Rate my watch Jow Forums

Rate my watch Jow Forums

Costs a total of one penny
>watches are technology

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very nice
I am enjoying imagining the smell

Heres what it looks like before i put it on/ after taking it off

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>1:00 here
>12:00 here
Are you a time traveler? :0

fuck now my secrets out
dont tell anyone its a secret pl0x

also screencap this important knowledge

iphone 12 will have no sub 1000 budget model. also apple will launch their own sim cards exclusive to them

I imagine even a $1 chineesium band would produce less irritation than tape.


Shit, you gave me a quick nostalgia burst.

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spotted the pussy

the pain keeps me aware of the time more

And yet you still waste it here.

as opposed to doing what sleeping?
dude im very fucking fast


For me it's fossils

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>Nato, silicon, soft resin? No I will just tape it to my wrist.

Why yes, I wear a F. P. Journe. How could you tell?

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for me it's Jow Forums-shock

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>not using the terrorist watch

You spelt mall trash wrong.

for me it's mogging seiko with chinkshit
I feel smug everytime I look at my wrist

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The terrorist watches are complete horse shit quality in my experience. Get the chunkier shock proof ones or don't even bother.

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One day I will break it out.

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Rolex is trash thou

would it hurt if u took off the watch?

nice fake

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Too lazy to take a picture.

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watches are for metrosaysuwills
its either day or night

>>watches are technology
Yes, we used to have a watch general, newfriend.

>tfw waiting on shipping (black)

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based and UngaUnga pilled

it would be extremely painful.... for you

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Nice chicken arm.