Opinion of slashdot?

their response to Stallman getting cancelled was pretty redpilled for the most part. the site also pre-dates Jow Forums, and has a lot of greybeards who post. definitely not as pozzed as hacker news.

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so basically left leaning centrist boomers

>opinion of slashdot?
All the editors are leftist antifa-tier SJW faggots. I quit going there after he website got sold and those commies bought it. It's unbearable SJW-tier news all day long.
I have a 5 digit account number on there too.

>left leaning centrist boomers
They're full-on TDS over there.

Its cringe leftwing shit. The articles are okay but the comments are r****t. Stop reading 5 years ago

It has the Japanese version.

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>I quit going there after he website got sold and those commies bought it.
didn't know it was sold, when did that happen?


>links to english versions of articles
What's the point?

>didn't know it was sold, when did that happen?
according to Wikipedia:

>On January 27, 2016, the two sites were sold to the San Diego-based BizX, LLC for an undisclosed amount.[8][47][48]


These people are constantly pushing SJW stories on there. It was so damn unbearable and I quit reading it in few months after and just nulled it in my hosts file. Haven't been there since. I enjoyed reading stories about FOSS that got posted there but this shit was too much.

I remember I used to browse slashdot back in the mid 2000s and would read first hand reports from devs about how pissed they were about outsourcing to the third world

of course the dangerhairs took it over so they could "thought correct" that community

I used to download /. articles to read on my PDA while AFK.

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>I remember I used to browse slashdot back in the mid 2000s and would read first hand reports from devs about how pissed they were about outsourcing to the third world
ah yes... those were the times. Rob Malda, CmdrTaco, GNAA, BSD is dying, all the other trolls... it was a fun site.
those times were different. all the shitheads and low IQ retards weren't on the internet way back then... and didn't care about the tech because the money wasn't as huge as it is today.

there was an official japanese version of /, but I don't remember what happened to it.
>What's the point?
they cover stuff relevant to japs.

a lot of /. regulars migrated to onionsnews.org/ (has nothing to do with the shitty company that uses the same name).

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just noticed that 4chis replaced the asian type of bean with onions. I'm sure people can figure out what it is.

It's pozzed as fuck, a lot of old timers who can't get with the fucking program on race, sjw's, guns, trump, etc.

A lot of them suffer HARD from trump derangement syndrome. They can be reasonable about some common sense ideas like the right to self defense and free speech, but then they hear the name "Trump" and they become frothing at the mouth literal retards.

Yes calling everyine a s0i b0i being flavor of the month got it filtered

slashdot user = b&r
slashdot admins = c&b

it's one of the only sites i have been visiting regularly for over 10 years, and that includes this shithole.

and most of them make more money and have positions of authority, unlike the window washer tradies on here who feel validated because they can swap a hard drive

There is a good number of redpilled posters there, I mod them up whenever I get mod points.

It is still kind of leftist, but the old kind of left, not your millennial left...

I got +4 on a pro nuclear power post

When will Apple shit be filtered? IDC anymore, just get that devil-spamming faggot off of here.

Site can't be reached. Do I have to use Tor or something?

full of genXers who remember actual hacker culture - i like it

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bookmarked. too bad there are so few comments, but the articles are good.

I don't think anyone who actually reads what was posted to the mailing list and who has at least a high school level understanding of English could take the blue pill.

The articles in general have a clear liberal slant and the editors do this on purpose. The comments however are still all over the place and people will gladly call bullshit on /. about stupid fucking crap this recent stallman business. If you want a true bluepilled cringefest go look at the arstech comments.

literally soilent news
>is people
wtf do they even mean with this?

It's a reference you're too young to get
Shoo zoomer

>hot grits

I was born in march 1990

Onions goes back to the 70s
look it up


Most zoomers get that reference. Quit acting like you're special.

Jow Forums is hacker culture now

we lost our good hacktivists, sadly

Imagine if you took purified legume extract and injected it into your testicles while Patton Oswalt kissed you passionately.

That's what it's like to visit Slashdot. Ironically 20 years ago it was actually based and redpilled.

> t. retard
Slashdot is literally full of 22yr old students. None of them have jobs.

Slash dot used to be good back in the 90s and around the turn of the century but for the past 10 or 15 years it’s been pretty gay, but I guess maybe the rest of the web is getting even gayer even faster I dunno I hardly ever bother to go there anymore, also because it’s all the same content as everywhere else hacker news slash dot wherever people just repost the same small amount of content to every site.