What would her setup be like?

What would her setup be like?
i know she uses "copland enterprise os" in the show, but what would an IRL Lain use?
hardware, software, applications, etc all accepted
just want to get a general discussion going, because I was thinking about it recently.

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i was looking at her setup and thought shed be more desktop heavy in real life, but she doesnt play video games, so she wouldnt really need any extreme computing power.

She's a LISPfag (so Emacs too probably) who runs a jailbroken Mac if I recall

what makes you say that?

Lain would be running DragonFly BSD.

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Probably run BeOS on a 68k Mac.

Copland was a real thing, it was the codename for what was gonna be Apple's successor to "classic" Mac OS (7.x). It became famous as an example of an enormous failed project, it was over-ambitious, suffered massive feature-creep, and turned into an impossible-to-stabilize morass of spaghetti over several years of high-turnover death marches. Mac OS 8 and 9 got released as basically stopgaps due to the massive delays before it got shitcanned and they built OS X on top of that pseudo-BSD stuff.

i actually had no idea of this. is this what is referred to in Lain? or is this just a coincidence?

parallel universe where Copeland was released and it made Microsoft go out of business in the enterprise market (perhaps)

Well I doubt its a coincidence, but I forget if the show did anything with that reference or if it was just a shout-out to people who were paying attention to the tech world at the time. Fifteen seconds of searching tells me the show was originally aired in late 1998, which was some time after Copland got cancelled.


She was an iToddler, though I doubt she would be now. Apple ain't buying into the VR meme. Plus an Apple curated wired would be shit, everyone would be smiling insincerely and sucking each other off.

How do i be lain!!

Buy itoddler garbage like the brainless sheep you are.

Some of the hardware shown in the anime actually exists, probably taken from references (as in "it looks good", rather than "lain uses it for something).

Pic related

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Lain world is a world where everything is Apple. Also C and Common Lisp are what are taught to 14 year old computer students.

enterprise OS?

probably Solaris/SunOS on a SPARCstation

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Lain's first computer was the Twentieth Century Macintosh (TAM, a red one):

Lain confirmed for being Clojure user

I wasted my youth. Im 22 and cant blend with tech at all.

forgot pic

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she had the apple millenium edition comupter

she is learning c at school you can see it on the black board

Go hose down your designated shitting street Rakesh.

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Gentle sex with Lain while we're both crying!

What are you talking about? She builds a bitchin computer in the show.

it's not the same world as the real world
The Wired exists, who's to say she did anything?

Bitch has trouble checking her email.

Everything else is schizo larping.

Lain would still be using a macbook in 2019 version

>i know she uses "copland enterprise os" in the show, but what would an IRL Lain use?
Basically shes a macfag

iToddler is a strong term for anyone raises on Macs in the 90s. While they were loyal to Apple and Apple was still overpriced then as they are now, the userbase was generally professional and more business oriented than Apples current demographic by a long run. Plus, you’d eventually grow out of the macfag phase after you see what degenerates Apple is pandering to nowadays and probably switch to Windows or a system liks BSD or Linux if you are more development oriented

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Why is there a random video tape cable tied to the shelving holding all the hdds?