How do we defeat the DirectX menace?

How do we defeat the DirectX menace?

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Install Windows

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With Vulkan


100% based

Use SDL, openGL or Vulkan.

So you admit defeat by DX?


You don't

And that's a good thing

Vulkan is a fucking meme

isn't vulkan pretty much dead?

Died in its infancy.

You don't. You just translate it to another api.
Devs will continue to ship DX games

No, it's perfectly "alive" and healthy.

All the new id software games ship in vulkan mode by default. Only other option is opengl mode


On the PC: time.

It's likely to remain alive on the console while MS focuses on the cloud.

Who's ready for cloud-based xbox?

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the only way user

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Vulkan is quite literally the new OpenGL. It's by the same people and made to suit modern use cases better than outdated OpenGL does.
It's far from dead, just like DX12 now and Vulkan are already more used than DX11 and OGL.

We aren't talking about gameplay, friendo. You might be confused.

>Devs will continue to shit DX games

You kill its heart

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Stop using it and use Vulkan or OpenGL

provide a better alternative

one ''almost'' relevant developer

OpenGL is dying thanks to Applel

Also, why is DX a menace?
All engines are cross API now days..
Or do you idiots still want to write a game from scratch by making direct calls to the GPU?

grow up

OpenGL is a legacy api that isn't fit for modern graphics realtime 3d rendering.



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also vulkan it's not a meme

I don't understand why people unironically defend big corporate. Vulkan is the underdog

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I can't wait for the day that directx kills off all competition and you seethe harder than ever