summer (with one being a neutral color and the other being grayscale), and in the winter darker, slim clothes of the same style plus a top jacket layer.

Best color, I have an olive sweatshirt, shorts, and my aforementioned jacket.

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Almost all solid colors, it's mostly very cheap stuff but I did get some uniqlo recently which is very nice. The only thing is that the 'look' isn't complete until you're visible thin, so I'm trying to drop below 20 BMI at least to fulfill this. I think anyone can have decent fashion so long as they can stand upright, stay in a certain weight range, and know how to match colors.

>athletic shorts with zippers
>button up t shirt


if I show up to the office in anything else it's to shoot up the place

I dress for comfort

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At work: Wrangler jeans, hiking shoes, and a black Hanes pocket polo.

At home: jimjams.

lacrosse shorts and a t shirt of course

aka grab ass

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pic related. maximum comfort and agility. short sleeve collar shirt tucked into baggy jeans with a belt. sometimes denim shorts and white tube socks on casual fridays. women are generally impressed with how smooth and quickly I move around the office. Can't keep em off me desu.

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rick owens is technology

Cargo shorts pulled up high, and various checkered shirts tucked in to them with a belt.
Knee high socks and $250 hiking shoes that I didn't think twice about purchasing. Multiple pens tucked in to shirt pocket.
On my waist, a variety of gadgets that I sparsely ever need for my job, but I am intrigued by, so have them on me at all times anyway. (e.g. a compass and a dumbphone)

I wear regular glasses, a mid length beard, hair that is combed but a few weeks overdue for a haircut, and showing signs of balding but its not too bad yet.

I am your sysadmin.

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t-shirt and joggers if i can't be arsed + trainers
t-shirt and jeans + boots alternatively
for formal shit i just wear a shirt and jeans + leather shoes

i'm not trying to reveal my power level with fedoras and tacticool shit (which i cringe at despite visiting this website).

As a 30 something year old dad, I (obviously) wear new balance running shoes, polo shirts, jeans/khakis/Chino shirts with no cargo pockets.

>Slim fit pants/jeans
>either tucked in button up with rolled up sleeves for maximum forearm mogging or short sleeve button up with fun design
>hair kept short in back and sides (1.5 clip) brought up to part, a few inches left on top that I style with a wax/paste
>in decent shape as well

Appearances are everything, can't expect someone to respect the job if they don't respect themselves

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knee high pink/white striped socks
black dress

I'm male btw


>Jeans,black dress pants or tan khakis with a belt
> Blue, black or white short-sleeved dress shirts with a bit of space to breath in and always pulled out (Black only goes with khakis and jeans, blue only goes with dress pants and khakis, white goes with any and everything)
> Grey tennis shoes
I just try to look clean while looking a bit casual

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my goal rn is to have some pants made with a UHMWPE twill, its like, this chemical double the strength of kevlar that is so strong it rejects all dyes. Then a white dress shirt made with the fiber as well. i like to be cleannnnn. prolly gonna find like 100 ppl to order it off alibaba for cheap

very nice

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this is me!

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immediately kill yourselves

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Me on the right, but not balding or as mean looking so it just looks awkward probably.

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tee shirts, pants, and tennis shoes. my shirts are like five years old, but other than that i dress normally

2 words:

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I love the old-fashioned Ivy-league look, year-round. If I can, I wear all kinds of suits and recommend doing so warmly.

I pulled off /fa/ meme outfit this summer and it worked pretty well.

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I alternate between a casual jeans and tshirt and a semi formal black pant jeans with buttoned up shirts.

Milsurp or autistic-school-shooter-otaku-mfa-core

Jeans, flannel, an M-65 jacket and desert boots.

black jeans with shirt tucked in and black zipper hoodie, when it's getting colder i wear an eisenhower jacket

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I like to wear comfy clothes.

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Nice tits.


>tfw cannot rice my clothes, people will think you're weird, which is correct

how are you all this shit at dressing
i think the only one in this thread that looks presentable is the guy wearing slacks
and no UNIQLO is not good fashion, it barely rides the line between lower and middle class

the real red pill is skinny slacks and a PRESENTABLE button up t-shirt

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your jean looks so tight, how is that comfy??

and for the love of god if you arent wearing formal leather shoes wear something black that doesnt look like sneakers or running shoes at first glance

I wear track jackets over short sleeved shirts, generally tight jeans (1-3), and corcoran tanker boots. Also own jump boots but need to get those resoled.